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The Hungry Sailors

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    Mon 08 Jul 2013
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    Week 28 2013 : Sat 06 Jul - Fri 12 Jul
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Monday 8th July
Dick and James continue their journey around the south west coast and this time set off for the Channel Islands and the first stop is Guernsey. The sail on their boat The Morwenna is an epic one – 17 hours in total but our Hungry Sailors are richly rewarded with ingredients. The island is fertile and heaving with fruit and vegetables. They go to a Victorian walled garden, meet local volunteers and gather ingredients for dinner, then jump on a ferry and go to the tiny island of Herm to dig for razor clams with local fisherman John Rothwell. 
Tuesday 9th July
Dick and James Strawbridge are on an epic journey around the south west coastline and have come to the Channel Islands. Guernsey offers rich pickings and the coastline itself provides them with ample ingredients. They’re in their element as they forage for sea beet, sorrell and seaweed. While James goes off scallop diving, Dick milks Guernsey goats and they both get to grips with Guernsey Gache – the local speciality cake. Then all their new friends come back to the boat for dinner Strawbridge style.
Wednesday 10th July
Dick and James’ trip round the south west coast continues and this time they sail to Sark, one of the most beautiful of the Channel Islands. They’re in seventh heaven.  Because Sark is famous for its lamb, has its own amazing patisserie and fruit and veg are plentiful. James has a go at herding sheep, Dick ploughs fields and they go head to head making buns with Portuguese baker Tony Caetano. Then they cook for the people they’ve met back on their boat The Morwenna before sailing on to the next island – Jersey.
Thursday 11th July
Dick and James continue sailing around the Channel Islands and this time arrive on the island of Jersey. They set off to investigate Ormers – an abalone type of shellfish and speciality of the island. Then they’re off to the Durrell Wildlife Park where they meet Livingstone fruit bats, gorillas, lemurs and James picks Goji berries for supper. Then they jump on their bikes and part company. James makes a new Jersey cheese and Dick gets his hands on some of the island’s famous Black Butter. Then it’s back to the boat for a spot of competitive cooking.
Friday 12th July
On this final leg of their trip round the Channel Islands father and son Dick and James Strawbridge really get to taste all the best bits of Jersey in a spectacular clam bake on the beach with local chef Marcus Calvani showing them how it’s done. They meet cider maker Richard Matlock who has a spectacular old brandy still in his front garden and a herd of wayward geese at a smallholding which specializes in poultry. But they can’t leave without picking the crown jewels of the island – Jersey Royals. Finally it’s back to their boat the Morwenna to cook for all the food producers they’ve met along the way.
Series overview:
Father and son cooking duo Dick and James Strawbridge take to the high seas again in a new, second series of The Hungry Sailors. 
Following on from the success of their first series last year, Dick and James set off on-board the 45-foot pilot cutter The Morwenna for a culinary voyage around the coastlines of South West England, taking in the Channel Islands and the Isles of Scilly along the way. 
Throughout their journey they will be tasting the very best in local food and meeting the producers who are putting the Westcountry on the map.
They’ll be cooking in their galley kitchen and on-shore too – whether it’s on the beach or on the quayside, Dick and James will be demonstrating a host of new recipes inspired by their travels and the food they’ve discovered.
However, they have to work for their supper, so amongst other things, they dig for clams, dive for mussels, shear sheep, herd ducks and help pilot an enormous tanker out to sea. 
And as ever they get out their tools and cobble together classic Strawbridge contraptions such as their own crab cracker, a homemade rotisserie, a sushi roller and ice-cream maker. 
Dick and James love to get stuck in and get their hands dirty, and these two are nothing if not competitive, whether it’s ploughing with shire horses, shucking oysters or making dinner for their guests back on the boat.