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The Magaluf Weekender

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    6 of 6

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    Sun 10 Feb 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 7 2013 : Sat 09 Feb - Fri 15 Feb
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    Last in series


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“Oh my god, I feel like a proper celebrity.” 
Edmar, hotel guest, on seeing his room for the first time.
Checking in first this week, are Essex sisters Abby and Vicki, with their best friend Chian.  The girls are here to have a no-holds barred good time.  Along with drinking as much as she can, Vicki has one other main aim for the weekend which is for older sister Abby to have a holiday romance.  Abby says: “I’ve been single for ages.  I’ve been in little, short term relationships, like a couple of weeks but they never last long.”
After rep Jordan checks the girls in, he quickly finds out if they are single and reports back to head rep Brett that he fancies Abby.  And unknown to him, all three girls decide they fancy Jordan.
Having spent all summer working with Jordan, Brett is worried about his womanising ways getting in the way of his work.  Over the past few weeks Jordan’s relationships with the guests have caused him to be late for shifts, confused the guests he’s romanced and even upset his co-workers.  Eager to change, Jordan takes the massive step of promising Brett he won’t try and get together with any of these three gorgeous guests.  
The next group to arrive are ex-boyfriends Edmar and Paul.  Friends for years, they used to date but split up over a year ago.  Paul is hoping this holiday will help them rekindle their romance.  
On the guests first night, they head out onto the infamous Magaluf strip on a bar crawl led by Jordan.  But Brett also comes along, determined to keep a beady eye on Jordan.  At 3.30am the drunken gang head home and Brett can finally retire in peace, safe in the knowledge that his babysitting has helped Jordan to keep his promise.  
But a leopard doesn’t change its spots that easily and Jordan is soon tucked up in Abby’s bed.  The following morning arrives and Abby can’t remember whether or not she and Jordan slept together.  He reassures her that they didn’t and is off to tell Brett the good news.  Even though he broke his promise and ended up in bed with Abby, Jordan didn’t go the whole way.  And for him, that is an achievement to be proud of.   He tells Brett: “Last night she did make a move on me.  She did try to go the full way and I said, ‘No, we’ve both had a bit to drink.  I don’t think this would be an appropriate time.’  I basically stopped it.  Last night she was dying for it.”
On the second night of their holiday, the guests head out again, accompanied by Jordan, Imogen and Brett.  Rep Jaime-Leigh also joins them and confirms she swings both ways, as pretty Chian has caught her eye.  Jaime-Leigh confesses to Jordan: “She is beautiful and she’s so my type.” 
Paul is trying to pluck up the courage to tell Edmar how he feels and confides in Imogen that he’s going to confess all over breakfast tomorrow. 
Romancing is blossoming all over the strip but things take a turn for the worse when Jordan gets distracted by another group of women.  Abby is so upset that she ends up crying in the toilets and Brett tells Jordan he’s been acting like a ‘dickhead’.  
With things kicking off, Jaime-Leigh and Chian decide to head back to the hotel and get to know each other better. 
The final day of the holiday arrives and a terrible hangover for Edmar means Paul has to rethink his plan yet again.  He decides to get some advice from Imogen once more and she helps him book a private dining area at the restaurant on the beach where he can bare his soul to Edmar.  
Jordan is determined to prove he’s changed to both his colleagues and Abby.  He takes Abby out for the day on a date involving ice-cream and swimming in the sea, which turns out to be a complete success.  
That evening Paul takes Edmar out on their secret date and wastes no time in confessing how he feels about him.  Edmar is bowled over the romantic gesture and is happy to give their relationship another go.  He says: “That’s most romantic thing anyone could ever do to you.  I did have a bit of doubt about me and Paul getting back together because what if we lose our friendship?  But I doubt I’ll ever lose him.  We’re literally so strong together.”
It’s the last night for the two groups and everyone heads out for one last time.  And Jordan has lined up a final surprise for Abby to prove he can focus on just one woman.  As the group and the rest of the reps enjoy one of the local bars, Jordan makes his entrance as a stripper, dressed as a policeman.  He proceeds to treat the group to a strip show as Abby licks whipped cream off his body.  
The final morning dawns and it’s time for our two groups to check out.  Jordan promises to meet up with Abby once he returns to the UK.  Jaime-Leigh says a final goodbye to Chian and Paul & Edmar return home as a couple.  It’s been a romantic weekend in sunny Magaluf.