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    Sat 28 Nov 2015
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    Week 49 2015 : Sat 28 Nov - Fri 04 Dec
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    Fri 27 Nov 2015
IDRIS ELBA speaks about his family life, his award winning films and DJing for Madonna
SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH speaks about meeting the young royals and reveals he won’t be venturing into Space any time soon
LIV TYLER opens up about her family life and father, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler
KEITH LEMON flirts with Liv Tyler and asks for her digits!
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by hailed actor and DJ, Idris Elba; national treasure, Sir David Attenborough; American model and actress, Liv Tyler and TV funny man, Keith Lemon.
Award winning actor, Idris Elba, who won a Golden Globe for his lead role in the popular drama, Luther, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about his family, films and DJing talents.
Speaking to Jonathan about becoming a father for the second time to 19 month old son, Winston, Idris said: “He’s a good boy with me, really bad boy with his mum because she spoils him, I don’t. I am the tough guy… I am actually a doting father, I like pick him up a bit but for some reason he just takes the [micky] with his mum. That was the same relationship with my dad and my mum actually.”
Speaking about balancing family life with filming all around the world, Idris said: “It is tough, most times if I can I’ll bring my family with and we'll just sort of live but that’s really tough because I do long hours and I never see them and I’m always grumpy so there’s no point. It is tough you’ve just got to spread it out a bit.”
Idris is well known internationally for his roles in The Wire and for his performance as Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor.
Idris spoke about his film, Beasts of No Nation, as being a particularly difficult one to make: “I can’t stand seeing children suffer,” he said of the emotive movie before adding, “I watch Toy Story and I start crying so let alone Beasts of No Nation!” Tough guy Idris agreed he had “definitely” become more emotional since becoming a father.
Idris shared some tales of his youth, including jokes about driving at the age of 13 as well as having an older girlfriend: “I had a girlfriend who was 19. She was the love of my life and it was really funny because I used to go to school in the morning when I stayed at her house… I used to pretend I was going to work. I had a job as a tyre fitter that was only a Saturday job so I used to get up in the morning and put the overalls on and ‘go to work’ when I stayed at her house. Then I’d drive to school, take the overalls off, put my uniform on then go in... Then I’d have to go to my mum’s house, she’d have to give me a beating because I slept out the night before… Every now and again I’d bring the homework to [my girlfriend’s] house by mistake and I used to say it was my boss’ son’s homework!”
Speaking about filming Beasts of No Nation in Ghana, Idris admitted he nearly had a fatal accident: “I nearly died. I was doing this scene, we decided to do this waterfall scene where all these child soldiers were walking behind this massive waterfall. In Hollywood you would have just filmed a bit of water coming down and just shot people’s closeups but Cary Fukunaga, the director, decided to shoot it for real. We went to this waterfall and in this scene my character is standing there watching all the child soldiers go past. Now in the setup of that, the stunt co-ordinator says ‘listen everyone this is a waterfall, that’s a 90, 100 foot drop down there and the ground is very slippery, just be careful!’”
“I put my foot on this rock just to hang out and chill out while they were setting up and as I’m doing that it’s slippery, obviously. I slip [and think] I’ll be alright, I put my hand on this tree, it’s not a tree it’s a branch, it snaps and I go literally about six feet before I go bang over and I got caught by the security guy!”
Jonathan asked, “You would have gone down to probably your death?”
“Yes,” Idris admitted, “Today’s news, Idris Elba dies by a waterfall!”
“It was a great experience though, that was my most harrowing [film to shoot]. The director caught malaria and survived and it was great and he kept working so it was that type of shoot.”
Idris is also well known for being a DJ. Speaking to Jonathan about DJing for Madonna, Idris said: “Here’s the story, I was sitting in my house on a Sunday in my slippers, the phone goes and her manager calls me and says ‘Listen, Madonna would love you to DJ on Tuesday in Berlin.’ I was like ‘what?’ [he pretends to hang up a phone]. He calls me back, I go ‘are you joking?’ he goes, ‘no, seriously do you fancy the job?’ and my mates were like you, ‘don’t say no to Madge, you’ve just got to do it, you’ve just got to do the job’ so I ended up going to Berlin and doing that!”
Speaking about why he loves DJing, Idris admits it brings him back down to Earth after the dizzying heights of acting. 
“The truth is it’s my reset button. I go off and be an actor and then you come back and you get a lot of love for it but as actors can tend to just float away on clouds… When you DJ for 17000 people, no one cares that you were in Absolutely Fabulous, no one cares you’re just an actor, play your music and be good and that’s what grounds me, it sort of resets me.”
Idris revealed playing DCI John Luther in the popular drama, Luther, is his favourite character to play: “Luther is the only character that actually I don’t have to change too much mentally because I work in my own natural accent, I shoot it in Hackney most of the time so this idea of stepping into Luther’s shoes is a little less daunting than going off and doing Star Trek and doing a crazy character on that so I really love playing John. I call him John because we’re like that me and him, I really like playing him because it’s always cathartic to play him because he goes through so much, it’s such a deep character, [he has] a lot of stuff on his shoulders… he’s a murder detective and he sees a lot of dark stuff all day and I come home from work and all I want to do is drink!” he laughs. “The truth is though, it is one of those characters that does wear on you a little bit as a character.”
Outside of acting and music, Idris joked that he first of all wants to catch up on some sleep but also said he had his sights set on being a chat show host: “I wouldn’t mind getting some rest, that’s for sure just getting some sleep…” he said of his ambitions for the future, before adding, “I was talking to my agent the other day, I wouldn’t mind a spot of late night presenting, you know when you wear a suit…” the audience laughed as Idris looked at chat show host Jonathan… “but my agent said I’d be terrible!”
“That’s better!” Jonathan laughed.
Sir David Attenborough joined the sofa and spoke about his latest programme which saw him investigate the Great Barrier Reef. On venturing deep into in the ocean in a submersible, Sir David said: “That was 1000 feet down, nobody has ever dived in a submersible as deep as that on the Barrier Reef until we did.”
“We were in a submersible, a big plastic bubble and you sit there and there’s a pilot and a cameraman, three of us and you go down…”
Unfazed by the scale of what he had achieved at the age of 89, Sir David said to Jonathan: “Wouldn’t you do that? I’ve had a great time, I’ve had a marvellous time, a fantastically privileged time, picking the right job. I make films about animals in interesting places and then you go ‘where would you like to go next?’ and you think, ‘well Borneo, why don’t we go to Borneo?’”
When Jonathan asked the world explorer if he would ever travel into Space, Sir David said: “No that’s boring, I mean [there’s no] sea, there’s no animals, there’s no flowers… The people who go to space are heroes, think of it, they’ve got nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to see. Just lying around weightless for day after day after week after month after year.”
“That sounds like me when I’ve got a new box set!” joked Jonathan.
When Jonathan showed the audience a photograph of Sir David on Blue Peter in 1958, he explained: “That’s the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne and there’s me pretending that I’m not worried that my cockatoo that I brought back from New Guinea wasn’t going to remove Princess Anne’s little finger!”
Actress and model, Liv Tyler, joined the sofa and spoke about her baby son and her father, Steven Tyler.
Speaking about her 9 month old son, Sailor Gene, Liv said: “I’m working and I have the baby, I was filming The Leftovers which is the show that I’ve been working on and about three months after I had him, I had to go right back to work and we originally last season shot in New York which was very convenient for me to be a good mother and be an actress and they relocated us to Austin, Texas so he came with me.”
She continued: “The first scene I actually had to do after I had him was a crazy sex scene where I rape somebody in the back of a van… The script was crazy, [the man] was chained up in a van and I go in, there was no talking at all… I couldn’t believe that’s what I had to do right after [giving birth!]”
Liv opened up about her interesting family life and upbringing. Speaking about finding out her biological father was Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, at the age of eight, Liv said: “It’s quite an emotional story, honestly the whole thing. My mother was very young when she had me and there was a little bit of confusion about where I came from but I was very loved and very well taken care of by all my family which was wonderful but yes, I did find out that he as my dad but I kind of figured it out because he looked exactly like me and I have a sister named Mia who is a year younger than me and I saw her standing at the side of the stage at a concert and I was literally like looking at my twin. She looked exactly like me and I looked at my mum and she had tears in her eyes and I kind of put it all together but Todd [Rundgren who brought Liv up when she was young] was such an amazing [man], it’s funny because people only ever talk about Steven and they always tell all these stories but [Todd has] been such a beautiful, wonderful influence in my life and I still consider him my father.”
Speaking about Steven Tyler as a grandparent, Liv said: “We are very close with all of them - he’s very sweet, it’s just so fun for him, for all the grandparents to get to play. He’s amazing at making weird noises with his mouth, animal noises, a lot of animal noises! He’s very playful and funny and lovely, he’s kind of like a magical wizard he has things in his hair and all sorts of jewellry and he’s just very fun, not your typical grandfather.”
On her son Sailor’s godfather, David Beckham, Liv said: “He is very sweet, he gives very good presents. And very he’s a real gentleman, he’s a very elegant person so very sweet… He loves being a father.” 
Funny man, Keith Lemon joined the sofa and tried to lure Liv to go onto one of his ITV shows. The group agreed that Liv Tyler would be great on his panel show, Celebrity Juice, and Keith said to Liv - who had never seen the show before - “I’ll send you a DVD, we’ll exchange digits afterwards.”
“I thought you were taking me out?” Liv smiled, “You said you were taking me out tonight?” and a coy Keith said, “For real? Is your husband here?”
The beautiful Liv joked with Keith: “Yes he’s coming, he’s not my husband he’s my fiance. I call him my husband…” and Keith smiled, “Cool I’m in!”
Jonathan, Keith, Liv and Idris played a game where they had to perform animal noises to Sir David who had to identify which animal they were interpreting. Sir David had a strong success rate whilst Idris’ impersonation skills weren’t quite on point!