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The Frankenstein Chronicles

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    6 of 6

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    Series 2
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    Tue 09 Oct 2018
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    11.15pm - 12.10am
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    Week 41 2018 : Sat 06 Oct - Fri 12 Oct
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    Last in series
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Episode 6: Bride of Frankenstein
Written by Michael Robert Johnson
As the police close in John Marlott needs to rescue Esther from Hervey and Dipple, and resurrect both his own and her fortunes in an epic season finale.  
Long Synopsis
Marlott wakes in chains.  He learns that Frederick is the son of Johann Dipple, Hervey’s mentor, and the man who taught him the science of resurrection.  
Acting on a reliable tip off, the police join forces with the watchmen to catch Dipple.