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KIT HARRINGTON spoke all about his engagement and Game of Thrones wedding
LIV TYLER spoke about her engagement and rock star father, Steven Tyler
SUE PERKINS spoke about The Generation Game without Bruce Forsyth
MARY J BLIGE spoke about partying with P Diddy and how she plans to do more acting after her latest role helped her overcome confidence issues
ROB BECKETT on how Game of Thrones nearly ruined his marriage
Plus DUA LIPA performs
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show - which airs on Saturday night on ITV - Jonathan speaks to Game of Thrones icon, Kit Harrington; American actress and former model, Liv Tyler; US singer, songwriter and actor, Mary J Blige; Comedian and broadcaster, Sue Perkins and comedian Rob Beckett. Dua Lipa also performs.
Kit Harrington and Liv Tyler - the stars of new drama, Gunpowder - joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan all about their respective engagements.
Kit - who recently got engaged to fellow Game of Thrones actor, Rose Leslie - explained how he popped the question:  “We did a little announcement in The Times… I did have some plans to do it, I was going to string up some lights in some trees and do all the romantic stuff but we were in the country and we were under this beautiful night sky and had a log fire burning and red wine and I blew my load early. Sorry that’s a really bad expression!” he laughed.
“I was meant to do it the day after with the lights. What I meant to say was, I popped my question a bit early. Not blew my load.”
On her engagement to partner, Dave Gardner, Liv said: “I was very surprised. David was very romantic but I was pregnant and I was having a little crying moment and I had just gotten out of the shower and I was packing my bag and he said, ‘Baby, come here, let’s just go for a walk.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t want to go for an effing walk!’ And we were in the countryside too and he took me out for a walk. Our friend has this amazing gypsy caravan and I thought he was just taking me to show me the caravan and on a pillow inside this amazing, old, gypsy caravan was my ring. And I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I felt really bad because I was kinda bitchy beforehand.”
Now he is wedding planning, Kit said he had to get in touch with the Game of Thrones producer who manages the filming schedules to tell them they need to factor in filming for the next season around his nuptials. Kit explained: “I rang him up and I said, ‘I’m getting married and it’s your fault actually’... I think for the final season he is so stressed that he’s reached that peaceful level. I was like, ‘You need to factor in a Game of Thrones wedding by the way.’ They [the cast] have all got to be there so the whole thing has got to shut down.”
When Jonathan asked if Kit was considering having a Game of Thrones themed wedding with the costumes, Kit laughed: “No. There is absolutely no chance of me convincing her of that.”
Kit joked about an April Fool he played on his other half, Rose, where he had hidden a model of his head in the fridge: “My family does April Fools. Her family doesn’t do April Fools. She didn’t know the date and after that she was in tears. And I was there going, ‘April Fools!’ It didn’t go down well. It was by far the reaction I had hoped for. When my laughing died down, it took some making up… She pretty much told me if I did it ever again that would be it and I think that’s marriage included.” 
Liv added: “He came to work and was bragging about it.”
The co-stars spoke about their first meeting, on a plane. 
Kit said, “We met on a flight but it was quite bizarre. Liv sweet talked the guy that was supposed to be sitting next to me out of his seat so she could sit next to me on the flight. It was quite charming.” 
When Jonathan asked if there was any concern that they might discover on the flight that they didn’t get on, Kit said: “That was my worry. We’ve got a seven hour flight ahead of us, if this is a nightmare then we’ve got two months on set which isn’t going to go so well. We did get on. And then she drugged me. She literally slipped a xanax in my drink.”
Liv said: “No I didn’t! It was one of those weird flights [timing-wise] so you’re kinda not tired. I had some xanax which I take, I’m a little bit nervous flying and with jetlag and travelling all over the world. So I said, ‘Do you want a xanax?’ thinking he knew what it was and he was like, ‘Yeah.’ I thought I was doing him a favour. I said, ‘it’ll just help you sleep.’”
Kit said: “It did. I can’t remember passing out.”
Liv laughed: “He woke up like, ‘Where am I? What did you give me?’”
Kit also spoke about his role as Jon Snow in internationally acclaimed TV series, Game of Thrones. The last time he was on The Jonathan Ross Show, he couldn’t give away any spoilers about whether his character, Jon Snow, died.
On the pressure to keep plot secrets, Kit said: “With that particular spoiler I avoided talking to anyone. When you came along, I thought it might be quite fun to lie to you,” he laughed, “Over seven, eight years of doing this show I’ve become very good at not saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.” 
Liv added: “They don’t always tell you. I did this show called The Leftovers and they’d keep everything from us. You’re always trying to get information.”
Kit added: “I’m going to do the read through for the final season in a couple of days and I still don’t know anything about it… I genuinely don’t. The funny thing is, all the art department, the hair and makeup and the horse riding team they all know, they get the script but they’re not allowed to tell the actors.” 
On the plotline where his character, Jon Snow, seemingly died but didn’t, he said: “Once we’d filmed that season all of the cast knew and they had to keep quiet as well. But everyone is so protective over the show and loves the show so much.”
Later in the show, Jonathan asked about Kit’s very pert bottom which was seen on screen in the last season of Game of Thrones. Kit admitted he worked hard for it to look like it did: “If you’re getting your bum out in front of 60 million people, you do your homework” and admitted it was down to “lots of squats.”
“Is it weird that we’ve all enjoyed your buttocks?” Jonathan jokingly asked him.
“Not really no, I’ll get them out for anyone” Kit laughed.
Kit also admitted it is not insured and that he did not shave it for the part, saying: “I have a naturally hairless bum!”
Kit said he wants his Game of Thrones sword as a souvenir when the show ends: “I’ve had my eye on that sword since season one. Long Claw. They are not going to give it to me, it’s too valuable now… I ask every year. I am going to ask this year more than ever.”
“It could go missing?” Liv suggested.
“They’ll hunt me down,” Kit said.
Liv admitted she has her sword from Lord of the Rings in her attic: “I have a lot of stuff in my attic. I have my sword. It’s just been sitting up there for years… I should be more proud of my sword. It’s still back in it’s little box.”
Liv also spoke about her father, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, and his recent health scare: “He is okay. It was just one of those things when he had a little thing that needed to be taken care of and he was in pain. It’s hard when you’re on tour because you don’t want to let everybody down. And then it just got bad and he had to go to LA to have a little operation. He is recovering.”
On what her father is like as a Grandfather to her two children, she said: “He is amazing. He is very, very sweet… He is very magical, he is like the Pied Piper they just follow him around. He makes all these crazy noises, bird calls, they always call him a Wizard Pirate. He does treasure hunts. He is very special.”
She also admitted he surprised her by turning up to where she was staying when she was filming Gunpowder in Leeds: “No one has ever surprised me really, It was amazing, I had no idea.”
Comedian, Rob Beckett, joined the sofa and joked with Kit that Game of Thrones nearly ruined his marriage.
“I am a massive fan,” Rob explained, “It actually nearly ruined my marriage though, Game of Thrones, because we started watching it together when we started dating, then we got engaged and married all [while it’s been on television] and it was our thing we would do on a Monday night, always watch it together.”
He continued: “My wife loves reading, she’s always reading… she read all the books... There was a stage where the books were ahead of the show, so I said ‘Stop reading the books so we can continue our thing.’ Two years went on. A week before our wedding she broke down in tears in bed with me saying, ‘I’ve got something to tell you.’ I thought she had cheated on me. It was worse. She said, ‘I read on.’”
“I watched The Red Wedding and [I was all shocked, she was pretending to be shocked] she knew! I felt so stupid. Stupid or not, I shouldn’t be lied to by my future wife,” he laughed.
TV personality, Sue Perkins, joined the sofa and spoke about her recent trip to the Ganges and presenting The Generation Game after the late Sir Bruce Forsyth.
On rebooting the legendary Generation Game next year with Mel Giedroyc, Sue said: “I really hope we do it justice. We have just started doing some of the game play and it’s really good fun so far, I can’t wait.”
On the late Sir Bruce Forsyth who originally hosted the show, Sue said: “You can’t even think about it as filling his shoes because those shoes are unfillable. No one can fill them... I hope he would be proud of the spirit of love we’re imbuing it with and the stupidness and silliness and [it’s] just packed full of the general public wanting to play and dress up and fart about. We’ll throw as much fun as we can at it.”
On her recent trip to India filming her new show, The Ganges with Sue Perkins, she said: “I had this idea that I would be outside the Taj Mahal, there would be wind blowing through my hair, the scent of spices from a local market. What actually happened was I got flown in and then an eight hour drive up 3000 feet or metres to a shack where a man asked me if I would like a ‘spa experience’ which was a joke. It was minus 10 and they throw a bucket of boiling water over you, that’s the spa experience. You towel off really quickly.”
She continued: “The idea was that we were going to start this film at the source of the Ganges and that is in the Himalayas, which is very high and a very long walk, as it turns out. I had to walk up with a couple of Nepalese guides. I am not very fit. I had this idea when I got to the top there’d be this incredible panoramic shot of me and I was going to say something amazing about pilgrimage and spirituality. Within about 15 minutes of walking, [my throat was] really tight with lack of oxygen, then the nose bleeds, and then I vomited on a donkey. There was vomit everywhere. They give you tablets for altitude which make you wee. So there is wee and sick and then the second day I thought, ‘I can’t do this,’ because there was no oxygen at all. So I crawled on my hands and knees… and there is just me shivering on a ledge, gesticulating with spew all down [me]. It’s quite full on.”
Admitting that this travel documentary was not as glamorous as some might think it would be, she said her ideal holiday would be: “Ibiza all the way. Off your box. Glow sticks. On the shoulders of a buff 18 year old boy saying ‘come on Nana, it’s home time,’” she laughed.
Much to everyone’s surprise, Liv admitted what her ideal holiday would be: “Actually sometimes a long aeroplane ride is like a vacation. I love a really long flight, it’s my favourite thing because nobody can bother you… I just get weirdly excited when I have a long flight somewhere.”
Grammy award-winning US singer, Mary J Blige, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about pal, P Diddy, and how her latest acting role taught her so much about herself.
Speaking about her friendship with American rapper, P Diddy, she said he was: “Extremely confident. Super ambitious. He was always confident in his ability to help people win. And he always wanted to see himself win. The Puffy you see now is the Puffy we grew up with in the music business, always rooting for us to see us win. That’s my brother, that’s my family, we are very close.”
Speaking about his legendary parties, she said: “He had a big Super Bowl party, it was the Super Bowl party of the century. He knows how to party. The party just keeps going and he knows how to keep everyone engaged.”
On her latest acting role in film, Mudbound, Mary said her role as Florence taught her a lot about herself. She said the film was dark and covered themes such as racism but also had a message of love running through it.
The role, which saw her stripped of her usual glamorous demeanor, taught Mary about herself. She said: “It was kinda hard… Look how Florence had to live! I didn’t realise how vain I was, when I realised I had to tear away from the wigs and weaves and I couldn’t have a perm and I had to cut my nails. I asked ‘Does Florence wear any lashes?’ she was just a strong, confident woman within her three dresses. It was liberating. Florence actually helped me a lot. She helped me to accept a lot about myself that I was having trouble to accept.”
On struggling with confidence, she said: “When you are on stage it’s a different world, you own it, this is your world. When you are off stage, you have to deal with all the voices in your head that said ‘you’re not, you can’t, you won’t, you’re this, you’re that.’ So every day is a process of me growing and learning how to love myself. I’ve accepted each and every day. I have come a long, long way and now I accept what I have. After playing Florence, I’m really starting to say ‘Hey I like my forehead, I like my nappy edges,’ or whatever the case may be. It was definitely hard but once I committed to Florence it was all good.”
On how she wants her career to include acting as well as music going forward, she said: “I am going to find time for both because I love my music, that is my first love and this is something I have to work hard to get better so I’m definitely going to do more of it.”
On the talk of acting awards coming her way, Mary said: “That is exciting. I’m so grateful to hear people speak about me like this as an actress. I always wanted to work, I wanted to work and earn this. You know how singers get given a role because ‘she’s Mary J Blige?’ I wanted to earn whatever chat is on people’s mouths right now about me… Absolutely I will [be doing more acting]” she said.