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Ibiza Weekender

  • Episode: 

    8 of

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    Series 4
  • Transmission (TX): 

    Sun 04 Mar 2018
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  • Time: 

    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 10 2018 : Sat 03 Mar - Fri 09 Mar
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Episode 8
This week sees another new rep arrival - Head rep David decides he needs some more experienced members in the team and calls on ex rep Hayley.  She’s got a new look, more experience and has made it her mission to become number one rep whatever it takes. As soon as she arrives she sends shockwaves through the group. 
Jordan though has more important matters on his mind as he is determined to get back into Chyna’s good books – and it seems he has found a way to her soften her heart when he opens his bag of cheesy stunts. 
Fellow New rep Austin gets a shock when Georgia, one of the girl guests, turns out to be an ex. How will he cope though when Callum also shows a strong interest in her? Or has Georgia actually only got eyes for another rep – and a female one at that.  
Hayley, true to form, manages to command a lot of attention and manages to keep both boy and girl guests on their toes with her affections – but after a night out she clearly has eyes for Callum and he quickly succumbs to her advances. 
Following another successful weekend Chyna ends up getting terrible scores from the girl guests, who once again work out that she’s not a very good rep. Her consistent bad form causes David to take steps and moves her into the communal room so she and Jordan cant lock themselves away. And to add insult to injury, puts her on cleaning duties. Callum becomes rep of the week once again, and is also made Assistant Head Rep -  much to Jordan and Hayley’s displeasure.
Series overview
Twofour and Motion Content Group’s successful Weekender brand is set to return for a seventh scorching season on ITV2.
Ibiza Weekender yet again proved to be essential viewing as it grew its loyal fan base among the younger viewers throughout this year’s run. With the destination hotspot of Ibiza ever popular, an extended 10 x 60’ run on the White Isle will follow some familiar rep faces along with a few new ones eager to learn the ropes on Europe’s biggest party island.
With fixed rig cameras at the hotel, the series will capture all of the drama and reality as it unfolds. Expect high jinks, outrageous nights out and dramas around the clock.