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    Sat 27 Feb 2016
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    Week 09 2016 : Sat 27 Feb - Fri 04 Mar
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    Sat 27 Feb 2016
ALESHA DIXON opens up about family life and speaks about her role on Britain’s Got Talent and being a TV judge
TIM ROTH speaks about working with Quentin Tarantino, being nominated for an Oscar and becoming friends with Tupac
TOM HOLLANDER admits The Night Manager co-star, Tom Hiddleston, helped him when he got stung by a jellyfish...
SEANN WALSH speaks about turning 30 and becoming an adult 
And a music performance from Stereophonics
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by Britain’s Got Talent judge, Alesha Dixon; English actor and director, Tim Roth; Star of Rev and ITV’s Doctor Thorne, Tom Hollander and comedian, Seann Walsh.
Singer, dancer and glamorous judge of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, Alesha Dixon, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about her family life and being a TV judge.
Alesha opened up about her relationship with Azuka Ononye and their daughter, Azura. Speaking about her boyfriend, she explained why she tried to keep the relationship private: “Everybody knows all your business all the time and for us when we met we were really good friends and we just wanted to have some time for us to get to know each other privately and lay our foundations. I think that’s important to have that quiet time. To be honest we probably would have kept quiet continuously, it’s only because I fell pregnant I had to let the cat out the bag and even that I kept quiet for about six months - I don’t know how I did that.”
Explaining how the couple met 10 years ago when they were on the road together for Alesha’s music and Azuka was a dancer, she said they were friends for a long time first before their relationship progressed “naturally”: “I was kind of playing hard to get for about a year and then I had the foot operation and I couldn’t walk and he was literally sleeping on the floor looking after me every day and I was just looking at him thinking, ‘That is for better or for worst isn’t it.’ I looked a state, he was sleeping on the floor because I was on the couch I couldn’t even get up the stairs… If he can carry me to the toilet then he’s a keeper.”
Jonathan asked if Azuka had ever proposed to her in the past, to which she replied, “Only jokingly. He’s joked around.” When Jonathan asked if she would ever propose to him, especially with this year’s leap year, she said: “I wouldn’t rule out ever proposing to him. I’m not in a rush to get married but I would definitely be open minded to it - why not? Unless he’s down on one knee with a ring then I’m not going to take him seriously” she laughed.
Speaking about her two year old daughter, Alesha said she was surprised at the ‘Terrible Twos’: “I feel like I’ve got a teenager already. All of my friends who have children have warned me of this ‘Terrible Twos’ and I thought, ‘Not my little girl, she’ll be fine.’ She slams the door behind her, she throws her toys out of the pram, the lot! It’s fascinating, I find it hilarious just watching the little character that she’s already got.”
“She is quite musical, she loves singing along to Adele, she’s always playing the keyboard singing… and she’s quite good with the drums… it’s lovely to see. One day hopefully I’d love that [if she had her own studio]” said Alesha.
Alesha showed off some of her MCing with Jonathan, who provided the beat.
On her work as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, which returns to ITV this Spring, Alesha said: “It’s the tenth year so there’s a lot of pressure on us to make sure we deliver, the show is nothing without the public and the people that come through the door and we’ve been so lucky again - I think you’re in for a real treat. The Golden Buzzer acts this year are particularly strong!”
On working with other judges, Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Amanda Holden, Alesha said: “We are so different in our tastes in music, how we’ve grown up, how we live our lives but yet when the four of us are together there is this natural rapport and chemistry and you can’t predict that, you’ve either got it or you haven’t and we laugh constantly and there’s a respect there… It’s been very good so far. For me I’ve always said as long as I’m still enjoying it, and look forward to going to work [I’ll continue to be a judge.] It’s a dream job it really is and I’m very blessed to have that.” 
Jonathan asked if she would consider being a judge on The X Factor if Simon Cowell asked if she would.
Alesha replied: “I’d be lying if I didn’t say that in the past there’s been times when I’ve considered if that would be good for me, just because I’m such a huge music fan. But I have to say the vibe of Britain’s Got Talent is second to none… There’s just this joy about the show and I wouldn’t want to lose that.”
Former Strictly Come Dancing winner, Alesha also spoke about continuing dance in the future: “It will always hold a special place in my heart… If there was some way of doing it in a musical theatre show one day I would love to do it again definitely.”
Star of classic movies such as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Rob Roy, Tim Roth, joined the sofa and spoke about working with Quentin Tarantino, being nominated for an Oscar and working with Tupac.
Speaking to Jonathan about his work with iconic filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino, Tim said: “He had sold the script for True Romance and he’d sold Natural Born Killers which he still hasn’t seen, he’s not a fan… he decided not to watch that, he can’t bring himself to watch that. He has seen True Romance and he liked True Romance but those were the scripts that he sold to make to finance Reservoir Dogs.”
On how Tarantino has changed since Tim first worked with him in the early days, Tim said: “The man himself is similar… I think the energy is the same, the intensity and the focus and the film mania is exactly the same but the equipment that he has and the knowledge that he has is vastly improved on, although whether the films at the beginning or the films at the end are better or not, it’s up to the audience. But he has more acumen, he has more knowledge and he also has more money so I came back around from doing the low budget stuff to doing the one bigger budget and it’s a circus, it has an insanity to it which the early stuff didn’t have… He has the best people, everyone is at the top of their game, they come from all over the world.”
“He developed certain habits like, there’s no phones on set at all, that’s a done, no electronic devices so you have checkpoint charlie and whether it’s on land or the side of a mountain or wherever, you hand your phones in. Nobody is allowed to have a device at all… You’d be fired, immediately fired. I said to him, ‘What happens if one of your actors bring a phone on and is doing a bit of that, Angry Birds?’ and he said, ‘Oh if it’s an actor, I just leave the set and the Weinsteins show up and it’ll be recast.’ They would fire an actor and I know members of crew who have been fired, definitely, no devices at all… It’s really a focus thing, if we’re here, we’re here to work.”
On Tarantino himself, Tim said of his friend: “I find him to be an utter delight. He is one of the most eccentric people that I’ve met and one of the most loveable and friendly and adorable people but I can see him turn. When he is work focussed he is laser like but none of the actors really that are on his sets are people who don’t want to be there.”
On his role in Made in Britain, Tim admitted his father struggled with the nasty character: “My dad had never seen me in a play because he wasn’t very good in crowds and so he didn't know about me as an actor and he called me up and he saw it when it was on telly and he was in tears about it, he couldn't believe it. It’s a very right wing character but it’s seen from a leftwing perspective I would say.”
Tim shared his experience of being nominated for an Oscar for his role in Rob Roy: “It’s a long chain of events. You get in the car, we’ve got a bottle of champagne me and my missus, we’re all glam, we got suited and booted and we’re ready to go and then you drive and they’re on a wire in the car and they say, ‘You’ve got to wait.’ So you circle in the car for another 45 minutes and you’ve got to arrive at a certain time… So my whole experience of the red carpet at the Oscars was busting for a p*ss. My missus too who is standing behind me… We’re look like quite fine but we’re busting and headaches are about to happen and all that. So it’s a very odd experience and then you get in and they say, ‘No you haven’t won.’”
“I got Quentin and Sam Jackson [Samuel L Jackson] sitting right there and Sam turns around to me just before the announcement of the supporting actor nonsense and so he said, ‘When you lose, [swear and act annoyed] because you’ll be on that [screen].’ The one thing I always regret about it is that I never had the balls to do. Which when he lost by the way, he did do.”
Tim admitted he has made plans for his death following working on movie Chronic in which he plays a healthcare nurse looking after terminally ill patients. On how it has changed his view of death he said: “After doing this film we went and got the will organised, the non resuscitation clause, the who-pulls-the-plug, who can who can’t, the organ donation all of it done. Because I was around nurses and I was around people who were dying and also the assisted suicide thing [for me], I’m very big on which is a small part of this film so you have to make plans.”
Later in the show, Tim spoke about working with rapper Tupac in film Gridlock’d: “I loved him. I didn’t want him to be in the film at all… I didn’t know who he was… I had no idea and then I think it was Laurence Fishburne was going to play that role then he dropped out because he’d already played a role like that about drugs and so on and they said to me, ‘There’s this rapper’ and I said, ‘No can I have an actor to work with’… He came in and outlined the character, the background story, the whole thing and [was] completely utterly extraordinary and I realised he’d been an actor before he’d been a rapper… He really knew his stuff and he was extraordinary and we became very, very, very tight. I was going to see him the day that he died, when he got shot, he was leaving the Tyson fight in Vegas and he was [heading to LA to do revoicing for the film] and he ended up in hospital but I loved him to bits, he was hilarious.” 
Tom Hollander, the star of ITV drama Doctor Thorne, joined the sofa and recounted an interesting tale involving actor Tom Hiddleston whom he appears alongside in drama, The Night Manager.
Speaking about the incident which happened when he was filming in Mallorca, he said: “Here I was sitting by the seaside with Hugh Laurie who is one of the most entertaining people you’ll ever meet in your life and Olivia Colman, Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Debicki… The jellyfish incident was a sad tale because otherwise it was paradise until we went swimming and I, because I’m a gentlemen, lent Elizabeth Debicki my goggles which I’d brought to Mallorca because I knew about the jellyfish problem but she didn’t have any so she wore them and I swam into all the jellyfish and I don’t know if you’ve ever been stung but it’s really, really painful… Guess who peed on me? Tom Hiddleston, he saw this, he is heroic and sort of Bond like… He’s officer class, he’s someone you want to stand next to as you go over the top in the First World War… Out of the corner of my eye someone with sharp strokes cutting through the water, Hiddleston had seen I was in trouble, he came out to me, I was standing on a rock submerged in just a few feet of water and he said, ‘It’s alright. Stand back, I know what to do’ and he said, ‘Where is it?’ I said [pointing  to his side where the sting was] ‘It’s all warm now.’ Tom had done what he needed to do which was to p*ss all over me. And I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t actually work.”
Laughing, Alesha asked: “What makes the pain go away?”
“Just the thought that Tom Hiddleston is p*ssing on you. Once he’s finished, the pain comes back and actually I’ve still got a scar there,” Tom joked.
Stand up comedian, Seann Walsh, also joined the sofa. 
Joking about turning 30 and becoming an adult, Seann also said he was becoming gentrified since being in a relationship with his girlfriend: “She gentrified me… This is all her fault this gentrifying of me, like I got thrills from this thing that I never in a million years thought I would get a thrill from. I was cutting an avocado, even then, what is that? Before I met her, I didn’t even know what it was... I put the knife in and I turned it round and I managed to join the slice that I finished with the slice that I started with so it made a perfect slice and out loud I said, ‘Get in.’ It’s awful isn’t it.”
On turning 30, Seann joked: “What happens I think naturally is that you become more boring… It’s just life. You never think it’s going to happen to you and it does.”