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The Durrells

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    6 of 6

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    Sun 28 May 2017
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    8.00pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 22 2017 : Sat 27 May - Fri 02 Jun
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    Last in series
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Episode 6
Louisa (Keeley Hawes) comes downstairs to find a very pregnant girl cleaning the kitchen. She reveals that she is Lugaretzia’s (Anna Savva) daughter, Leonora (Anna Antoniades), and she’ll be taking Luga’s place as her back is sore. 
While Leslie (Callum Woodhouse) is tending to the animals he hears screams as Leonora’s water has broken. Lugaretzia tells him that the baby is coming and he needs to deliver it. Larry (Josh O’Connor) arrives and Leslie immediately sends him back out to get Dr Petridis
A flustered Dr Petridis (Alexis Conran) opens the door to Larry. He rushes back inside to Florence (Lucy Black), who is also in labour and says he can’t leave Florence.
Meanwhile, Louisa is with Hugh (Daniel Lapaine) at his house. He has a proposition for a startled Louisa which she promises to think about it. 
In the meantime, Donald (Ben Hall) attacks his love rival Zoltan (Merch Husey), which pleases Margo (Daisy Waterhouse) greatly as she says that she’s never had men fight over her before.  And, at the otters den, Theo (Yorgos Karamihos) and Gerry (Milo Parker) also make a pleasing discovery.
In the orchard, an altercation with Vasilia (Errika Bigiou) ends in near tragedy for Louisa and Hugh, who seek help from Spiro (Alexis Georgoulis).
Series overview
Keeley Hawes reprises her role as Louisa Durrell as she and the rest of the cast of the The Durrells return for series two of the popular ITV series.  The 6 x 60’ hour series is produced by Sid Gentle Films Ltd.
In the new series Larry (Josh O’Connor) continues to pursue his passion for writing despite a new romance getting in the way; Leslie (Callum Woodhouse) decides to explore his entrepreneurial spirit; Margo (Daisy Waterstone) remains boy crazy and makes a play for someone thoroughly unsuitable; and Gerry (Milo Parker), who prefers animals to people, is delighted when he discovers an otter is living close to home.
Daniel Lapaine joins the cast as Hugh Jarvis - an English gentleman who sets his sight on Louisa. But after her failed attempt at marrying Sven, will Louisa be ready for a new man in her life?