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Doc Martin

  • Episode: 

    7 of 8

  • Title: 

    Blade on the Feather
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    Wed 01 Nov 2017
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 44 2017 : Sat 28 Oct - Fri 03 Nov
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Episode 7 - Blade on the Feather 
Martin wakes up to an empty bed. When he goes looking for Louisa he discovers she is trying to write her resignation letter.
It is the annual Portwenn versus Port Carran gig race and school gig festival. Penhale is the umpire, and Morwenna is the Portwenn team captain. Penhale notices that the Port Carran team captain, Alice (Pippa Nixon) has something wrong with her leg and sends her up to see Martin. Morwenna needs to find a replacement rower when Eric dislocates his finger. 
Since Bert has gout, Al tries to get out of the race as he’ll need to look after the pub. But Bert lands him in it, as the pub will be closed during the race, and Bert has plans of his own.
Martin diagnoses Alice with a Baker’s Cyst; he needs to drain the fluid from the cyst in case it bursts. Alice has a fear of needles and passes out, knocking her head on the medical tray as she falls. Martin rushes to her assistance but passes out himself when he sees the amount of blood on her head.
Mel Hendy (Rosie Ede) goes to see Martin at the surgery about a rash that could be infectious, but she opens up about her concerns over her husband’s drinking. Martin encourages Mel to get Graham (Richard Lumsden) to come and see him. 
Louisa wants to buy a car from Mel’s husband Graham, the local garage owner. Graham promises to drive down to the school play later on. After Mel and Graham drop off the car at the school they watch the performance and the race. 
Graham seems to be very drunk, though he claims he hasn’t touched a drop. When an embarrassed Mel reprimands, him he decides to leave. Graham accidently reverses the car, and hits Bert’s trestle table. Despite Penhale’s positive breathalyser test on Graham, Martin thinks Graham is telling the truth and he could have ‘auto-brewery syndrome’.
Before Penhale can make any arrests they hear from the gig race that Alice has collapsed. Martin rushes down to help, but Alice makes it very clear she wants nothing more to do with him. As Martin and Louisa arrive back at the surgery, Chris Parsons is waiting for them: Alice has made a formal complaint about Martin’s blood phobia and his passing out during her
Series overview
Martin Clunes returns to play the nation’s favourite grumpy medic in a brand new series of Doc Martin for ITV.
He stars as Dr. Martin Ellingham, the GP with a brusque bedside manner and a phobia of blood, in eight new episodes of the hugely successful drama produced by Buffalo Pictures and set in the idyllic hamlet of Portwenn in Cornwall.
Picturesque Port Isaac provides the beautiful backdrop for the popular series, with all regular members of the cast reprising their roles alongside guest stars Art Malik, Caroline Quentin and Sigourney Weaver.
Caroline Catz plays Doc Martin’s wife and local school headmistress, Louisa Ellingham. Dame Eileen Atkins plays Doc Martin’s formidable Aunt Ruth, with Ian McNeice as Bert Large  and Joe Absolom as his son Al. John Marquez is back as Portwenn PC Joe Penhale, with Jessica Ransom as the Doc’s receptionist, Morwenna Newcross, and Selina Cadell as pharmacist Mrs Tishell.