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Harbour Lives

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    7 of 8

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    Fri 26 Jul 2013
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 30 2013 : Sat 20 Jul - Fri 26 Jul
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Ben Fogle spent much of his childhood in and around Dorset and has blissfully happy memories of his time there. Now, Ben catches up with the places and people he holds dear to his heart.
Poole harbour is home to sandy beaches, diverse wildlife, hard working fishermen, glittering yachts, and in this episode, 230 oiled up swimmers.
In episode seven, the programme meets civil and structural engineer Graham Knot who’s preparing for the swim of a lifetime, and Ben cruises in style on a luxury super yacht. 
Poole’s Brown Sea Island is home to an annual four and a half mile swim where more than 200 people battle the waves for charity. We follow one of the swimmers, Graham, as he prepares himself for the challenge. Graham is a man on a mission, with a dream of some day swimming the English Channel.
There is heart-warming motivation behind Graham’s charity swim; three-year-old Anna who suffers from a rare neurological disorder - Moebius Syndrome. Graham hopes to raise over a thousand pounds for the Moebius Research Trust to help sufferers like Anna. 
Boats are big business in Poole. With the harbour in the shadow of the millionaire’s playground of Sandbanks, it’s unsurprising that there’s a strong demand for the ultimate in seafaring luxury. This is the home to some of the most expensive boats in the world. 
Ben meets Jim Lambert, who manages one of production lines for the world’s largest privately owned builder of motor yachts. Jim gives Ben the opportunity to see pure luxury in the making and takes him on a quick jaunt around the harbour in one of the newest boats in the company’s range. 
After months of training, the big day arrives for our charity swimmers. The reality of the challenge hits home as the swimmers make their final preparations on the morning of the swim. Despite six months of training, Graham has never before completed the full distance of the swim. Will he make it to the finish line and raise the much-needed funds for Moebius research?