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Star Treatment

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    Mon 26 Aug 2013
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    12.00pm - 1.00pm
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    Week 35 2013 : Sat 24 Aug - Fri 30 Aug
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Monday 26th August – Harworth Brass Band
Today Jane and the team have a surprise for 6 deserving members of a brass band.   The Style team don’t like to blow their own trumpets but they can make anyone look like star!  All 6 will be transformed with a top to toe makeover and treated to a slap up meal that their conductor will be helping to make.  Then when they reveal their new look on the catwalk the audience will be blown away.
Tuesday 27th August – Pink Ladies
Today Jane and the team are in Warrington flagging down 5 lady cab drivers who will be “off the clock” for the day!  Their boss thinks they deserve a treat, so with the Style Team in the driving seat, they can sit back and enjoy a top to toe makeover.  And they’ll be getting some tips they weren’t expecting!  With a gourmet meal cooked by a top chef and their boss and the clocking off catwalk it’s going to be quite a ride.
Wednesday 28th August – Merrythought Teddy Bears
Today Jane and the team visit a teddy bear manufacturer where 5 star staff are in “fur” a big surprise!  They’re off to the Glam Van where the Style Team will be glamming them up and making them gorgeous! While the boss gets busy in the kitchen cooking them a slap up meal.  And at clocking off time, they’ll be working the catwalk in front of fellow workers, friends, and families.
Thursday 29th August – Sandcastle Water Park
Today the Glam Van rolls into Blackpool and where five deserving workers at a water park will be making a big splash!   Jane and the Style team dive in to give them a top to toe makeover.  While their boss is in at the deep end, helping a top chef to cook them a gourmet meal.  And when they’re all glammed up and gorgeous they’ll be stepping into the spotlight on the Clocking Off Catwalk in front of their families, friends and fellow workers.
Friday 30th August – Myerscough Equine College
Today Jane McDonald and the team are in Preston at a riding school where 6 deserving members of staff get the surprise of their lives!  The Glam Van’s in town and the Style team are under starters orders to give them a top to toe makeover and some beauty tips straight from the horse’s mouth!  And their boss will be helping a star chef to cook them a slap up meal.  At clocking off time they’ll be trotting down the catwalk to reveal their new look to all their fellow workers, families and friends.
Series overview:
Jane McDonald tracks down some unsung heroes of the workplace to give them the Star Treatment they deserve.
Star Treatment (15 x 60 minutes) sees Jane and her style team visiting workplaces around the UK, from offices and factories to clubs and institutions. They will give the ‘star treatment’ to teams that have been nominated by their bosses to thank them for their hard work and positive attitude.
The lucky workers will be treated to a full makeover from Star Treatment’s style team in the ‘Glam Van’. The style team are: Andrew Trott-Barn on hair, Cassie Lomas on makeup and celebrity stylist Lorraine McCulloch.
Whilst they get their makeover the boss will work with top chef Ricky Andalacio to prepare a surprise gourmet meal for them. By the end of the day, the transformation from work star to superstar is complete, and the team walk the catwalk to the applause of their colleagues, family and friends before sitting down to a meal to remember.
Jane McDonald said: “Glitz, glamour and real life stories. Star Treatment has my name written all over it! Each week I’ll meet the unsung heroes of the workforce and treat them to a special makeover to show them how appreciated they are. There are a lot of tears and emotion but the ending is always really positive.”
Starts weekdays at 12pm or 12.30pm on ITV.