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More Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green

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    8 of 8

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    Mon 06 Apr 2015
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 15 2015 : Sat 04 Apr - Fri 10 Apr
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    Last in series
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Episode 8 - Boarders
Robson Green returns to his home county of Northumberland for this second series - and, having visited many of the county’s most famous landmarks on his last trip, this time he’s uncovering the hidden gems of one of the most beautiful parts of England.
Robson explores parts of the county he’s never been to before - and some he didn’t even know existed - from its remote valleys and mystical ruins, to the hidden history of its castles and stately homes.
The series sees Robson take on exciting new challenges - from shipwreck diving at the Farne Islands to wild camping in the Cheviot Hills and digging for Roman relics at Hadrian’s Wall, to skinny-dipping in the North Sea.
Along the way he’ll discover a whole new side to Northumberland - and find out just why it’s known as Britain’s best-kept secret.
In this final episode of the series, Robson discovers the secrets of the region that can be found along the English-Scottish border.
He joins shepherdess Emma Gray and goes in search of the Cheviot Wild Goat.
Robson visits Wallington Hall where he learns the stories behind its incredible Pre-Raphaelite artwork - and its secret past as a border stronghold.
He also visits the Charlton Family - whose ancestors were the most feared clan of the border country in medieval times - and learns how they have turned their grand country hall into a family home.
Robson ends his journey through hidden Northumberland going fishing for salmon with George Purvis, the last fisherman on the Tweed to still use the ancient method of net and coble boat.