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Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape

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    Wed 16 Dec 2020

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    Week 51 2020 : Sat 12 Dec - Fri 18 Dec

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    Wed 25 Nov 2020

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Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape

Series overview

“Kent is known as the garden of England but her beauty has been slightly tarnished lately because all you hear about Kent is lorry parks and operation stack on the M20. I think it’s about time Kent was given a fair hearing because there’s some lovely stuff down here and a hell of a lot I haven’t seen, you know.” Paul O’Grady

In this brand new six-part ITV series, presenter Paul O’Grady shares the beautiful sights, stories and secrets of his beloved adopted home county, Kent. 

With foreign holidays off the cards, Paul’s heading off in search of thrills, spills and misadventure on his very own doorstep, from his Kent farm.  He will escape across all corners of the county to discover the weird, wonderful, extraordinary and unusual gems that Kent has to offer. From exploring some of the county’s extraordinary scenery and wildlife to unearthing quirky tales of local history and tradition – Paul is on a mission to share the ultimate Kent staycation and lots of laughter along the way.

An Olga TV Production.

Episode 6

In the final episode of the series, Paul heads off in search of the fascinating and unanticipated, discovering Kent’s tales of the unexpected.  And his first stop is a real escape into the unknown where he encounters most extraordinary sight – the Red Sand Sea Forts.  Built 13 miles out to sea in the Thames Estuary, these eerie looking WWII anti-aircraft towers proved a great success helping to deter and report incoming German air raids.  Now a rusty relic to the war, Paul is bowled over by this unique monument to Kent’s brave history he never knew existed before. 

Back on dry land, Paul heads down the coastline to Botany Bay to discover more about another of Kent’s watery secrets – smuggling!  Here he meets locals Pete and George who tell him how the soft, chalky white cliffs around Dover were perfect for smugglers to drill tunnels where they could hide their booty from the taxman.  Paul then travels ancient village church in Old Romney, the home of his favourite fictional smuggler Dr Syn.  Here Paul encounters the most extraordinary homage to Dr Syn – an army of fierce-some scarecrows!

In search of more swashbuckling adventure, Paul scales the great tower at the iconic Dover Castle.  Never conquered in its 800-year history, Paul discovers the secrets to how it fended off invader after invader over the centuries, before he successfully achieves what no enemy ever did by raising a flag high above the castle!  He is then given the honour of firing a very rare WW1 anti-aircraft gun over the channel – although Paul’s worried he may have hit a passing tanker…. (He didn’t of course!)

Finally Paul heads to near Hythe where he’s greeted by another unusual sight – rhinos, zebras and camels grazing on the safari plains of Kent!  He’s at Port Lympne Reserve, one of the UK’s leading wildlife conservation centres – it’s just a stone’s throw from Paul’s home and is his favourite places to get his animal fix.  There’s no better place than this for Paul to end his Kent escape, and after finally winning over the affections of a snooty giraffe with an edible bouquet of willow leaves, he returns home to a heroes’ welcome from his dogs!