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The Cruise: Shanghai to Sydney

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    6 of 6

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    Thu 07 Feb 2019

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    8.30pm - 9.00pm

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    Week 06 2019 : Sat 02 Feb - Fri 08 Feb

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    Wed 23 Jan 2019

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The Cruise: Shanghai to Sydney


Series overview


The Cruise returns with a brand new six-part documentary series travelling through Asia, Australia and New Zealand - following the lives of almost 5,000 passengers and crew. 


Set on board the Majestic Princess - the biggest, newest and most luxurious ship in the fleet - during her maiden voyage from Shanghai to Sydney, the ship visits destinations exotic and familiar from the Asian megacities of Hong Kong and Singapore to the stunning coastal scenery and fjords of New Zealand and the iconic Sydney harbour. 


Passengers are expecting the holiday of a lifetime, but the captain and 1,500 crew have their work cut out facing the navigational challenges of chaotic harbours teeming with boats, perilously low bridges and the highly unpredictable typhoon season weather – as well as surviving a legendary party to mark crossing the equator. 


Familiar faces include Geordie hotel engineer Scott, while there’s a host of new characters including charismatic Italian captain Dino, fastidious hotel general manager Jasper, unflappable Scottish food and beverage manager Karen and the charming Cynthia – deft diffuser of any passenger complaint.


Episode 6


Captain Dino faces his toughest navigational challenge yet as he attempts to dock Majestic Princess in the art deco port of Napier for the very first time. If he succeeds he’ll make history – she’ll be the largest conventional cruise ship to ever dock there.  


American piano bar singer Tonya Scott has just one week to prepare for her first ever one-woman show. She has big ambitions of leaving the bar for the big stage on board and is given a trial gig to see if she has what it takes. But when she goes to see guest performers British operatic duo Divalicious for advice they’re shocked about what she’s trying to pull off and her own choreographer tells her she must scale it down with just days to go – she has to have a rapid rethink of her whole set.   


Plus, there’s a special breed of guest on board - the Cruise Critics.  Regularly reviewing all aspects of cruise life from entertainment to room service, critic Claudia from Arizona focuses her laser-like gaze on the breakfast buffet – and she’ll be taking her frank feedback right to the top.   


Kids Club Host Gwen pulls out all the stops to entertain kids while parents get some downtime.  


And hotel Services Engineer Scott puts his busy schedule aside as the cruise comes to an end in Sydney and the iconic harbour puts on a spectacular welcome for Majestic Princess.