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    Sat 22 Nov 2014
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    Week 48 2014 : Sat 22 Nov - Fri 28 Nov
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    Sat 22 Nov 2014
On The Jonathan Ross Show are British actress, Sheila Hancock, comedy king, Jack Whitehall and rocker, Noel Gallagher. Also Lee Evans, who exclusively revealed that he will retire from comedy at the end of his current tour [press release already issued for Lee Evans].
Actress, Sheila Hancock, joined Lee Evans and Jonathan on the sofa and opened up about growing old and dating. 
Speaking to Jonathan, Sheila revealed her experiences of dating since her late husband, John Thaw, died: “I went out with a guy… He asked me out and I thought ‘yeah I’ll make an effort,’ and all my friends were saying ‘go on make an effort’ and I started doing the thing of being nice and lovely and hopefully attractive and suddenly halfway through, I found myself thinking ‘have I put on the electric blanket?’ And I knew… I thought ‘no, I now have got to the age where I’m more interested in my electric blanket than I am some boring old git!’”
Joking about her age, Sheila said: “I’ve got to that age where I have to think ‘I’ve only got a few years left,’ Do you know what I mean? It sounds depressing but when you’re past 80 then you know that you’ve only got five years of active life, 10 years at the very most… So you have to think quite seriously about what you’re going to do with those years.” Later in the interview, she joked about vetting rest homes with her daughter: “At the moment I’m inspecting old people’s homes, that’s my latest mission, because I don’t want to be put into a nasty one so I’m going and looking at all the old people’s homes in the district!” she laughed.
On Russell Brand and his latest call for revolution, Sheila said she admires his passion: “I think it’s very good what he’s doing, I mean some of it’s a load of old rubbish… But I love somebody standing up and being revolutionary and that’s what young people should be and I know he’s not that young but to me, he’s a baby and I think we should be angry, be angry and want things to change. That’s what he wants.”
Jonathan also spoke to comedian, Jack Whitehall, who spoke about his first crush at school and meeting her now husband, Prince William. Joking about fancying the future Queen at school, Jack said, “She was a lot older than me… She was in sixth form it was never going to happen, I was in a head brace!”
Speaking about performing at the Royal Variety Performance, Jack spoke about a joke he made about the Duchess of Cambridge: “I referred to her as ‘the one that got away’ and then I flirted a little because I said that she was one of my first crushes at school and then in the lineup [where you meet the royals after the show] [Prince] William came over and he was very funny, he was very nice but very passive aggressive [and he said] ‘Oh so you were flirting with my missus? Oh no that was very funny!’”
Speaking about other mishaps he made when meeting the royals in the lineup, Jack admitted he played a joke on US star, Demi Lovato: “I was also stood next to Demi Lovato… She was very nice, very sweet but American and didn’t necessarily buy into my sense of humour and everyone is very nervous when the royal family are coming around and she asked me what the protocol was with the royal bump, ‘can we talk about the baby and stuff?’ [she asked] and as a joke I said ‘the Duchess of Cambridge I think would be offended if you didn’t have a little feel’ as a joke! She takes it completely at face value and as Kate Middleton is coming along the line, I suddenly realise that we’ve got a situation here where either I need to step in and tell her [Demi] that it was a joke and look like an [idiot] or potentially Demi Lovato from Frozen is about to get taken out by a police marksmen, so I told her!”
Rock legend, Noel Gallagher, spoke to Jonathan about his friend, Russell Brand, and his hatred of making music videos.
Speaking to Jonathan, Noel joked about Russell Brand: “He is a very dear friend… He should stand in the election I think, his heart is in the right place but he does waffle on a bit you know… I said ‘if you make me the Duke of Manchester if you get into power, I’m with you.’” Joking, Jonathan asked, “Who is the current Duke of Manchester?” “Our kid, I think…” Noel said, speaking of his brother Liam. Opening up about his relationship with his brother, Noel said, “There’s no problem because we don’t speak to each other.”
Speaking about a possible Oasis reunion, Jonathan reminded Noel about a conversation they had last time they spoke: “Last time I interviewed you we were talking and I said ‘Would Oasis ever play again?’... You said ‘I’ll get back together with Oasis on the day you go work for the BBC again…’ Now about three months ago, I did some work for Radio 2 again. They’ve asked me to do some more so… Are you a man of your word?” 
“Does that mean I’ve got to reform a band?” Noel asked, “You’ve got to do one gig, you promised,” Jonathan responded.
On a reunion with Oasis, Noel said: “I don’t see the appeal, I don’t see it, if I close my eyes, I don’t see it happening, that’s not to say that it never will but I’ve got a lot of things going on at the moment.”
Speaking about making music videos with his current band, Noel said: “I’ve still got to do videos, I hate them, it’s awful, I hate everything about it. I feel bad for the video directors because they’re kind of trying to do their best… I didn’t hate them as much when I was in Oasis because it was all about Liam and I’d kind of be scowling in the back… I’m alright until they say action… I hate miming, [videos] cost a fortune, they’re rubbish!”
Noel spoke about his children - Anais, Sonny and Donovan - and their tastes in music: “Anais is kind of into One Direction… my two lads are currently obsessed with U2… Donovan has become a U2 superfan… they do love music, I’ve got to say!”
And on guiding his children in life, Noel said: “I’m afraid the internet is a window to all sorts of nonsense for kids so… we plan - me and [wife] Sara - to let them find their own way in life and if they ever get too close to the edge you pull them back don’t you? There’s not a great deal you can teach children… they’ll be corrupted by the internet you can be sure of that.”