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Who’s Doing The Dishes?

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    6 of 30

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    6 to 10
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    Mon 08 Sep 2014
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    4.00pm - 5.00pm
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    Week 37 2014 : Sat 06 Sep - Fri 12 Sep
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Who’s Doing The Dishes? is a brand new daytime series for ITV presented by Brian McFadden featuring a host of celebrity faces all trying their hand at cooking…or cleaning as the case may be.
Each week, the programme follows four guests as they attend five dinner parties secretly hosted by different mystery celebrities in their own homes. Celebrity cooks include a host of stars from the world of TV, music and sport including; Louis Walsh, Claire Richards, Amy Childs, Jo Wood, Tina Malone, Wes Brown, Dane Bowers, Alison Hammond, Toyah Wilcox, Sian Lloyd, Vincent Simone, Cheryl Baker, Martin Offiah, Michelle Heaton, Gillian McKeith and Jo McElderry.
As the diners tuck in and deliver their culinary verdicts, they must try to work out who's cooking with the help of clues, which are hidden in the food as well as around the house.  The guests don’t know each other, but they must work together to try and figure out at the end of the evening who their celebrity host is.  If the team can successfully guess the name of the celebrity every night they can win a pot of cash to split between them and the celebrity will be putting their marigolds on. If they don’t, they’ll be doing the dishes! 
8 September – Alison Hammond
This week starts in Birmingham with ‘This Morning’ presenter Alison Hammond. 
Alison lives with her son (and round the corner from her Mum) having stayed strong to her brummie roots. This larger than life personality has Brian in fits of laughter and dancing around the kitchen. With rum cocktails and a last minute dash to Mum’s for dessert, Alison will definitely keep Brian on his toes. 
A new week brings new diners and with police officer Steve and child-minder Ali in the mix, you would think everyone would be on their best behaviour. But some flirting distracting Tennis pro Judd and fitness fanatic Kristie and a stand off between Steve and Ali leaves this group needing to work as a team or end up doing the dishes. 
9 September – Nick Hancock
They Think It’s All Over and it’s only Day 2.  Brian finds himself in Stoke for some more celebrity snooping where TV personality and sports fanatic Nick Hancock will host the second of this week’s dinners.  
Neither Nick or Brian are particularly keen on spending too much time in the kitchen, so after knocking up some quick cuisine the pair head into the garden for a spot of cricket whilst they wait for the guests to arrive. But will Nick’s fast food be up to our diners’ high standards or will they want to send it straight to Room 101. 
After a victorious first night the diners are feeling confident when they arrive, but Nick is playing to win and has no intention of washing up his own dishes. With Judd’s suggestions as preposterous as ever, and Ali’s patience wearing thin, the group find that they need to get their act together if they want to get their hands on another £500.    
10 September – Toyah Wilcox
It’s mid week in the competition and 80’s Punk Princess Toyah Wilcox takes to the stove in her idyllic mansion in Worcestershire. Known for her outlandish costumes, Brian, arriving by boat, has a field day raiding her dressing up box and donning her renowned headgear. The opulent setting is a mystery as they guests get into their stride to suss out who’s hiding in the kitchen.
Can she cause anarchy amongst the detective diners which includes policeman Steve and his bromance buddy and Tennis pro Judd. The generation gap widens as 22 year old Banker Kirsty lets the others work the guessing game and as usual Nanny Ali takes control. Will Toyah’s claim to fame as the voice of the world famous Telly Tubbies, being one of her clues, take them to victory or will they tumble and fall into the tower of washing up? 
11 September - Sian Lloyd
It’s off to the beautiful Welsh valleys for this week’s penultimate celebrity host, weather girl Sian Lloyd. 
Sian’s home in Mid Wales is the perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of London where she spends the rest of her time. With such a stunning backdrop the diners get to eat outside with lots of sheep for company. In the kitchen, Sian attempts to teach Brian some Welsh and is certain his bum could be a rear of the year contender! 
Our diners are on a roll and feeling confident with three wins in a row this week. With Steve and Ali leading the team so far, Judd and Kirsty are looking to get in on the game. Judd surprises Ali by contributing to the game and they form an unlikely partnership but Kirsty is still waiting for her moment to shine. 
12 September – Stavros Flatley 
It’s the last day of the week and Who’s Doing the Dishes sees Comedy Dance Duo Stavros Flatley cooking for the lucky celeb-snooping guests.  
Former chef Dad Demi and his son Lagi are determined to show-off their cooking skills with their Greece-inspired dishes – including Squid in Ink and a very Special Greek Dessert.  Preparation for dessert is one of the most unusual ever seen on WDTD – Brian ends up donning protective glasses and hi-vis!  Brian’s day doesn’t get any better as he finds himself in utter chaos in the kitchen being challenged to a dance-off as he tries to keep up with the outrageous pair. 
Child-minder Ali, tennis pro Judd, police officer Steve and gym bunny Kristie are on a winning streak – they’ve guessed the celeb behind the food every night and haven’t washed a single dish so far.   
But youngest member of the team Kristie feels she hasn’t pulled her weight at all and wants to make amends.  And Ali is frustrated that after guessing the celeb the night before Judd is back to his usual antics and not taking the competition as seriously as she is.  Will Judd be able to name anyone Greek other than George Michael and help the team out tonight?  A whole week without washing a single dish and earning the maximum prize pot of £2500 is within grasp…Can Stavros Flatley’s cryptic clues finally outwit the dream team?