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The Secret World of Posh Pets

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    Fri 04 Aug 2017
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 31 2017 : Sat 29 Jul - Fri 04 Aug
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    Last in series
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Episode 4
Rory is just 21 and has already cornered the market in supplying pet jellyfish.
He is so successful that he employs his dad to help him export his jellies all around the world. His latest project is his biggest yet, installing a massive tank in a high-end electrical shop and settling 5 rare Japanese nettle jellies into their new home. 
Blingtastic dog grooming is getting more popular every yet but now it's spreading to horses. Now no child’s pony party is complete without a purple unicorn with spangle stars and nail polish on its hooves.