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Off The Beaten Track

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    6 of 6

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    Fri 13 Dec 2013
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 50 2013 : Sat 07 Dec - Fri 13 Dec
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    Last in series
In the final episode of the series, Christine heads to Scotland where she sees ancient markings in a cave and learns the secrets behind the immaculate beaches in the area.
Local guide Mike McFarlane meets Christine on Fife’s historical coastal path near East Wemyss to tell her about some surprising secrets hidden on the route which stretches 170 miles along the coast through fishing villages to St Andrews. The path has been used through the decades by fisherman and pilgrims. Mike and Christine explore the caves in the cliff side that are home to incredible ancient drawings up to 4000 years old. Mike explains he believes some of the drawings and markings are there to mark an important historical event which these days would be reported on the news.
Christine explains that, sadly, there are no signs marking the drawings’ existence and no protection which has lead to some of them being damaged by passers-by. Now a campaign has been launched for them to be managed, so people can appreciate the historical treasures.
On her next stop, Christine visits Burntisland where she meets the family who were so worried about the environmental impact of their food that they decided that for a whole year they would only eat food sourced locally. 
Mike tells Christine about ‘The Fife Diet’. He says: “It was amazing, it was great. We could see the abundance we’ve got, so we thought, ‘Well, we don’t want to go back to supermarket shopping.’ We wanted to carry on. We think it’s the way forward. Shorter food miles, the food’s fresher. We know where all our food comes from. And we often know our producers directly. In tough times it’s good to support your local producers as well.”
Christine enjoys a feast of crab cakes with salsa dip with Mike and the family to try all the gorgeous produce.
Christine also visits The Coaltown of Wemyss and their School of Needlework. For decades hundreds of girls have been taught there and their collection of work has now been catalogued.  Louise Foster the manager shows Christine the work, including pieces that were designed for the Queen and the Queen Mother. Christine has a go at embroidering, something she has not done since she was 12.
For her last stop, Christine spends the afternoon at the beach at Elie where she meets Amanda MacFarlane who works for the trust responsible for beach’s blue flag status. Amanda explains that the beaches have to be constantly monitored to keep the flag. Christine takes a turn on patrol, raising the flags for the swimmers, learning about beach safety and picking up litter.
Christine also meets environmentalist Robbie Blyth, part of an army of people who protect the marine environment from things that end up in the seas.  
Christine tells the programme: “Robbie’s dedication and pride is just typical of the Fifers I have met here. All of them passionate about preserving what is unique and special about this off the beaten track corner. Like all of the destinations I have chosen to explore on my travels, this fresh perspective has only been possible by getting lost in the nation’s back roads.”