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The Magaluf Weekender

  • Episode: 

    6 of 6

  • Transmission (TX): 

    Tue 22 Oct 2013
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  • Time: 

    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 43 2013 : Sat 19 Oct - Fri 25 Oct
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    Last in series
The Magaluf Weekender is back for series two, with more fun-loving mischief and mayhem as eager holiday-makers hit the non-stop party resort of Magaluf, experiencing their first holiday as a group without their parents. 
On hand to ensure they have the weekend of their lives are our four holiday reps, Jordan, Imogen, Jaime-Leigh and flirtatious new boy, personal trainer Tobi.  
Each week, two sets of guests from across the UK check-in to the hotel to party away the weekend of their lives, under the watchful eye of the reps. With drinking games, fancy dress, seduction, friendships, fallouts and pranks a plenty, it’s set to be a hot, steamy summer to remember.  
In episode six, first to check in are three hard-partying West Country boys, Adrian, Andy and Duane from Weston-Super-Mare. These boys are club promoters and they immediately make their intentions clear as they tuck into a bottle of vodka on arrival.
Joining the boys are Olivia and Megan from Windsor. This posh pair met at a ballet boarding school and have been best mates ever since. Jordan instantly takes a fancy to beauty queen Olivia but she is aware of his reputation and initially gives him a wide berth, despite his relentless efforts.
After finding out that the girls are single, Adrian sets his sights on Megan, while Andy develops a huge crush on Olivia. It doesn’t take long for Adrian to work his magic and he’s kissing Megan by the end of the first night. Andy doesn’t fare so well with Olivia but vows to continue his work the next day.
Unfortunately for Andy, day two brings Jordan into the equation. Despite her unfavourable first impressions, Olivia falls quickly under Jordan’s flirty spell and it’s not long before Andy has given up the chase. But will Jordan manage to get his dream girl?
In the reps’ quarters, Jaime-Leigh confides in Tobi that she is not enjoying being in Magaluf anymore and she feels out of place. Despite finding happiness with Tobi, Jaime feels she will never be as at home in Magaluf as either Jordan or Imogen.
Also this week, the gang head out to a boat party where things get very raunchy, Imogen tells Jordan to stop leading her on, and Jaime-Leigh makes a big decision…