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Heathrow - Britain’s Busiest Airport

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    6 of 12

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    Wed 26 Jun 2019

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    Week 26 2019 : Sat 22 Jun - Fri 28 Jun

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    Wed 12 Jun 2019

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Heathrow - Britain’s Busiest Airport


“I can’t believe I come into work, and I’m plane spotting every day and I’m bird spotting… I’m getting paid to do two things I like to do in my spare time.” - Airside Ian 


Heathrow - Britain’s Busiest Airport is back for a brand new series - and staff are under pressure like never before. 


Flying even more passengers in and out of the UK’s most popular gateway than ever, staff also have to deal with the extra fallout from illegal drones that have closed Britain’s second busiest airport – Gatwick. Floods of delayed and irate holiday-makers head towards Heathrow leaving the King and Queen of passenger well-being, Demi and Sue, to sort out the problem.


Sue, meanwhile, goes celebrity spotting White House First Ladies, while Demi performs life-saving first aid during a medical emergency. Joining Demi and Sue in the terminals this year is newbie passenger experience manager Harry who is always hungry even when sick passengers bring back up their lunch. 


Outside, senior airfield officer and Heathrow favourite ‘Airside Ian’ returns for more adventures. In this series he is seen protecting planes from bird strikes, clearing snow off the airfield in winter storms, and for the first time, dealing with a full-on runway emergency.


Ian describes the lengths he goes to, to protect aeroplanes from low-flying birds. He says: “Take a plastic bin liner. Hold it, you shake it, from a distance all they {crows} can see is a black object. From a distance it looks like you’ve got one of their mates.”


Airside Ian is joined by Rachel and Sophie, from the airside safety team. This Cagney and Lacey-style crime-fighting duo keep Heathrow’s staff safe as they navigate the airfield, spotting any violations of Heathrow’s extensive health and safety rules – no-one messes with them! 


Also protecting the public this year are the Metropolitan Police's boys in blue - Pc Terry and Pc Dave. Armed with semi-automatic weapons, Terry and Dave have their work cut out marshalling emergency landings, arresting law-breakers and helping passengers on their travels.


While airport staff deals with the emergency landing of a plane with only one working engine, Pc Dave provides an insight into his role in the unfolding drama. He says: “I’ve been designated as the cordon officer so should there be anything dramatic that happens, I will be responsible for deploying units. Worst case scenario - I think we all know what that is - we’ve got everything here on standby ready to go.”


Returning once again is series favourite ‘Border Force Bob’. A veteran immigration officer, Bob joins colleagues Kat and Sheryl plus new Welsh border force officer Rob in protecting the UK’s borders from people traffickers, forgers and criminals. For the first time viewers will also see the work of the Border Force’s top canine drugs detection team – Rachel and her dog Cole, who in his career has intercepted more than £1 million worth of class A contraband.


Voted Europe’s number one airport, with 80 million passengers flying in and out per year, the 78,000 staff have their work cut out. From the illegal importation of heroin, to snow storms, from low-flying poo to flight delays, bird strikes, plus drunk, sick and even dead passengers – this series goes further behind the scenes than ever before.


Episode 6


Landing at a hectic Heathrow tonight is new Border Force Officer Rob, who is investigating job scams. Meanwhile, the grass is in desperate need of a trim, and we meet duo Sophie and Rachel, who are raving about airside safety.