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Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen

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    Sun 10 Mar 2019

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    Week 11 2019 : Sat 09 Mar - Fri 15 Mar

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    Mon 25 Feb 2019

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Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen 


Episode 8 – Dominica 


The wild rainforests of Dominica hide many waterfalls and rivers – Ainsley takes a trip to its most famous waterfall, the Emerald Pool. Ainsley then cooks up a storm on the black sands of Picard Beach, whipping up his Tostones aka Twice Fried Plantains.


Ainsley visits Daria Eugene – an expert in Dominican Cuisine, to learn about Titiwi, tiny fish that gather in the rivers of Dominica at certain times of the month. These tiny fish play centre stage in Darias ‘Titiwi Accra’, which she teaches Ainsley to make.


Ainsley’s next stop is at the Kalinago Community where he learns about the tribe and their famous Cassava Bread, which he takes back to the beach with him, and pairs it with his recipe for Calypso Chicken. And his cocktail this week is based on the Caribbean drink Sorrel, which is usually served at Christmas and New Year.


Series overview


TV Chef Ainsley Harriott takes a trip across the Caribbean visiting the islands that have inspired his cooking from an early age. Stopping off at Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica and Antigua, Ainsley will take viewers on a journey through the tropical climates, exotic food and charming characters that make each island in the Caribbean unique.  


In Jamaica, Ainsley visits Stush in the Bush - a Rastafarian Farm to table experience in the hills above Ocho Rios - where he learns their signature Ackee stuffed Ravioli. Plus, he tours the home of James Bond writer Ian Fleming, where he whips up a fitting 007-inspired Martini cocktail. 


In the Blue Mountains Ainsley samples its world-famous coffee, tries his best to crack the secret spice recipe at renowned jerk chicken restaurant Scotchies and makes a cooling fruit shake at a hotel previously visited by the late Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe. 


The famous chef tries one of Trinidad’s specialties – Doubles – curried chickpeas in a fried bread roll. And, during a trip to Maracas Bay, Ainsley samples local favourite Bake and Shark, pan-fried shark stuffed in fried dough. 


In Tobago, Ainsley visits Miss Trim, who cooks up the best ‘Crab n Dumplings’ on the island, inspiring Ainsley to cook his own version of Tobago Blue Crab with hand clapped rotis. In Grenada he learns the national dish of Oil Down - a stew bursting with flavour. While at The River Antoine Rum Distillery Ainsley makes a cocktail using a local chocolate and rum liquor, dubbed Ainsley’s Death by Chocolate Martini.  


In Barbados he meets an innovator in Bajan cuisine, chef Damian Leach who has previously held the title of ‘Caribbean Chef of the Year’. In St Lucia Ainsley visits the Hotel Chocolat Cocoa plantation, where he gets a lesson in growing cocoa plants and even gets a plant named after him. In Dominica Ainsley gets to visit its most famous waterfall Emerald Pool and on the black sands of Picard Beach serves his Tostones aka Twice Fried Plantains. 


Antigua brings steel drum and cocktail making lessons, plus Ainsley sources some famous Antiguan Black Pineapples for his Lobster Pina Colada with Rum Pineapple recipe.