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The Trouble with Maggie Cole

  • Episode:

    6 of 6

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    Wed 08 Apr 2020

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    9.00pm - 10.00pm

  • Week:

    Week 15 2020 : Sat 04 Apr - Fri 10 Apr

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  • Published:

    Tue 24 Mar 2020

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Series overview

The Trouble with Maggie Cole is a drama series centering on Maggie Cole (Dawn French), the self-appointed oracle of a close-knit community. When a radio journalist interviews Maggie about local life, she gives him far more detail and embellishment about the locals and their personal lives than he was counting on. Following the broadcast, Maggie gets into trouble as the fallout disrupts the lives of some of her fellow residents. Maggie also has to face some dark secrets that her own family has been harbouring.

Episode 6

It’s the day of the village celebrations, Roxanna is still terrified by Alex’s alarming behaviour last night and is desperate to get to him before he confronts the money lenders.

Jill is shaken fromwitnessing Peter and Karen kissing and wonders if she should tell Maggie what’s happened?

Maggie is only concerned with re-uniting with her own family and heads to the celebrations with Becka to meet them. As all the villagers gather for the fete, a sudden shocking series of events are put in motion that could potentially cost the life of one beloved character and change everyone else’s in Thurlbury forever.



Maggie Cole - Dawn French
Peter Cole - Mark Heap  
Jamie Cole - Phil Dunster  
Becka Cole - Gwyneth Keyworth
Jill Wheadon - Julie Hesmondhalgh  
Marcus Ormansby - Patrick Robinson  
Karen Saxton - Vicki Pepperdine