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    Sat 14 Oct 2017
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    Week 42 2017 : Sat 14 Oct - Fri 20 Oct
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    Fri 13 Oct 2017
STORMZY on his life and career, thoughts on politics and involvement in this year’s series of The X Factor
BRADLEY WALSH sings to Stormzy in a bid to collaborate with him and hosts a very special version of The Chase
VINCE VAUGHN on going bald for his new role and his height hindering his career
JAMIE BELL speaks about working with Julie Walters again, wanting to dance in future films and his wife, Kate Mara
ANNETTE BENNING speaks about her thoughts on Trump and says she is considering returning to the stage
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show - which airs on Saturday night on ITV - Jonathan is joined by multi-award winning UK grime star, Stormzy; Actor, comedian and TV star, Bradley Walsh; American actor and star of Wedding Crashers and Swingers, Vince Vaughn; BAFTA award winner, Jamie Bell and Hollywood star, Annette Benning. Plus Jamie Lawson performs.
One of the biggest stars of the UK grime scene, Stormzy, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about where it all started, working with his mum and why he still feels he has to prove himself, despite already being a major player in the music industry.
Stormzy revealed he is working on his second album and despite being at the top of his game, the award winning star said he still feels he has more to prove: “I’m back in the studio. Every time I work on my art, I always try and push the boundaries and be genre defining but every time I go back into the studio that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. As much as I have excelled in my field, I feel like I still have a lot of artistry to prove and the music is the most important thing.”
On what he was like at school, Stormzy said: “I was a bit of a little sh*t. I played the fine line between being excelling academically and getting all my grades… but then I also played the class clown, trouble maker, annoying little…”
He even said he got sacked from his first job: “I worked at Screwfix, got sacked, I can’t even remember [why]. I was there for the bants really.”
He also spoke about his mum being a part of his music videos for song, ‘Know Me From’. On mixing work and family life, he said: “I forced her. And it’s so funny because, [what you see] is the only take that she did right. We did it about 30 times. And it was so hard being a lovely son but also a music professional who needs to get a video right. It was like, ‘Mum, can you get it right please? It’s the thirtieth take. Please get it right. Mum, you’ve literally got one job.’ It took some time. Sometimes she’d come in late, sometimes she’d go off in different directions.”
On whether “Mama Stormz” might make an appearance in any future music videos, he said: “I think now she’ll be ready. Now, she loves it.”
On speaking out about depression, Stormzy said although he doesn’t want it to define him, he thinks it is an incredibly important topic: “I didn’t set out to be a campaigner in that field but I felt like at the time it was very important. Especially the way I was feeling at the time. It was something that I always felt, I felt a bit embarrassed for feeling like that…”
He explained that he knew young people would be looking up to him as a role model and wanted to make sure he was being responsible: “I know it sounds so cliched but genuinely, I thought there will be young kids who look at me and probably have that same thing that I think about so many other people, ‘I bet you they never felt like this.’ It’s easy for me to look at, I don’t know, Jay Z or Kanye West and think, ‘I bet they don’t go through it.’ So I thought if that helps [to speak out] in any way, shape or form, hopefully it does.”
Jonathan said: “So to show, someone successful, here you are, top of your game, top of the field and you’re saying ‘I have problems as well, I struggle with stuff as well.’”
Stormzy agreed: “I feel like it’s very important and it needs to be spoken about… I felt like I gave my piece on it, and I spoke about it and I let it be known. I don’t want it to look like I’m milking… I said my piece and I moved on.”
When asked if he was in a better place now, Stormzy admitted: “I feel like that’s something I still, you deal with it as life goes on. It’s still something you need to face head on. The way that the world is, everyone has got behind mental health and speaking out about these things, that’s incredible.”
Stormzy also shared his political views and said he supported Jeremy Corbyn: “I like Corbyn, he’s cool. My boy! Corbyn is cool, man. J Corb.”
He has spoken out against Theresa May in the past, calling her “a paigon.” Stormzy explained what he meant by that - “[A paigon] is a snake, a foul person.”
He continued: “You see all this politics stuff… I think a lot of them are pagans in that sense. Let me put it like this, I remember when I was in primary school and for whatever reason at the time, I could have sworn Tony Blair was this great guy...” Suggesting that perhaps he had got it wrong, he went on, “So since then I’ve just had trust issues with them.”
He looked down the camera and pointed a warning to Jeremy Corbyn: “Don’t mess it up. Don’t mess it up, J!”
Stormzy also spoke about joining Nicole Scherzinger at her Judges’ House for this series of The X Factor, admitting “I love The X Factor!”
He explained that he got involved with the show after fans bought his attention to Honey G last year and he tweeted the official X Factor Twitter page suggesting that he should be a mentor on the show.
On sitting alongside Nicole Scherzinger at her Judges’ House, Stormzy admitted he wouldn’t necessarily be looking for a grime artist: “Not on The X Factor no, I’m looking for vocalists. It was sick. For me, I’m not going to lie, stuff like The X Factor and The Jonathan Ross Show, this is like prime time! It’s crazy. Even just the ambition of it, why can’t I be on Jonathan Ross and The X Factor,” he said, clearly chuffed to be appearing on these shows.
Jonathan said: “We are thrilled to have you! We’re lucky to have you here because you’re a major talent and it’s genuine, it’s a thrill to have you on.”
Stormzy also said he would love kids with girlfriend, Maya Jama, one day but it’ll be in the future as they are both concentrating on their careers: “I’ve been with my missus for about three years. One day I would love to have kids but my missus is a working woman.” 
“She is focussing on her career right now?” Jonathan said of Maya, who presents ITV’s Cannonball.
“Yes, that’s the one,” Stormzy explained.
Early on in the show, the 24 year old joked with Jonathan about being a fan of the Teletubbies in a discussion about them reforming: “Yeah when I was like, five,” he said, “I didn’t watch Pingu, just Teletubbies.”
Jonathan joked, “That is an exclusive for you right there, ‘King of Grime in Teletubbies shock admission!’”
TV and music star, Bradley Walsh, also joined the show. After having the UK’s best selling debut album last year, Jonathan introduced Bradley to one of his music rivals, Stormzy.
Jokingly, Bradley suggested a collaboration between the two could be on the cards: “I think we’ve got half a chance. I don’t care what Stormzy says, we’ve got seriously more than half a chance. He is going to rap on my new album and I’ll unwrap his. And we call ourselves Stormzy and Clumzy. With a Z.”
Bradley continued: “I want Stormzy to do something for me next, do something on my album. Because I actually love his stuff. I really do. When we met at The Brits, I was thrilled… I could shoe horn one of his tracks in quite easy,” he told Jonathan.
Later, Bradley pleaded, “Will you come and work on my album?”
“Ain’t it finished?” Stormzy laughed, “My people can talk to your people.”
Proving himself to the grime star, Bradley sang part of Stormzy’s song, ‘Blinded By Your Grace’, to him. [Pictures available from Rex]
Impressed, Stormzy said, “You’re clued up Brad!”
It wasn’t a one-way bromance though, Stormzy admitted he was equally a huge fan of The Chase which Bradley hosts on ITV.
“I love The Chase. Genuinely, the other day we were all at my house drinking, the mandem, I was with the mandem [watching The Chase]. Me and my missus had a big argument because I was adamant that I would merk The Chase, I would destroy it… Every time I watch it I usually win.” Stormzy said.
Anne Hegarty - who is ‘The Governess’ chaser on The Chase - joined the programme to play against superfan Stormzy while Bradley presented the segment. [Pictures available from Rex]
US movie star, Vince Vaughn, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about his height being a hindrance to his career, the jobs he had before acting and going bald for his new role in Brawl in Cell Block 99.
The statuesque star - who stands in at six foot five - admitted that his height has been a hindrance to his acting career in the past. He said: “Definitely when you’re younger and you’re going out for parts and they’re trying to make an ensemble it’s challenging but like anything in life, you learn to try to find a way to make it work for you, you can’t change it.”
And on losing acting parts because of his height, he said: “Yes sure, when I was younger there were times when they’d say ‘Yeah you’re funny but you’re too tall.’ Maybe they were just saying it was my height and just didn’t like what I was doing. One will never know.”
For his new movie, Vince had to go bald to play the part of Bradley Thomas. On shaving his head, he joked, “I’m just glad it grew back, at my age!” 
“It was a surprise to my kids when it first happened,” he admitted, “They were quite surprised… But I think people are nervous, they’re like ‘Are you going through some kind of a treatment?’ So you can see that they want to make a joke but they’re not sure whether they should or not.”
On jobs he had before acting, Vince said: “I always enjoyed acting, I don’t know if I really thought it to be a profession until I got older but I just enjoyed it… I did telemarketing which is a terrible job. You call people and try to convince them to buy things. When I was 16, I had this job and I would go to a nondescript building and we were selling tickets to the ‘Lake County Sheriff’s Police Rodeo’ but looking back, I don’t know if there was a Rodeo. I guess by saying it was the ‘Sheriff’s Police Rodeo’ we’d sound pretty convincing.”
He explained that he would try to sell package tickets for families of four and if the customer didn’t want to buy the package ticket, he would offer that they could buy a ticket for an orphan instead: “And then it started to hit me, I thought, ‘How many orphans are there?’ There’s a lot of people going to this Rodeo. I was one of the leaders of the orphan tickets. I didn’t realise until afterwards that maybe there are not that many orphans and maybe this guy who has soup in the back with the girl who is a lot younger than him, maybe he’s up to no good.”
Hollywood great, Annette Benning, and multi award winning acting star, Jamie Bell, joined the sofa.
Jamie - who is well known for his lead role as Billy Elliot - spoke about working with Julie Walters (who played his teacher in that film) again in new film, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.
“It was the first time I’ve seen her for a long time,” he said, “and thankfully, I’m a bit taller than her now. [This time she is] my mother, not teacher. No dancing with her.”
Jamie - who has a dance scene in this new film - admitted he isn’t in the same shape as he was for Billy Elliot, and suffered injuries this time around: “I pulled the groin on that one. The knee was bruised. I don’t have it in me anymore! It’s gone, it’s over,” he laughed.
He didn’t rule out dancing in a movie again in the future, though: “There’s not a lot of roles for dancing. I would definitely do another film with dancing in it. I love Fred Astaire, I’d love to do a Fred Astaire movie, that’d be great. It’s just that the right thing hasn’t come along.”
On the future of her career, Annette admitted she may consider theatre now that her family have grown up: “I do do a bunch of theatre and I’m thinking about coming over and doing something now that my youngest is about to leave High school, next year maybe I would.”
Annette - who is married to actor and filmmaker, Warren Beatty - spoke about their views on politics in the US: “We are all obsessed with politics. Yes it is a particularly strange time [to be living in America.] A lot of us don’t feel that the President represents our point of view. You don’t make peace with it, we try to keep as educated as we can and we’ll see, everything has happened so quickly but we’ll have to see how things play out.”
Jamie - who is newly married to actress Kate Mara - spoke about how the pair met: “I met her on a screen test for a film 12 years ago and neither of us got the part, but she did have to kiss a lot of other guys on that screen test… And there were a lot of other people there, pop stars, legitimate movie stars... And apparently she went home and her mum said, ‘How was your day?’ and she was like, ‘I kissed a lot of guys today but Jamie Bell was a good kisser.’ And then 12 years later, we got married.”
Joking that perhaps he may have put a bit of extra effort into that kiss to make her like him, Jamie professed: “I was very professional! It all worked out in the end, I’m very happy about it!”