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ABBEY CLANCY sets the record straight on rumours in the press.  She also explains how Strictly has changed people’s perception of her, talks of her love for husband Peter Crouch and her dreams of having a huge family
JAMES CORDEN admits presenting The Brits terrifies him, he explains why this will be his final year presenting the awards and he talks about cutting Adele short at The Brits 2012
ANDREW MARR talks about life after his stroke, his views on the country’s need to be more proactive in helping people get back their strength after a stroke and he admits the film Kill Bill helped with his recuperation
UMA THURMAN is touched that her filmed helped Andrew Marr, she talks about the day her children watched Kill Bill and delights in the prospect of meeting the Queen 
Plus a music performance from John Newman
Abbey Clancy
Abbey Clancy is no stranger to the spotlight, but having won Strictly Come Dancing at the end of last year she’s been talked about more than ever.
On The Jonathan Ross Show, which will be screened on ITV tomorrow (Saturday) at 10.05pm, Abbey talked about the attention that came with the show and how it changed the perception of her.
Jonathan asked Abbey about speculation in the press about her and her Strictly dance partner Aljaž Skorjanec.  He said: “I guess you must know that’s going to come up before you go in, don’t you?”
Abbey said: “You do.  I think it was one of the reservations I had about it really.  I didn’t really want to bring any of that attention home.  On the launch show I was desperate to have Robin (Windsor) because we had two days rehearsal and we got to dance with all the pros.  I connected with Robin and then when I didn’t get him and he got Deborah, I was crying my eyes out and got paired with Aljaž.  But after a day of dancing you don’t even think about anything like that.  I know what went on and he knows what went on, so it’s not like that, you’re just learning to dance.”
Jonathan asked: “Did people change the way they are towards you after Strictly Come Dancing?”
Abbey said: “Yeah, they have.  People are like, ‘you’re actually alright,’ and I’m like, ‘I’m just always myself’.  A few of the cast were like, ‘Oh, I thought you’d be a bit of a knob in real life, but you’re not’.  People see my modelling and see me getting papped all the time and don’t really get to see me because I don’t do much TV or whatever.  I didn’t go on the show to prove myself.  I went on to learn how to dance and have fun, which I did, and on the way people made a different opinion of me.”
Jonathan asked Abbey to confirm or deny some other rumours that have appeared in the press.
He asked: “You chipped your tooth at the Strictly wrap party whilst drunkenly attempting to eat the glitter ball trophy?”
Abbey said: “That’s true.  My brother’s got video evidence filming with me in the car going, ‘Is it real?’  Then I woke up and had half a front tooth and was like, ‘what the hell?’  It’s fixed now.”
Jonathan also said: “Victoria Beckham sends you dresses as freebies?”
Abbey said: “No, I’d love that.”
Abbey is known for her love of fashion and her daughter Sophia, who is nearly three years old, is following in her footsteps.
Abbey said: “She’s definitely got her own style.  Every day we have fights because she will not wear anything I pick out.  Her favourite thing is you know when they have an accident in nursery and they give them a spare T-shirt?  She wants to wear it every day for the whole week.  I think it’s nice for her to have her own style.  Even if it is a bit wacky.”
Abbey talked about her love for her footballer husband, Peter Crouch.
“He’s amazing.  He’s my best friend.  He’s supports everything I do and I support everything he does.  I think the fact we just get on so well is what makes it work.”
Abbey also admitted she hopes to extend their family.
“I’d love to have more kids.  I’m one of four and I’ve always dreamed of having a huge family.  I’ve loved every second of having Sophia. It’s been just the most amazing time of my life. I’d love more of it.”
Abbey gushed about they way Peter has taken to fatherhood.
“He’s incredible.  He’s a better dad than I am mum.  I was a bit worried when I got pregnant because he’s not used to being around kids, whereas I am,” she said.  “He just took to it like a duck to water.  He’s changed a million nappies, done night feeds, everything.  It’s amazing to see how much of a great dad he is.”
Peter sounds like the perfect husband, but Abbey admitted he doesn’t always get it right.
“For my engagement he got the date of our engagement engraved into the ring.  I was like, ‘What’ that?’ and he was like, ‘when we got engaged.’ But it wasn’t,” she said.  “He tries.”
James Corden
James Corden is an actor, writer, singer, producer and presenter and he is known for his confidence.  However, James admitted to Jonathan that presenting the Brits, which he’ll be doing again next week for the fifth time, terrifies him.
“I find it really nerve wracking.  It’s the most nervous I ever am in my life,” he said.  “You just think, ‘don’t ruin your career tonight. Just don’t say something wrong.’”
James told Jonathan that this is the last year he’ll be doing the Brits.  He explained why.
“I feel like as a show it should always be young and fresh.  As an event it doesn’t benefit from someone doing it the same every year.  There’s lots of award shows that do, but this isn’t one.”
He continued: “I thought last year was going to be my last, but then someone said, ‘Well if you do it next year you’ll have done it more than anyone else’.  I was like, ‘alright’.  I just thought, if I could tell my twelve-year-old self that one day I would host this big show more than anybody else, his head would explode.  I just feel like a fan in there.”
There was some controversy surrounding the Brits in 2012 when time ran out just as Adele accepted her award and James was forced for cut her acceptance speech short. Jonathan asked James about that moment.
“She (Adele) was incredibly sweet and understanding.  It’s a hard call to make, is the truth,” James said.  “It was just a shame that something like that should happen. For me it was just horrible.”
Andrew Marr
Journalist and broadcaster Andrew Marr’s life changed forever after he suffered a stroke at the beginning of 2013.  In a rare TV interview with Andrew being the interviewee rather than interviewer, Andrew walked onto the set of The Jonathan Ross show clutching a walking stick and he explained how an FES device, which could be seen on his ankle, enables him to carry on with his life.
“What it does is every time my heel lifts off from the floor it jolts electricity down the front of my leg, so my toe goes popping up.  That means I don’t fall over,” he explained.  “It’s like having an electric heel in your sock.”
Andrew told Jonathan in depth about his stroke.
“I’d lost quite a big chunk of the old cauliflower which means that everything on the left hand side didn’t work – arm, leg, lung, tongue.  Actually that was lucky.  Had the stroke been on the other side I’d have lost my memory, speech and so forth,” he explained.
“I’ll never be 100% again but I will be most of the way there and it’s one of those simple things - the more work you do, the more physiotherapy and strength training you do, the better you’ll be, but you have to do it every day probably for years and years,” he said.
Andrew continued: “The one thing I’m really passionate about and want to say is that I’m really lucky because I had enough money to pay for physiotherapy every day when I came out of hospital.  I still do it almost every day.  Most people can’t afford that.  We’re brilliant in this country at saving people’s lives from stokes, fantastic, we’re as good as anywhere, but once we save their lives we’re very, very bad at helping them get back to normal health and strength.” 
“There’s lots of people all around the country who are in their 20s and 30s and they are in a wheelchair or they can’t walk and they can’t work.  They are going to spend 50 or 60 years dependent on the state, unable to pay taxes, unable to work and have a full life.  With a bit of physiotherapy we could turn that around and as a country we have to give people physiotherapy after a stroke.”
Jonathan asked Andrew what it was like to feel debilitated at a time when he was at the top of his game.
Andrew said: “I’m not very in touch with my inner self, which is probably a good thing, because I just decided I was going to get back to work as soon as possible, fight my way back.  The first few programmes back were quite scary, because it affects the voice, breathing and so forth.  Doing an interview I was quite often asking a question and I was thinking, ‘Am I going to get to the end of the question?’  So it was tough for the first few weeks, but then it came back and there’s nothing like getting back on the bicycle to cheer you up.”
Andrew told Jonathan that fellow guest Uma Thurman actually helped with his recuperation. 
He explained: “In Kill Bill one there’s a moment where Uma has had a rather rough time and she’s waking up in hospital and there’s one toe which she’s trying to make move and if she can make the toe move then all the recovery will follow.”
He continued:  “It was a bit like that with me.  I’d spend hours and hours trying to make a finger move, or a toe move – not hours, not weeks, months, and then eventually you get a little bit of movement.  I always thought of that film at the beginning.”
Uma Thurman
Actress Uma Thurman was extremely touched to learn that her film Kill Bill played a part in helping Andrew Marr on his road to recovery after his stroke.
“What Andrew said was so touching.  There were some moving things said tonight.  If it gave him any help or support it’s a wonderful thing,” said Uma.  She then laughed, “You wouldn’t think of it (Kill Bill) as a hand holder.”
Uma said that she recently allowed her 15-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son to watch Kill Bill. 
Uma said: “If all your friends have seen something, your mother keeping it away from you becomes a little bit irritating.”
She explained: “It was pretty hard on them.  There was a pre-curser set up.  Quentin (Tarantino) came for dinner and my son said, ‘So, what is Kill Bill about?’ He’s very together my son.  He (Quentin) goes, ‘Well, it’s about this woman and this man and he is really mad at her and he puts a gun to her head and he blows her brains out.’  My son’s sitting there like, ‘Really?  Mummy’s friend is really nice.  What a nice movie he thought of for mummy.’  So they did see it and I can only imagine it’s a little bit disturbing for them.  But they were proud.”
Uma has been invited to meet the Queen next week.  Uma told Jonathan about her excitement at meeting the Queen for he first time.
“I’m extremely excited. I’m so excited.  I feel very privileged.”