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    Sat 29 Nov 2014
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    10.50pm - 11.55pm
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    Week 49 2014 : Sat 29 Nov - Fri 05 Dec
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    Fri 28 Nov 2014
- BARRY MANILOW opens up about his friend Whitney Houston, performing his last tour and responds to surgery speculation
- PHILLIP SCHOFIELD talks about his Text Santa challenge, his career over the years and why he hates getting older
- SARAH MILLICAN talks about home life with her husband and stage fright
- JAMES McAVOY talks about his acting career and love of motorbikes before taking to the stage with Barry Manilow, Jonathan and the other guests for a special rendition of Copacabana
On The Jonathan Ross Show - which will air on Saturday at 10.50pm on ITV - Jonathan Ross was joined by music legend, Barry Manilow, TV presenter, Phillip Schofield, comedian, Sarah Millican and actor, James McAvoy. At the end of the show, the guests and Jonathan all joined Barry Manilow in a rousing rendition of Copacabana with James McAvoy taking the lead vocals - [Pictures available from Rex.]
Barry Manilow - who was interviewed by Jonathan and also performed - opened up about his last tour, his friend Whitney Houston and surgery speculation.
Sitting alongside Phillip Schofield, James McAvoy and Sarah Millican on the sofa, Barry revealed that his next tour will be his last: “I say that now,” he joked, “It’s just I’m done packing so I don’t know, I’m not saying how long this tour will go [on for] it could go on for years but as of now I said ‘please I’ve got to stop, I’ve got to have my life back after all these years so I’m calling it the ‘last tour’.”
Barry said it can get hectic on the road: “During the last tour, which lasted for a while… my goal was just to know when Judge Judy was on! I had lost my life on the road, I just wanted to get my life back, play with the dogs, know when the weather changes…”
His new album sees him duet with stars - some of whom have passed away - through the power of technology. Speaking about the duet with Whitney Houston which features on the album, Barry admitted he found it an emotional experience: “It was really emotional when I sang with Whitney. Whitney was in her perfect voice on this record and really I kept running for the kleenex because really [her death was] such a tragedy, so young… I did [know her well]. A good girl.” Admitting to Jonathan that he and friends had tried to help her before her untimely death, Barry spoke about how they tried to intervene: “Everybody did but you know when you get to that stage, I think logic doesn’t help anybody. When she was there… I know my friend Clive Davis did everything he could, wrote her letters, called her, [it] didn’t help.”
Barry revealed his music loves now which include pop stars, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga: “The one that I keep going back to is Bruno Mars… He’s the one and Lady Gaga I think I was her first fan. I love her interviews, I love what she believes in.” Despite being renowned for his dance moves in the past, Barry said he doesn’t dance anymore. When Jonathan jokingly suggests he may perform the robot or running man on occasion, Barry said: “I do not. No that would be a no. My hips are not what they used to be.”
Barry - who is in his 70s - responded to Jonathan’s question about speculation in the newspapers that Barry had had surgery: “Jonathan look at me, don’t I look like my age?… That’s the way I’m ageing…” Jonathan joked, “the only person who is ageing as well as you is old Schofield down there!” with Barry continuing, “Really this is what I look like, I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.” Jonathan asked if Barry found it tiresome reading speculation about plastic surgery to which Barry replied: “It does [get tiresome], it’s infuriating, this is me at 70. It is. I swear.”