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    Week 11 2015 : Sat 07 Mar - Fri 13 Mar
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PALOMA FAITH speaks about her BRIT win and relationship. She also speaks about wanting to sing the Bond theme song and admits she isn’t very cool.
DAMIAN LEWIS speaks about his Homeland success and what he tells his kids about his work
BRYAN FERRY speaks openly about his son Merlin’s car accident saying he is on the way to recovery. He also talks about being in the limelight and performs.
JOSH WIDDICOMBE speaks about auditioning for The Hobbit and says being on The Jonathan Ross Show is a dream come true for him
For this week’s The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan was joined by Homeland star, Damian Lewis; BRIT Award winner, Paloma Faith; comedian, Josh Widdicombe and musician, Bryan Ferry.
Speaking to Jonathan, London born singer, Paloma Faith, spoke about her BRIT Award win, her love life and her imaginative upbringing.
On winning the award for Best British Female at last month’s BRITs, Paloma said that she didn’t prepare a speech: “I didn’t have a speech ready that night… Basically I was at the table and as my category was getting closer people’s body language was shifting around me and my manager just sort of grabbed my hand - who incidentally I forgot to thank, [he] was the one person I was supposed to thank but I was in such a frenzy of weirdness that I [forgot] - and he sort of just grabbed my hand reassuringly and went ‘take your time’. And then I started frantically writing names on a piece of paper that I should probably [thank[. I think he knew by that point but I didn’t know.” 
She continued: “You get really kind of overwhelmed and it becomes a bit of a blur because I think quite a lot of the time I go to those things and… the people who win them tend to sort of know they’re going to win them but maybe they’re not told. I just had no idea and also I’m a person who just never expects to win anything because I’ve actually never won anything ever, including a raffle or a £10 lottery ticket. I think I won one egg painting competition at Easter [when I was a child.]”
On trying to thank her manager by mentioning his name in her performance later, Paloma added: “I did sort of tag his name onto the end of my performance because I felt so bad… My whole chest went bright red because I felt so guilty.”
On attending the BRIT after parties following her memorable performance, Paloma said: “It took me a lot of time to get ready because I don’t know if anyone saw but I was drenched… I was for the last 45 seconds of the performance [in the water], I was getting wet as well so it took me a while to get [ready.] By the time I got to the party, I think everyone had left… I got more tipsy than normal because usually I’m quite controlled but that’s because I’m a massive lightweight!”
In her BRIT acceptance speech, Paloma mentioned being arrested when she was starting out because she was putting posters for her gigs around London: “My mum loves to bring me down a peg so she took great pride in reminding me after that [speech] ‘You were not arrested, you were cautioned!’”
On speaking up for the ‘under dogs’ in her speech, Paloma said: “I wanted to say it definitely didn’t come easy... It really wasn’t and it still isn’t.”
“I think it was seven years booking my own nights and I’ve booked people for my club nights that ended up becoming massive in their own right. I used to run a club night and I had people like Noisettes and Adele and Kate Nash and all these people and they used to come and play and they were getting signed and I was never getting signed.”
On meeting Amy Winehouse - who asked Paloma to join her band - Paloma said: “[She did] once but it wasn’t like as a performer, it was just like ‘You look cool. What do you play? I want to put you in my band’ and I was like ‘I’m completely talented sorry’ and she was like ‘Oh no, [well] you look good.’”
Speaking fondly, Paloma shared some stories about her relationship with her mother: “My mum is very imaginative. She’s an optimist and she’s like really creative and I think the older I get, the more I’m turning into her.”
She continued, “I went on holiday with her the day after the BRITs… and she’s a little bit older now and she is more eccentric and... my mum is a proper people person, the whole ‘underdog’ thing, she loves that. She’s like socialist and everything, the most PC [politically correct] person ever and we walked into the hotel that I’d booked - which I have to say I consciously didn’t book anything too posh because I knew my mum would be upset - and we open the door and she goes ‘I’ve got to say it now, I’m uncomfortable with your lifestyle and I’m uncomfortable with how relaxed in it you are!’” Paloma giggled.
The singer also admitted her mum is desperate for Paloma to start a family. When Jonathan asked if she wants grandchildren, Paloma simply replied, “yes.”
She continued: “[Mum is] just like, ‘you’ve done it now, you can add that to your list’ and before this album came out… my mum was like ‘if it doesn’t go well you can rent your spare room’ out so that was my Plan B!” she joked.
Opening up about her relationship, Paloma said: “I’m really, really, really happy and I don’t have anything to moan about so I’m trying now to write, I’ve started my new album and I’m trying to write songs that aren’t about love or heartache which is really challenging. But I think there’s a lot of more important, not more but as important things going on in the world.”
Joking that songs about happiness aren’t as popular as songs about sadness, Paloma said: “I actually worked with Pharrell on this album and I spoke to him before Happy was really big and he was like ‘I’m just happy and I just want to sing about being happy’ and he did really well at it didn’t he? We all just loved it!”
On new material, she said: “I think I’m going to just sing about things that aren’t to do with romance so I think I might moan about something else.”
Paloma - who famously tweeted that she wanted to be considered to sing the next Bond theme tune - said that she wasn’t embarrassed about asking so publicly: “I’ve taken so much inspiration from those singers… It’s really weird in our celeb culture that it’s like everyone’s got to pretend that everything’s ‘so cool’... People are shocked at my [BRITs] speech that I was actually pleased because everyone’s sort of got to pretend that it’s like ‘Oh great thanks.’ No, I’ve worked for ages to get that thank you!”
“It’s all this sort of pretending to be cool. I want everyone to know I’m not cool and I’m happy not to be cool and I’m happy not to pretend to be cool.”
On singing for the next Bond movie, Paloma said: “I also know that I’m not going to sing the Bond [theme song] because I’ve found out that I’m not going to be singing it… I think now because of the whole cool factor thing I’m never going to get it and if you ask for something in this business you don’t get it.”
Speaking about another talked-about moment from The BRIT Awards, Paloma responded to Madonna falling on stage during her performance: “I was getting dry at the time but I did watch it afterwards because I was hearing all the rumours. I thought she dealt with it so well… She’s like so professional isn’t she, she’s like ‘I’ve fallen before and I’ll fall again’ that’ll probably be the title of her new album.”
Paloma - who says she always performs live because she can’t lip sync - had a go at lip syncing to one of her songs, unsuccessfully whilst fellow guest, Damian Lewis, performed Foreigner’s track, I Want to Know What Love Is to much applause from the audience. [Pictures available from Rex]
Also on the sofa, Damian Lewis spoke about ‘making it’, cult US series Homeland and his family.
Joking that he had ‘made it’, Damian said that his Homeland character, Brody, being mentioned in a Jay Z song is a significant moment: “He referenced Brody in one of his songs which was, I don’t know, if you want to arrive anywhere, that’s where you want to arrive isn’t it? In a Jay Z song.”
When asked if he had spoken with ‘Mr Z’ about the track, Damian joked, “It’s ‘Jay’ now between us two but no, no I haven’t.”
Speaking about meeting A-list Homeland fan, Jennifer Lawrence, Damian said: “We found ourselves next to each other on the red carpet in LA recently… We were being interviewed independently and she just suddenly went ‘Oh My God... I love your show, it’s Brody, oh wow!’”
And on the interviewer revealing a spoiler connected with Damian’s Homeland character, Damian said of Jennifer’s shock: “She went ‘What?!’ and the woman just crumpled, she knew immediately [that she’d spoilt it.]’” 
Speaking about his family, Damian explained what he and actor wife, Helen McCrory, tell their young children about their jobs: “It’s not age appropriate a lot of the work that I do, unfortunately… They don’t know what acting means, you tell a seven year old or a five year old that you’re actors and they’re as likely to say, ‘aren’t we all?!’… So we still tell them that we’re storytellers and we get paid to tell stories for people and they seem to understand that.”
He continued: “Going on the school run actually during the height of Homeland, there was this one wall, one billboard which was an enormous poster of Homeland with me on it and every time we’d get stuck in traffic right by this poster and I didn’t want it to be too overwhelming for the children. I thought it’d be confusing for them, they were only five and six at the time and I always pointing at things out the other window.”
One of the biggest music stars of recent times, Bryan Ferry, also joined the show for a chat and performance.
Speaking to Bryan about the car accident his son Merlin (24) was recently involved in, Bryan said of receiving the call, “It’s pretty bad. It’s the worst thing a parent could imagine really.”
Bryan - who found out about the crash by Merlin’s brother, Otis - added: “[Merlin] was in this head on collision and thanks first to the firemen in Shropshire and the Queen Elizabeth hospital doctors and nurses he’s making an amazing recovery, thanks to the NHS basically.”
When Jonathan asked if he was in the ‘danger zone’ for a while, Bryan said: “Very much so, now he’s actually out of hospital for a bit, he has to go back for more operations he’s with a crutch and he’s being very game about it.”
On the crash - which happened a few days before Christmas last year - Bryan said: “It was that time of year when you want to celebrate and so it was a pretty dark time for us.”
The flamboyant frontman admitted he is shy in an interview setting. Joking, he said “It’s not my metier is it?”
He added: “For the first two years we wore some crazy kind of outfits and stuff… It was kind of a bit futuristic and a bit retro at the same time. It was interesting playing around with looks, you sort of hid behind those costumes a little bit… Writing the songs and making the records was the important bit for me.”
On his band being a rival with David Bowie’s, Bryan said the pair once performed on the same bill: “There was lots of competition around, lots of good people around and he was one of them. We actually played in the same bill, David had been around for quite a bit longer before us and we supported him… That was a great night. It was a great double bill!”
Comedian, Josh Widdicombe, joined the sofa and said he was “very excited” to be a guest.
Speaking to Jonathan, Josh said, “This has been a dream Jonathan… I went to Madame Tussauds six years ago... and my most exciting moment was I had my photo taken as if I was on The Jonathan Ross Show.”
The funny man also spoke about auditioning for The Hobbit film, despite having no acting experience or ambitions to act: “I went full in… but I thought I looked like one and I went for the main role… I thought I’d probably get six months of extras work walking around New Zealand with hairy feet.” Josh also joked that he isn’t a massive fan of fantasy films: “It’s absurd, I live in the real world why would I want to do that?!” And on his audition, he said, “I was terrible.”
Damian, Paloma and Josh all then performed an extract from The Hobbit script with Paloma giving an impressive performance.