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    Sat 15 Oct 2016
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    Week 42 2016 : Sat 15 Oct - Fri 21 Oct
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    Fri 14 Oct 2016
BROS join the show following the reunion everyone is talking about and speak to Jonathan about breaking up, reforming and what to expect from their 30 year anniversary tour. They talk about meeting Princess Diana, their craziest fan stories and reveal they didn’t invite Craig Logan to be part of the reformed band
RUSSELL BRAND speaks about proposing, impending fatherhood and meeting Donald Trump - he also joins the band, Bros!
ALAN DAVIES looks ahead to the new series of QI
SHARON HORGAN speaks about her comedy sitcom, Catastrophe
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by Bros, the chart-topping band and makers of hits such as When Will I Be Famous and I Owe You Nothing; comedian, activist and soon-to-be-dad, Russell Brand; stand up and actor, Alan Davies; and comedian and writer, Sharon Horgan. Rebecca Ferguson also performs. 
Newly reformed and hotly anticipated band, Bros, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about their break from music and why they have decided to reform for their 30th anniversary.
Joining the sofa to huge applause from the audience - and super fan, Russell Brand - Luke and Matt Goss spoke about their success, break and the reformation everybody has been talking about. The last time the brothers met Jonathan was over 25 years ago for an interview in the very same studio.
Speaking about why they have decided to reform now, Luke said: “We had spent a lot of time together in the band and we’d obviously been in school growing up as kids and we were kind of sick of the sight of eachother a little bit, we needed a break, had our own lives, you need to find out who you are, it’s important. When fame has been a part of your life all the time you are curious to find out what makes you tick and acting really makes me happy… It’s also understanding what you do you contribute… What do I really stand for? And then I didn’t know how much the country would want to see us and that’s the truth. Then we had always agreed [to wait] until the time would feel right and it felt right.”
Matt said: “As Luke said, we were born on the same day, we went to school together, we were in the same career together and we actually needed to find out who we were as individuals, as men and I think we had got to the point where we had both achieved as much as we could really. We’re proud of where we are right now as men and we were in a music shop in LA, I had a guitar, Luke had a drum and we were looking at each other having a jam and we were like, this is the cheapest Bros reunion in history, we’re sitting in a music shop in a soundproof booth… I said, ‘It feels right doesn’t it?’ He said ‘yeah’... and I said [to Live Nation] I’ve got a proposition, we’re up for it now, finally up for it.”
Luke added: “I was nervous… I’m in a forest or a desert somewhere [acting], I didn’t know what the rhythm was as far as people wanting to see it so when it sold out I was over the moon and quite touched by it, I have to be honest.”
On what fans can expect from the tour, Luke said: “I would say every hit we had, first album, we’re going to be very faithful to the sound of the band.”
Matt added: “We’re obsessed with technology so we want the show to be very contemporary but there are things from back in the day that work as well so we’re going to take both into consideration.”
Speaking about fame and how it affected them in the past, Matt said: “Privacy has become a real possession to us, it was very difficult, you don’t learn how to have that much attention. We were written about as much as the Royal family at that time and it was everywhere and I was sick of myself, in every newspaper and there’s not a soapbox big enough to correct things and there was no social media back then.”
Luke added: “You’d have to live with inaccuracy, there was no tool whatsoever… People thought we were older, we were like 18 year old kids and to be honest with you, reality is it’s nice to interact with people, you’re being advised to keep your distance by bodyguards and police and everyone else and there are logistics for sure but I love being out there now… I’m enjoying the interaction and fame, there’s no reason to segregate yourself from my point of view… The management would always separate us and that would be very isolating, so no more of that for me.”
On the moment they realised they had had too much and wanted to quit the band, Matt explained: “I think there was no other way to get to other people, back then there was just the press… There was no sense of who myself and my brother was, it was just how you were portrayed and when we looked at eachother and said this is not us, my brother said, ‘I’m out’ and I lost my job… We went in at number nine in the charts instead of number one, two or three and they said ‘is this the end of Bros?’ [in the press] because we didn’t go in the top five.”
Luke explained: “It just reached a point where I just felt like all the svengalis around us and trying to please so many grown ups - I know it sounds a silly thing to say but I was still a kid - and I really have to work out what makes me tick and that was it, I didn’t plan it. I read something in the newspaper [like] Matt said and I just had an epiphany, that’s it.”
Matt admitted: “I didn’t resent him but I felt that, I still feel like now that I’ve never come off stage... So I feel like that’s part of the journey. At the time I felt like obviously we’re not going to keep having number one and number two records, that’s part of the journey and I was interested in that part of the journey and I still feel the same way, I would have liked to have seen the ups and downs within the band, within my brother, it didn’t have to always be at that level but in hindsight, Luke going on to acting and finding himself and me being able to go to America… Now I think in hindsight it’s the best thing he ever did was to do it then.”
Celebrating their sense of style, Jonathan brought out some of the brothers’ genuine leather jackets from back in the day and Jonathan, Luke, Matt and fellow guest, Russell Brand, tried them on for size and as Russell is such a fan, they jokingly reformed the group. Jonathan even held up his own personal jacket with ‘Bwos’ emblazoned on the back. 
The brothers were extremely popular back in the day, particularly with the female fans. Speaking about his weirdest fan experience, Matt explained: “The thing that still affects me now, I went into my hotel room and sat on my bed we had about 15 minutes to have a break and then someone just grabbed my ankles from under the bed and I literally check my bed in every hotel I go into since that day… Those things become strangely normal.”
Joking about the fans and female attention they had when in the band, drummer Luke laughed: “I think drummers get naughtier fans which I’m down with that. Although there were less of them, they were slightly more enthusiastic,” he laughed with Matt adding, “My brother doesn’t know how naughty my fans were!” Speaking about any element of competition between the two of them, Luke said “I love that he’s the frontman. Playing the drums, I’m cool with that.”
Looking ahead to the band reforming, Luke admitted he will have to learn to play the drums again having only dabbled in drumming since the band split: “I had a cheeky play in music stores around the world… No [I don’t have a drum kit at home].”
The brothers spoke about one of their most highly regarded fans, Princess Diana. Speaking about the time when Luke and Matt met her, they said: “It was one of the most incredible moments, she’s one of those ladies that she’s just full of love and she had these piercing blue eyes that just made you blush in the best way and she knew it. She was so gentle and kind and beautiful and I don’t think there was a man on Earth who could not be affected by her.” 
Luke admitted: “I had a huge crush on her when I met her, I just thought wow, beautiful, beautiful lady.”
Looking ahead to the future following the tour, Matt said, “We genuinely don’t know [if there will be new music]” with Luke adding, “We’re going to have fun, let our hair down and have a lot of fun.”
The brothers also spoke about former band member, Craig Logan. On whether he’d want to be part of the reformed band, Luke said: “I don’t think he’d want to, he’s very successful now and I’ve seen him through the years and he’s a lovely guy and very successful but he left, he didn’t want to be a part of it. I don’t think it’s something he’d want to do.”
Matt added: “We didn’t [offer him to come back] quite simply. To be honest with you, me and my brother started the band when we were kids and at Wembley Stadium in 1977, a thousand people turned up to that show. That was just me and my brother and as Luke quite rightly said, he left the band and we decided Bros means brothers and that’s who’s playing the O2.”
Comedian, actor, writer and activist, Russell Brand, joined the show and spoke to Jonathan about impending fatherhood and meeting Donald Trump. 
When Jonathan remarked on the new sense of calm and zen surrounding him, Russell said: “Well some of that is because I’m in a monogamous relationship now so I’m a lot calmer… I like it as a matter of fact. I live a quiet rural life now out in the country… this animal husbandry and his new venture I think will soon put me back on top.”
“[I am enjoying monogamy] because there is a baby coming. One of them sperm finally made it, after I’d released so many, so abundantly, indiscriminate. Who knows who could have been born, which geniuses have been squandered,” he smiled.
On preparing for the birth, he said: “I read a different book every week and I read one on preparation for fatherhood to mentally prepare me for it. I don’t know that it has prepared me for it. I’ve painted the room, I’ve done the things that you’re supposed to do, I’ve accepted the idea that that person will be more important than me, ‘Jesus Three’ I’m thinking of calling him or her, we don’t know the gender I may not even ever impose a gender upon it, let the child grow up and be the whatever the hell it is, never tell it there is such a concept.”
Speaking about his calmer life now, Russell said: “With this new domestic life with the two cats, the 13 chickens, the dog and the soon-to-come child there is a necessary serenity and I suppose, Jonathan, being serious if I dare for a moment, having been famous for a decade… I’ve kind of realised that you have to have some sort of transcendent inner serenity and some genuine earthed things in your life otherwise you’ll go mental.”
“Obviously what I think is I am unable to anticipate it but I just want to be present for it and be completely loving and encouraging to this human being and to see what it does.”
Speaking about proposing to his fiance, Laura, Russell said “I cried at my own beauty. You know when you think ‘I’m being so nice now, Oh God I think I’m going to cry’ because you’re impressed with how nice you are… I properly planned it and put proper ideas into it and made it all nice and did like a surprise party for her and her mum helped me to organise it, get her on side!” he smiled.
Speaking about meeting Donald Trump, Russell said: “He was actually really rude to me but I sort of like him a bit because I think he’s a wanton baby... He invited me into his tower that’s got his name written on it which is sort of charming in a way, like a baby would [say] ‘My Tower’ so delightful his sense of arrogance… I think if we’re really nice to him he’ll just settle down [like a child would] that’s my feeling. When I met him I went in his office and he said ‘You can choose any one thing from the office’ and I thought that’s like a Willy Wonka move no? He had Mohammed Ali’s heavyweight boxing belt on the wall and loads of good sports memorabilia, I thought I should have some of that but then I thought no, then he’ll have one over on me so I just went, ‘I’ll have that pen mate.’ Should have taken his hairdryer, that would have slowed him down a bit… He seems silly, that’s what’s amazing, sort of sweet and really silly, it’s sort of fascinating.”
Comedian, actor and QI panellist, Alan Davies, joined the sofa and spoke about the new series of QI without the former host, Stephen Fry.
On filming new episodes, he said: “Stephen is a big missing space, the main difference is that they’ve changed all the furniture because Stephen is nine feet tall and Sandi [Toksvig] is [small] she is literally on a plinth but we were very lucky to get her actually because it’s not an easy gig to take over and she is every bit as smart and sharp and she was great with the guests and she’s really on top of it all… We knew the first night we came out and the audience were all ‘QI lives, it’s not dead!’ and she’s totally got Stephen’s blessing because they’re old friends. As we recorded the shows it was like a seamless transition and it was really enjoyable and a relief.”
Comedian, actress and writer, Sharon Horgan, joined the sofa about spoke about her relationship sitcom, Catastrophe, admitting she doesn’t run personal jokes by her husband before using them for material in the show. Laughing about his reaction to noticing some things from their personal lives when watching the sitcom, she said: “I just like look straight ahead and maybe catch a bit of him out of my peripheral of him staring at me wondering why I put that really personal detail from our lives into the show… No [I don’t run it past him first] because what if he said no, you’d lose a joke. It’s a lovely surprise for him, and his family, and his mum,” she laughed.