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    Week 41 2018 : Sat 06 Oct - Fri 12 Oct
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Series overview
The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series this autumn on ITV.
Jonathan will present the new series which will feature even more entertaining, open and exclusive interviews with stars from stage, screen, comedy and sport. There will also be performances from popular, current talent from the UK and across the pond.
The last series uncovered a host of exclusives from the world of showbiz and sport including interviews with Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Grace Jones, Sheridan Smith, Tina Turner, Peter Kay and Jeremy Clarkson.
Previous series have also seen rare and exclusive interviews with the likes of pop icon, Britney Spears. Plus Hollywood stars such as Michael Douglas, Amy Schumer, Renee Zellweger, and John Malkovich who all appeared on the show and were joined by some of the greatest music stars around; Little Mix and Robbie Williams to name a few.
Episode 6
GORDON RAMSAY, FRED SIREUX AND GINO D’ACAMPO speak about being on the road together
RITA ORA says she always makes her love life difficult with Fred from First Dates agreeing to set her up!
BEAR GRYLLS on cooking for Gordon Ramsay and planning to take him on the ultimate Bear Grylls survival challenge
ROMESH RANGANATHAN on his difficult journey into comedy
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by tasty trio, Gordon Ramsay, Fred Sirieux and Gino D’acampo; Award-winning music artist, Rita Ora; adventurer and TV presenter, Bear Grylls and comedian Romesh Ranganathan.
Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’acampo and Fred Sirieux joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about working together and waking together.
On filming together for their new ITV show, Gordon, Gino and Fred: Roadtrip, Gordon said the trio had a few scrapes when it came to Gino’s driving.
Gordon said: “He said he knew the roads better. He was shocking, he couldn’t keep his hands on the wheel and Fred and I were literally, seriously on the edge. He crashed the van twice.”
Gino said: “I didn’t crash! I kind of got distracted…”
Fred said: “He is the worst driver in the world. Gino cannot drive.”
Gordon said: “He can’t drive. Period.”
And as well as driving together on their roadtrip, Gordon and Gino also joked about waking together in their caravan too. 
When asked if it was fun to share a campervan with Gino, Gordon said: “No. Two thirty in the morning, this [one] is in my sleeping bag. He is spooning me!”
Gino defended: “I could hear noises!”
Gordon continued: “In my sleeping blanket! He got in the bed and got inside the blanket.”
Gino adds: “I was scared!”
Gordon said: “Hold on. You were naked! Scared?” He points at the fear in his own eyes!
Gordon later speaks about Fred’s own top secrets: “He got up at half past five in the morning when we were fast asleep sneaking eyeliner on. He wears eyeliner in his eye lashes!” 
Gordon later talked about visiting Gino’s villa in Sardinia as part of the road trip: “It is the Hugh Hefner hang out of Sardinia. On the gates outside, it has got Villa D’acampo, his name on the door, on the dressing gowns, on the towels, the socks, the pants, the pillowcase… Do you not know your name?”
Gino says: “I thought it was a nice touch so when people come they know exactly where they are!”
Jonathan jokes: “And they can’t steal the towels…”
Gordon also spoke about suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome following his twin teenagers departing to University.
Gordon said of his twins Holly and Jack: “Tilly, Tana and myself took Jack down to the college last week. Man that was hard. We put him in his little room, left him some fettucine and pasta for him to cook, student food. Left him there and I got in the car and I was a mess. My best mate has just left me. And then the next day we put Holly into University. I was like, ‘Man this is tough!’”
Gordon said on what he’ll do when his youngest, Tilly, also leaves home: “I’ll cry.”
Award winning music artist, Rita Ora, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about her love life.
Jonathan reignites the rivalry between Gordon, Gino and Fred, joking: “So you’re a single woman at the moment I believe, obviously these wrinkled old men are too old for you but if you were choosing between Scotland, France and Italy what kind of temperament, what kind of man do you think would make [a good match]?”
“Scottish, through and through!”Gordon teases.
Jonathan says: “If I could set you up on a blind date and I said I’ve got a nice Scottish gentleman, I’ve got a very smooth, suave, sophisticated Frenchman or I’ve got an Italian guy, he looks very confident…”
Rita says to Jonathan: “Well, I’m very big about personalities. I’m also a bit about attire and the looks and the whole package. I’m going to have to say… [to Jonathan] I’m putting you in the mix because you’ve got a really good personality.”
Jonathan moans, “No one wants to hear that!”
Rita continues: “Gino is really Italian, everything is really exaggerated… [to Fred] I’m a bit more suspicious about what you are about, he might have a little bounce in his step… Now I’ve just realised that Gordon is Scottish, I love a drink and I know that Scots love to drink so I’m going to have to have a pint with the Scots.”
Alluding to her former high profile relationship with Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris, Rita said: “I have also dated a Scot before and I had the best time ever with him.”
On her love life, Jonathan said: “You’re single at the moment. Fred here is known for fixing people up on dates. Fred you must have a nice young guy we can set Rita up with?”
Fred said: “I’m sure we could find one or two yeah!”
Rita says, “I think I’m fine… ish. I’m blushing!”
On her new song, Rita says: “‘Let You Love Me’ is basically a song that I really wanted to involve my experience in love so far in my life and I thought that I always make it very difficult for myself and so ‘Let You Love Me’ is a song of frustration and growth within myself, being like ‘I just I could just let you love me for once.’ I question everything, doubt everything and accuse everything! I’m Albanian so I’m really fiery so everything I do has to have a reason. I don’t have any trust issues, I’m more like ‘What did you do last night? Why didn’t you invite me?’ I suffer severe FOMO. I want to experience everything with that person. I love really hard.”
Rita also spoke about introducing her transatlantic friends to an English tradition - the pub. Speaking to Jonathan, she said: “I just took them to pubs, I love a pub. My dad owns a few pub around London… He was really annoyed recently because the Beckhams and Guy Ritchie just bought a pub around the area and my dad was so upset he missed out on the pub. I said, ‘To be fair, Dad, I’d give it to them too.’ He is a big pub fan so I’m used to pubs.”
Rita also spoke about recently being named as having the most UK top tens for any British female solo artist. Rita said: “They were really proud. Before I had [my new song] I was actually equal with Shirley Bassey… I was telling my parents, ‘Mum, can you believe this? Dad, can you believe this?’ and they were like, ‘We love Shirley Bassey…’”
British adventurer, Bear Grylls, joined the sofa and spoke to Bear about cooking for Gordon Ramsay and wanting to get him on board for one of his adventures.
On cooking for the famous chef, Bear said: “This definitely wasn’t on TV. It was a few years ago in California and it was Easter Sunday. I said ‘bring the family around and I’ll cook’ and that was my first error. I said to my wife, ‘I’ll do the starter and I’ll do a nice main. I’ve got it covered.’ About ten minutes before he arrived [I realised I’d forgotten dessert so my wife said] ‘I’ll just quickly rustle up an apple crumble.’ We did a Barbeque. I’d tried to do this guacamole. At the end of it, I said to Gordon ‘Come on give me an honest [opinion]’ which was probably another error, asking for him to be honest. He said, ‘To be honest the starter was terrible, the main was abysmal but it was saved by the pudding!’”
Gordon said: “He left the skin on the avocado so it was like eating sandpaper. The beef was like Gandhi’s flip flop. And the dessert was delicious!”
Bear said: “The lesson is I married a great girl who cooks a killer apple crumble!”
Bear also speaks about some of the famous people he has taken on his adventures for TV shows over the years: “We had a Running Wild reunion a few months ago when I was passing through LA and we had a bunch of guests who had been on Running Wild and we had a nice dinner and then at one point I could hear them all saying, ‘the cliff you went down, it wasn’t nearly as big’... They were all having a cliff-off!”
On who he has enjoyed having on the show, he said: “Sharing a cave with yourself, Jonathan, was unparallelled. Julia Roberts was a dream one to take.”
On Jonathan taking part in one of Bear’s programmes, Jonathan said: “It was a real honour and a privilege genuinely being asked to do your show, and I had such a great time and it was so nice being with you. Unfortunately we filmed it and they lost half of the show, we filmed for two days and a whole day’s footage was destroyed in some x-ray machine.”
Bear adds: “You are the only guest who’s ever gone to bed in full silk pyjamas with a cigar.”
Bear and Gordon admit they’ve agreed that Gordon will take part in a “super hard” survival challenge with Bear.
Bear said: “Gordon we’ll do one.”
Gordon agreed: “We’re trying to get the dates aligned. I said ‘I want something super hard.’”
Bear adds: “They always say that and then about five hours in they say, ‘You know what I said about the super hard…’”
On how long he can continue to take part in these survival challenges which take a toll on the body and mind, Bear said: “Life is an adventure, you’ve got to go for it. I think I’m totally unemployable in any normal job now. I love the adventure, I love being with my good buddies out there so I hope we keep doing it for a little while longer.”
Bear also spoke about Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls which has been airing recently and admitted that he admires the celebs who sign up to put themselves through such a difficult time: “It is hardcore, the Island. My respect to those who endure… People always quit but those who are there at the end, total respect. You see that glint in the eye of pride that they’ve gone through fire. This series on at the moment, respect it gets really grim over the next few weeks and total respect to them.”
Comedian, Romesh Ranganathan, joined the sofa and spoke about his more difficult journey into comedy.
On his revealing new book, Romesh admitted: “When I started writing the book, I thought, ‘I want to write a funny book’ but then I thought I want to write a book that explains my journey and that period of my life - my mum and dad had problems, my dad went to prison and we got the house repossessed - there were all these struggles and that was a dark period of our lives but I thought I’d put it in because I genuinely don’t think I’d have ended up being a comedian had I not gone through that.”
He adds: “I haven’t spoken about it at all. I’m happy to speak about anything as long as I can put a funny spin on it. That, I hadn’t managed to so I wanted to put it in the book.”
Please note the above is all taken from the recording of The Jonathan Ross Show and is subject to the show edit.