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    Sat 15 Feb 2014
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    7.20pm - 8.50pm
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    Week 08 2014 : Sat 15 Feb - Fri 21 Feb
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    Last in series
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    Sat 15 Feb 2014
Perri Kiely is Splash! champion 2014
Perri Kiely was declared the winner of Splash! 2014 tonight in the spectacular live final.  
Richard Whitehead MBE was runner up, with Keith Duffy and Dan Osborne in third and fourth place respectively.
Hosted by Gabby Logan and Vernon Kay, the four finalists went up against each other for one last time in a bid to be crowned Splash! champion.
The famous faces performed two dives, one separately and then a synchro dive with Tom Daley live in the electric atmosphere in a packed Olympic size pool.
The judges scored for guidance only, with the winner decided solely by the public vote.  
On being announced the winner, Diversity star Perri said “Speechless. Thank you so much to everybody who voted, it’s been absolutely incredible.”
Comments and scores - solo dives
Perri Kiely
3 metre springboard
30 out of 30 (scores for guidance only)
Tom said “It gave me goosebumps watching that.”
Leon said “It had everything, complexity, execution and you absolutely nailed it. I’m impressed.”
Andy said “You were brilliant tonight. The timing, the shape, the form and the finish, just great.”
Keith Duffy
7.5 metres
25 out of 30 (scores for guidance only)
Tom said “You attacked the finish, you attacked the shape, I couldn’t have asked for anymore.”
Leon said “Keith, no messing around, a good week of training. Just a little bit over rotated but I like your determination.”
Richard Whitehead MBE
7.5 metres
29 out of 30 (scores for guidance only)
Andy said “You’ve upped the difficulty again and you’ve got it spot on.”
Jo said “You’re a ledge mate and it was brilliant.”
Leon said “You’ve come in tonight and you’ve saved the best to perform on the evening.”
Dan Osborne
3 metre springboard
27 out of 30 (scores for guidance only)
Tom said “Everybody’s stepping up for the final and it’s great to see.”
Leon said “It was a good dive, you still look a little bit like a rag doll, but that was a proper dive.”
Andy said “That is a remarkable improvement over just a couple of weeks. Great effort.”
Comments and scores - synchronised dives
Perri Kiely & Tom Daley
10 metres
27.5 out of 30 (scores for guidance only)
Jo said “That looked amazing to me.”
Leon said “The execution, the difficulty, it had all that. Near on perfect.”
Keith Duffy & Tom Daley
7.5 metres
26 out of 30 (scores for guidance only)
Andy said “It’s great to see you up on 7.5 metre. Good effort.”
Leon said “It was a simple dive but it was done very well.”
Richard Whitehead MBE & Tom Daley
10 metres
27.5 out of 30 (scores for guidance only)
Leon said “The timing is so so difficult, I can’t even believe you attempted it. Wow, I’m blown away that you managed to do it, well done guys.”
Andy said “Your handstand as always was really solid, as solid as Tom’s.”
Dan Osborne & Tom Daley
7.5 metres
27.5 out of 30 (scores for guidance only)
Andy said “It’s a simpler dive so you’ve got to get the synchronisation absolutely spot on if you’re going to score well and you did.”
Leon said “I was out of my seat. That’s been, in many ways, the dive of the night for me.”