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Scott & Bailey

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    6 of 8

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    Wed 08 May 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 19 2013 : Sat 04 May - Fri 10 May
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Rachel (Suranne Jones) continues to lodge at Janet’s (Lesley Sharp), and whilst Dorothy (Judith Barker) is very disapproving of Rachel’s influence on Taisie (Harriet Waters), Janet is happy that this safe haven is keeping Rachel out of trouble. But Rachel’s self-destruct button is never far away, and it’s not long before Taisie witnesses her heroine’s fall from grace. 
When Janet gets called in to Gill’s (Amelia Bullmore) office to explain a cheeky email that she’s sent to Rob (Danny Miller), she’s adamant that it wasn’t from her, and mortified that Rob will think it is. Especially since she’s already embarrassed him in a moment of madness. But if Janet thought this was the worst the day could throw at her, she couldn’t be more wrong.
The story of the week involves the suspicious death of care home resident Gerald French. When daughter Catherine (Katherine Dow Blyton) raises concerns about the level of care her father had been receiving, Scott and Bailey are sent in to investigate. And when cripplingly shy trainee, Rosie (Rosie Sansom), is discovered slapping a resident, she is devastated to find that her charismatic mentor doesn’t have her best interests at heart. 
Cast list:
Syndicate 9
D.C. Rachel Bailey - Suranne Jones 
D.C. Janet Scott - Lesley Sharp 
D.C.I. Gill Murray - Amelia Bullmore 
D.S. Rob Waddington - Danny Miller 
D.C. Kevin Lumb - Ben Batt 
D.C. Ian Mitchell - David Prosho 
D.C. Pete Readyough - Tony Mooney
D.C. Lee Broadhurst - Delroy Brown 
Episode 6
Catherine French - Katherine Dow Blyton
Mrs. Nancy Greig - Connie Walker
Winifred - Muriel Barker
Rosie - Rosie Sansom
Craig - Will Ash
Ruby - Tina Gray
Nurse Tabitha - Shola Adewusi
P.C. Sean McCartney - Sean Maguire
Sharon Bailey - Tracie Bennett
Taisie Scott - Harriet Waters