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Dancing on Ice

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    7 of 10

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    Sun 16 Feb 2014
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    6.15pm - 7.45pm
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    Week 08 2014 : Sat 15 Feb - Fri 21 Feb
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    Sun 16 Feb 2014
Torvill and Dean will be performing a magical routine of their own, in collaboration with Rebecca Ferguson, who will be singing the classic song ‘In My Life’. 
The final series of Dancing on Ice in 2014 features an all star mix of finalists and show favourites from its entire series run.
Bonnie Langford (third in series 1)
Suzanne Shaw (winner in series 3)
Zaraah Abrahams (third in series 3)
Hayley Tamaddon (winner in series 5)
Jorgie Porter (second in series 7)
Beth Tweddle (winner in series 8)
David Seaman (fourth in series 1)
Kyran Bracken (winner in series 2)
Gareth Gates (fourth in series 3)
Ray Quinn (winner in series 4)
Todd Carty (ninth in series 4)
Gary Lucy (second in series 5)
Sam Attwater (winner in series 6)
Joe Pasquale (sixth in series 8)
Previous show winners will want to retain their title, runners up will have old scores to settle and show favourites will want to wow viewers with their very best on the ice ensuring the final series goes out with bang.
Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley will be rink-side to preside over all the action and the Judges will be on hand to deliver their verdicts.
Phillip Schofield said "Viewers are in for an absolute treat this year.  I'm over the moon we'll be welcoming back to the ice some of our very best skaters and characters from over the years."
Olympic skating superstars Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean will return one final time to help train our celebrities.  This year the legendary sporting duo will also be celebrating the 30th anniversary of their Olympic Bolero win during the show’s run.
With mind-blowing performances and awe-inspiring tricks from our skating professionals and celebrities, the final series will be the most spectacular yet as our stars spin, jump and headbang their way to the ultimate accolade – Dancing on Ice Champion.
The results show follows later at 8.30-9pm.
Vote off:
Show 1: Sunday 5 January: Jorgie Porter and Joe Pasquale
Show 2: Sunday 12 January: David Seaman and Gary Lucy
Show 3: Sunday 19 January: Todd Carty
Show 4: Sunday 26 January: Zaraah Abrahams
Show 5: Sunday 2 February: Bonnie Langford
Show 6: Sunday 9 February: Gareth Gates
Show 7: Sunday 16 February: Suzanne Shaw
Fitness quotes:
For many of the Dancing On Ice contestants, taking part in the competition is a great way to tone up. Some of the celebrities have even admitted this year they can’t wait to get into the best shape ever thanks to the skating, whilst others have embarked on a strict diet beforehand to look good in lycra…
Suzanne Shaw – wants to look the best ever
Suzanne Shaw, “What I am really excited about doing this competition is getting into shape. I am in my 30s now and I want to get the best figure I possibly can whilst doing Dancing On Ice. My job tends to keep me fit because I dance a lot and I do eat healthily generally unless it is pizza night with my son! But now I am doing this, I can really be toned! I did lose weight last time I competed on the show. I can’t remember how much weight I lost but I went down a couple of dress sizes.”
Hayley Tamaddon – she has put on a stone in weight since the last series.
Hayley Tamaddon, “I am really dreading the lifts and being picked up. I was a stone lighter than I am now and I am a bit nervous about being flung around. I am what I am with my weight. I am very happy with the way I look. But when you are wearing a tiny costume and you are being scrutinised, it is a different thing. I lost weight before I started last time I competed in Dancing On Ice. I started as a size 12 and I dropped to a size six. I felt fantastic. Now I am a size eight. I am small but every time I put on an inch, it looks like I have put ten inches on! I do feel curvier now.”
Jorgie Porter – toned up so much during the last series that her boyfriend took pictures of her!
Jorgie Porter, “Doing Dancing On Ice will be an absolute workout. I drip with sweat. I do go to the gym but I hate it. I don’t like working out on a treadmill. But now I have Dancing On Ice, I am like ‘wow what is this’. I did lose weight last time and I really toned up. My bum was rock solid and my boyfriend kept taking pictures of me naked as I was so ripped!”
Sam Attwater – wants to lose a stone before Dancing On Ice starts
Sam Attwater, “My schedule is pretty hectic. My body is already saying I have to keep on top of things. I don’t go to the gym a lot but I am trying to get there. I have only got a few weeks to try and lose a stone. It’s going to be hard but skating should make the weight drop off. I am eating healthily too. I did tone up last time. I didn’t have to worry about anything. It was great! I ate and drank what I wanted! This time, I will be very on it and hopefully the results will work.”
Ray Quinn – on a strict regime to tone up to look good in Lycra
Ray Quinn, “Skating is fantastic for your figure. Everyone is in shape and they look tiny. They work every muscle. Over the last few weeks, I have had a bit of a regime kicking off. I am going to the gym five days a week. I have been going now for a number of weeks and it has made a difference. I am following a nutritional diet. I still have a way to go but it is important. You need to keep healthy and fit. I don’t want to turn up on the first show all bunged up! I can remember last time I was toned within weeks. It was fantastic. I was a lot hungrier but you can eat anything as you burn it off. You don’t realise until you start skating and then you notice the difference. You definitely feel it.”
Joe Pasquale – now a stone lighter since he last performed on the show
Joe Pasquale, “I definitely don’t want to look overweight in Lycra! My ego won’t let me. I have lost a stone. I am now a stone lighter than before. I do feel better for it. I lost about half a stone doing the show and then it has been a gradual process. I also did the marathon last year too and so I am quite fit. I normally go to the gym three to four times a week. I am a good, healthy eater and I don’t drink and smoke.”
Gary Lucy – he can’t wait to shed the pounds he puts on over Christmas!
Gary Lucy, “I am fitter than last time I did the show. I do go to the gym. Doing Dancing On Ice is a full on cardio! You do get toned in different places and that has got to be a bonus. You can lose the weight you put on over Christmas!”
Kyran Bracken – worries he is not in good enough shape
Kyran Bracken, “I am not in a great shape compared to when I did rugby. Post-professional sport, you do get into bad habits. I am not as fit and strong as I used to be. Back when I did rugby, I could eat what I wanted and those habits are still there! I have got a sweet tooth and I like chocolate and crisps! I go to the gym twice a week. When I did the show, I grew muscles in my backside! Now I am back skating again, I would like to lose a bit of weight. I am post 40 and I will try.”
Bonnie Langford – worries she WILL lose weight during Dancing On Ice and doesn’t want to
Bonnie Langford, “I am fit. I do shows and I do yoga. I am the worst eater in the world though! I can just eat toast and marmite. I got too thin last time I did Dancing On Ice. I don’t know how much weight I lost but I thought I looked too scrawny. Mind you, my legs and bum were the tightest they had ever been…”
David Seamen – he is looking forward to toning up
David Seamen, “I love skating. It is something that keeps me in shape. I hate the gym and I am no way near as fit as I was as a footballer. I am probably 60 per cent of what I was. But on Dancing On Ice, you can eat what you want. You are doing exercise and yes there are a lot of bruises, but you do get bigger muscles.”
Beth Tweddle – knows she is very lucky because she is so toned
Beth Tweddle, “I retired from gymnastics in August but I do still keep in shape. I can’t sit around doing nothing, as it is not in me. I like staying in shape. I go to my gym hall and I do the old routine I used to do for conditioning to keep myself fit. For me, that is the easiest way. It is what I have known for seven years. However I have noticed my body is changing now. I am not in the gymnasium as much. It’s lovely but different.”
Todd Carty – wants to be careful he doesn’t put the weight back on after he tones up doing the show
Todd Carty, “I don’t go to the gym but I do walk the dogs every day. You have to see what life throws at you.  You do get more toned doing the programme. I lost a bit of weight last time. You have to find the right balance. When you finish skating, you put on weight if you carry on eating the same amount! Everyone goes up and down!”
Gareth Gates – he doesn’t want to lose weight on the show
Gareth Gates, “I already do go to the gym two to three times a week and I do eat healthily. I am quite fit. I tend to go to the gym to put weight on. I don’t want to lose weight on Dancing On Ice. I am already naturally quite lean.”
Zaraah Abrahams – Dancing On Ice is a great way to tone up
Zaraah Abrahams, “I don’t go to the gym a lot but I do walk a lot. I keep on top of what I eat and I am looking forward to toning up on the show. Toning up in normal life is such a task and you have to dedicate time to it. It’s nice to be doing something I enjoy like skating and being healthy as well.”