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All Star Mr & Mrs

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    8 of 8

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    Wed 06 Aug 2014
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    8.00pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 32 2014 : Sat 02 Aug - Fri 08 Aug
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    Last in series
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All Star Mr and Mrs sees three celebrity couples battling it out to see who knows the most about their other half in a bid to win up to £30,000 for their chosen charity.
All they need to do is match each other’s answers, but it’s not as easy as it seems. 
Tonight’s show features Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush & her husband Andrew, presenter Matthew Wright & his wife Amelia, and golfer Tony Jacklin & his wife Astrid, all competing for big cash prizes for a charity of their choice. 
In round one, the celebrity is asked three questions whilst their partner is in the soundproof booth, unable to hear their answers.  When they have answered all three questions, their partner comes out of the booth and is asked the same three questions.  The questions are either multiple choice or open-ended. They need to match their answers to score a point.
Round two is the paddle game. Each couple is separated by a screen so that they are unable to see each other.  They are asked six questions, all of which have either a ‘his’ or ‘her’ answer.  The couples answer the question by holding up a ‘his’ or ‘her’ paddle. If they hold up the same paddle, they have a match. 
The couple with the most matches at the end of the two rounds goes through to play in the final. The two losing couples each leave with £5000 for their chosen charity.  
In the final, the celebrity goes into the booth and their partner is asked four questions. In order to win the £30,000 jackpot, the celebrity in the booth must match all the answers their partner has given. 
All Star Mr and Mrs is the ultimate entertainment relationship game show.