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    Sat 29 Oct 2016
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    Week 44 2016 : Sat 29 Oct - Fri 04 Nov
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    Fri 28 Oct 2016
NICOLE SCHERZINGER speaks about being a judge on The X Factor, working with Simon Cowell and her favourite contestants to win. She also speaks about relationships in the spotlight
STEPHEN MERCHANT speaks about preparing for his role in Logan, turning down nude roles and meeting famous people
SHAWN MENDES speaks about working with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift and adjusting to his huge success. He also performs.
GINO D’ACAMPO speaks about his lifelong ambition to be on Jonathan’s show and being mistaken for Frankie Dettori
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by singer and judge of The X Factor, Nicole Scherzinger; Writer, director, comedian and actor, Stephen Merchant; Chart topping singer songwriter, Shawn Mendes and TV personality and chef, Gino D’Acampo.
Former Pussycat Doll and judge on ITV’s The X Factor, Nicole Scherzinger joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about the current series and working with Simon Cowell. 
Speaking about her performance on Divas Week, where Nicole opened the show singing a mashup of diva classics, the star said: “The producers asked me on the Thursday, ‘Hey we’ve never done this, would you mind singing a minute and 15 seconds? It’s for Divas week. Let’s just have fun, hype up the crowd’ and I was like, ‘Why not’ so I worked on it Friday, I’d been working with my boys [category] all week so Simon just likes to rile people up and rile me up. Then when I sat down he was like, ‘You should perform every week’ and I was like, ‘I know’…” she smiled. 
On being on the panel with fellow judges, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, Nicole said: “Simon is back and it’s cool and he’s in a really good headspace. This is the first time, it feels like we’ve all known each other all four of us and we have but this is the first time we have actually all four of us been together.” 
On Simon’s son, Eric, Nicole joked: “I think he just cloned himself. He is just like Simon, he never listens to me. I’ll say, ‘Eric give me a hug’ and he walks away. I’ll say ‘Do you want a cookie? Can I have a bite of your orange?’ and he just ignores me,” she laughed. “He goes to his dad all the time, he loves his dad.”
On the opinions Simon shares on the show, Nicole said: “You never know what you’re going to get, lucky for me. It’s like a box of chocolates! All the time he’s winding us all up, when we’re speaking he’s saying stuff in our ears like crazy things and we’re like, ‘Please we’re trying to focus it is live!’ He’ll just say silly things like he’ll try to throw us off, he’s just having fun, it’s good, he’s in a good mood.”
On the competition between judges and working with contestants, Nicole - who is mentoring the Boys category - said: “I came out guns a blazing as well, you feel like you want to protect them because you know how hard they’ve worked,you see where they’ve come from and you have no idea, you don’t realise the work that you put in with the contestants and they work really hard…” 
Nicole spoke about the contestants in this year’s series. On rap artist, Honey G, she said: “She is a lot of fun… I had Calvin Harris and Will.I.Am in the same week text me and say ‘Who in the world is Honey G?’ and I was like, ‘Really, how do you guys know about Honey G?’ She is the talk of the town and she’s a lot of fun, she actually did pretty good last week… I mean the public is the one who’s keeping her in so far so you never know [how far she might get in the competition]… She seems really sweet and her mum is really sweet.”
On Matt Terry - who Nicole mentors - being a favourite to win, Nicole said: “You never know at this stage. I mean Relley C who I was a really big fan of and she’s a beautiful gift, she went away last week and certain people are still in the competition so you just never know but Matt, I have a lot of confidence in him. And Ryan [Lawrie] - Ryan is still in, they voted for my little Scottish boy so I’m happy about that.”
And on who she feels are strong contenders in the competition, Nicole said: “I think Gifty is doing really well, Gifty and Honey G… she’s so popular, everyone is talking about her and they want to see what she does every week and 5 After Midnight, I think they have a good chance as well.”
Nicole said of couple Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie, who met before the show and are both in the live shows: “I thought it was interesting when I found out [they were a couple] but they’re both from Scotland and they’ve known eachother for years so it’s quite natural and I think they’re really cute together, I think they compliment each other… I think they’re so different talentwise that there is going to be two different audiences that vote for them. I think she’s stunning, she is one of my favourites.”
Jonathan asked Nicole how she found being asked about her own high profile relationships, specifically with Lewis Hamilton. She said: “I don’t see anything negative, I think it’s quite natural when people separate and go their own ways and you just have to be adult about it and just always wish the other person happiness, success and love like sincerely and I do.”
She continued: “I think that he is the best driver since Ayrton Senna and I think that he’s probably going to win this year and I only wish him happiness and success.”
On how her career has potentially affected other aspects of her life, Nicole said: “I think I’ve probably matured a little later in relationships and living my life because I started at such a young age then being in a rock group then being in a pop group then being in [groups and bands]… I was in my first group when I was 18 so I think I was always so focussed on working so much so I didn’t have much time for relationships, so I feel like I was just able to get to experience things a little later after work because as you get older, you find more balance in life… Relationships and most importantly a relationship with myself, if it’s not too cheesy to say, as women it goes with experience and age… this is who I am and this is what I love and I think it’s really important if you are in a relationship, no matter who you are, you have to be happy first and love yourself first and be whole before you can really give your everything in a relationship.”
Star of the upcoming third installment of the X Men series, Stephen Merchant, joined the sofa and spoke about his role in the new film, Logan. Speaking about the part he plays, the actor joked: “I play a giant albino mutant, it’s type casting. I had to shave my head for the role. To be honest there aren’t a lot of pale-faced, stick thin men in Hollywood so it was either me or they would have done CGI! I play a character called Caliban whose mutant power is that I can locate other mutants. I’m basically a glorified truffle pig…” and on his appearance in the film, he said: “It’s the action figure that isn’t going to sell great, it’s ‘Remainder Man,’” he laughed. 
Stephen - who shaved his hair off and dyed his eyebrows and eyelashes white for the part - said: “It was annoying when I was doing it, I kept asking the producers if I could go out into the real world just for fun, just to go into an old people’s home with a scythe and just point…” he joked.
Stephen spoke about being offered the role opposite Hugh Jackman, who notoriously works out to get a ripped physique for the film: “When they said I was going to be in it I thought I was going to be an X Man. I was like ‘Do you need me down the gym? What time do you need me there?’ they were like, ‘We just need you in the barbers at nine.’” 
Stephen also spoke about his part in a play on the West End, admitting he didn’t read the part properly before accepting: “Much like with Wolverine where I didn’t know I had to shave my head to do it and then they told me I had to, with this they asked me do I want to be in this play and like any actor, I didn’t read the script fully, I just checked to see that I had more lines than everyone else. And then agreed to do it… And then I had agreed to do it then I had a message on Twitter saying ‘Looking forward to the play, looking forward to the nude scene…’ In the last three or four pages which I don’t think I even speak in, didn’t even bother to read it, I’m fully naked which no one mentioned so I’m straight onto the phone, get me out of this…” 
Speaking about whether he would ever consider a naked scene in a movie, he said: “I think there’s some things you should keep private… I don’t think I would because then it’s just out there forever and it just sits there in the world.”
Nicole added: “Actually I was going to do a movie and they asked me to get nude and I was like no. I mean unless it’s like for Martin Scorsese or something but no, you don’t need to.”
Stephen spoke about ‘the nod’ famous people give each other in acknowledgement that they are famous. Nicole told a story about when she met George Clooney: “One time I was doing this telethon for Haiti and I was going to the restroom and it was George Clooney’s telethon and there George was across the room and I was like, ‘That’s George-silver fox-Clooney in front of my face right now’ and I was like ‘Oh my god, where do I go, I can’t escape’ so I kept walking and he came up to me and was like ‘Nicole, thank you so much for being here it really means a lot’ then I said this, ‘Hi I’m Nicole,’” she laughed.
Stephen told a similar story of meeting Sir Paul McCartney: “I was at a party once and I saw Sir Paul McCartney… and I saw Paul and he saw me and I thought, ‘I don’t want to make a fool of myself’ then he gave me the nod, so I nodded and he started coming over and I thought this is too much now, a nod was all I needed I don’t need a conversation, the pressure is on…” he explained how he recounted a funny story to the Beatle to keep the conversation flowing, and even managed to get a second nod of acknowledgement from the star later in the night.
Canadian singer-songwriter and global star, Shawn Mendes, joined the sofa and spoke about his first fan experience and working with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.
Shawn - whose career catapulted after he found online fame on apps such as Vine - spoke about first realising he had a profile and his first fan experience: “I knew I wanted to sing and act possibly… [the attention] was overnight, then the video started climbing, I started putting stuff on YouTube on Twitter and Instagram and it kind of matched all together. I actually had no idea what I was doing. You don’t really fathom when you see the number 300,000 [views or likes]. One afternoon a bunch of Viners were going to Toronto to do a meet up and so I [went]… I get to Toronto and to the Square and I’m coming up the subway station and I have my guitar on my back and I see a couple of thousand people in the Square and they all turn and then they just start running at me and this is my first time ever of fan interaction, I’d never had anyone recognise me or anything and my first time was like 2000 people started running at me. I didn’t know what to do so I just ran into a restaurant… and then we locked the doors and there’s 1000 people out there… it was crazy… I even said to my parents, I don’t know if you should come down because I don’t really know if anyone is going to notice me. I came back that night like, I don’t know what’s happening!”
On how he first adjusted to the attention, he said: “Truthfully I deleted the [Vine] app. I put the video up and it was up for a couple of days and it had about 15000 likes or something and I deleted the app because I was so scared, I was like this is crazy, I don’t want this, reading all the comments and amazing comments, bad comments. I deleted it for like three hours then I downloaded it again. I was like, ‘this is crazy but I love this.’” 
Fresh from winning ‘Best International Solo Artist’ at the recent Teen Awards, Shawn admitted he had an early night afterwards instead of celebrating: “It was a long day, I went on stage did my thing, later I [performed on The X Factor] and then I was pretty much in bed. Give me a year, I’m still learning, I don’t have the stamina.”
On how he prepares for performing at shows and events, such as the Teen Awards, he said: “It was fun beforehand, you’re so nervous you don’t want to mess up. I always get more nervous to speak than perform. I feel like I really don’t want to say something wrong. I’ve done [performances] like a hundred times and I’m pretty confident with that but the speaking, I was freaking out…” 
Shawn admitted he often gets likened to fellow Canadian soloist Justin Bieber and even said he wouldn’t rule out a collaboration with the star. When asked what he thought of Bieber asking fans not to scream whilst he is on stage singing, Shawn said: “It’s all about the way you ask something and the way you sing something. When you work really hard on your music there’s moments where you want to talk about the song for a second and you want people to listen and sometimes they scream over that and you just can’t speak but I don’t know, it’s all about the way you handle things but Justin is a great guy.”
And on pop sensation, Taylor Swift, Shawn said: “She’s more than just an act that you would go and open up for, she’s more of a mentor and someone to she builds careers, look at all of her opening acts like Ed Sheeran, it’s really impressive.”
Shawn was also asked about his dating life and whether he was looking to meet someone: “Truthfully it’s a lot harder than you would think…  Well, I guess it’s not a lot harder than you think but your morals get involved for some reason.”
Shawn played a game with Jonathan where he had to guess correctly the lyrics of his favourite artist, John Mayer. For any he got wrong, he had to eat his least favourite - and Italian Gino’s favourite - food, tomatoes. [Pictures available from Rex]
TV Chef and star of the likes of Celebrity Juice and This Morning, Gino D’Acampo, joined the sofa presenting Jonathan and the guests with an italian feast of pasta, meatballs, wine and tiramisu.
When Jonathan joked that Gino could often be mistaken for Strictly’s Bruno Toniolli, Gino admitted: “Frankie Dettori is the one that often people mistake me for.”
On being recognised in his beloved Italy, Gino admitted he isn’t famous there: “No. That is the place where I can go and do whatever I want, I can go with the kids, my wife and we can enjoy the summer. I do get mistaken for Frankie Dettori when I’m in Italy, that’s the only one I get mistaken for so they ask about horses and sometimes I say, ‘no it’s not me’ and sometimes I just go along and I say ‘she’s fine’ and they ask ‘how is Bella the horse?’ and I say ‘she’s great, she’s still galloping’, I know nothing about horses.” 
As a top chef, Gino said it can be frustrating to go to restaurants: “I can’t really relax. I go to the restaurant and my order always takes three times longer and whenever I ask what is up they say the chef knows that you’re here so he’s preparing himself… And that really annoys me because sometimes you just want to eat. I want to them to make an effort but not that an effort that it takes an hour to have a burger… Just put it on the plate and feed me. I don’t judge because they do their best.” 
At the end of his chat, Gino revealed that appearing on Jonathan’s show had been a lifelong aim and told a lighthearted story about his late father’s wishes for him: “When I came to this country 21 years ago and you used to do the show with the movies, then you went on to do Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and my father said to me, ‘The day that I see you with that man on the show I’ll be the proudest father ever’ and I never had the chance because you invited me three years after he died.” Smiling and joking, Gino added: “I have been doing television for 15 years, you invited me three years after my father died, One wish my father had!” with Jonathan saying, “It’s great to have you here finally.”
Please note the above is all taken from the recording of The Jonathan Ross Show and is subject to the show edit.