Red Eye

Red Eye

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Week 22 2024 : Sat 25 May - Fri 31 May

Tue 14 May 2024

Red Eye

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Series overview

Six-part thriller set on the red eye flight from London to Beijing. Whilst escorting a doctor being renditioned, an incident on-board leads DC Hana Li to uncover a wider conspiracy.

Episode 6

Flashback to the night of the crash. We see the events at the Beijing Conference Centre and nightclub from a whole new perspective. Finally, the truth about the conspiracy is revealed. 

As both MI5 and the CIA close in, Hana and Delaney flee for their lives. When one of their party notices a familiar face our heroes realise who is responsible for the murders. They hatch a daring plan to ensure those responsible are brought to justice.

In a thrilling finale, Hana and Delaney must fight for their lives as they come face-to-face with those responsible for the incidents on-board NCA 357 as the motives behind the wider international conspiracy are revealed. In the process Hana has a moment of self-discovery, as she finally learns the truth about her past. 



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