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Mr Selfridge

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    8 of 10

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    Series 3
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    Sun 15 Mar 2015
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 12 2015 : Sat 14 Mar - Fri 20 Mar
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Episode 8
To celebrate the signing of the landmark Treaty of Versailles, HARRY consults his newly appointed Head of Press and Print on a way to mark this moment in store. His new appointee is none other than old friend FRANK EDWARDS, who’s been out of work since his book deal was dropped. Together, they come up with a celebratory ‘Britain at Play’ promotion in store – the first time in five years the country can really let its hair down. This is the first part of Harry’s strategy to drive a return for the shareholders: a true Selfridge’s spectacle to put the store back on the map again. 
HARRY is totally thrown when NANCY suddenly announces that they should keep their relationship purely professional, at least until the Selfridge Estate is finished. HARRY is hurt and confused, but is forced to accept her decision. In fact, it’s GUS driving this – he’s worried she’s too close to HARRY and to her mark. We sense that NANCY has done something that in her heart she doesn’t want to do…
Now back at work, GROVE is keen to carry on as normal. CRABB pops in to enquire after the children, and it becomes clear that young ERNEST is still in the care of MISS MARDLE. GROVE refuses to discuss the matter further. In fact, MARDLE’s tenant GEORGE is busy looking after ERNEST whilst MARDLE is at work. Meanwhile, GORDON and GRACE – who have been seeing each other - share a romantic kiss in the store cupboard. But, to their horror - they are caught in the act by MR CRABB! And he is just as horrified!  
Colleano’s is in full swing, but the mood is broken when a fight breaks out between REGAN’S men. ELSA urges VICTOR to stand up to REGAN, and she suggests a new way of doing things. She has an idea: that they avoid all this trouble by re-launching Colleano’s as a private club for VIPs and high-rollers – and they can make some real money. VICTOR presents the idea to REGAN, who tentatively agrees…but on VICTOR’s head be it. 
MARDLE attempts to make amends with GROVE, but he remains stubborn and impenetrable. Eventually, GEORGE is forced to go to GROVE. GEORGE appeals to GROVE, man-to-man, as someone who grew up without a proper father. He emotionally implores GROVE to rethink his feelings towards ERNEST. GROVE is left humbled and takes ERNEST back, but he still hasn’t forgiven MARDLE…
French count JACQUES DE SIBOUR is in town, and takes a keen interest in VIOLETTE, who is still down after her romance with VICTOR came to a halt. And CONNIE is surprised when she stops by MARDLE’S house and is welcomed by GEORGE – and they properly notice each other for the first time. Sadly, things take a bad turn for GORDON and GRACE; she comes to the conclusion that they’re from different worlds and that there’s no way a relationship between them could ever work. She ends things between them, leaving GORDON reeling.  
HARRY realises that he doesn’t want to let NANCY slip through his fingers. Arriving unannounced at her house and in a dramatic display of his commitment, HARRY proposes. He wants NANCY to be the new Mrs Selfridge. 
Series overview
Following the ratings success with British, US and international audiences, ten new episodes of ITV Studios’ lavish period drama Mr Selfridge, starring Emmy award-winning American actor, Jeremy Piven, have been produced by ITV Studios for ITV.
The drama is inspired by the life of charismatic American entrepreneur, Harry Gordon Selfridge, whose business in London’s Oxford Street has become a much-loved institution. 
This new series is the third instalment in the fascinating rise and fall of this colourful but troubled man and picks up in 1919 just after the end of World War I.