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    Sat 05 Mar 2016
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    Week 10 2016 : Sat 05 Mar - Fri 11 Mar
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RICHARD GERE speaks about meeting Pretty Woman Julia Roberts, playing a homeless person and reacts to Jonathan's take on his Officer and a Gentleman
JACK BLACK shows off his own Kung Fu and speaks about being a Bond villain and Donald Trump
BERRY GORDY speaks about working with the Motown greats
ROISIN CONATY speaks about being mistaken for Adele
Plus a performance from Motown The Musical
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by acting royalty; Richard Gere; Hollywood acting star and comedy talent, Jack Black; Master of Motown, Berry Gordy and rising comic star, Roisin Conaty. 
Richard Gere, the star of iconic movies such as An Officer and a Gentleman, Chicago and Pretty Woman joined the sofa to much applause and appreciation from the audience. Greeting the audience with handshakes, Richard started a trend that the other guests all followed before taking a seat on Jonathan’s sofa.
Richard met his Jackal co-star, Jack Black, for the first time. “Backstage was the first time we met,” Richard admitted. On working together in the future, Richard said he had never been asked to do an animated movie and Jack said, “Never say never, there could be a Kung Fu Four!” 
On one of his most famous roles, Richard shared a story of meeting Julia Roberts and explained the reason he decided to take the role. “I didn’t get it [the movie]. I just didn’t get it, I didn’t understand the part. To me, it was a suit… [I was asked to meet the director] and we got along very well and he said, ‘Richard, there’s this girl, she hasn’t done much but she’s good, she’s good.’ So she had made a few little films and she came to New York to meet me… So she came to my office and we’re talking and obviously she’s an extraordinary person as soon as she walked in, it was like a lightbulb went off and the sun was on her, she’s lit from inside, she’s incredible. So she sat across from me on the desk, Garry [Marshall, the director] left and we [Julia and I] were talking and Garry called me on my office phone and he said ‘How’s it going?’ and I [whispered to Julia] ‘It’s Gary’ and she took a piece of paper from my desk and she wrote on it, ‘Please Say Yes.’ She turned it around and I looked at it and I said [down the phone] ‘Yes’ and that was it so we decided to make that movie.”
Richard also explained that the much loved romantic film could have ended up very differently: “I never read that first script but apparently it was an extremely dark script, this was not charming or fun at all and he dumps her back into the street at the end of the movie, it wouldn’t have worked.”
On his new film, Time Out of Mind, Richard spoke about his role as a homeless man: “I wanted it to work as a document about how one functions, what do you do when you lose your place? But I wanted to work in a more metaphorical way about the internal homelessness that I think we all feel, the yearning for a tribe, family, place, the larger universe of home than just my specific home and it’s one of the things I’m most proud of that I’ve ever done.”
Richard also talked about the anxiety he felt when making the film: “I’m many levels anxious, personally I would never go there and stand on a busy corner of New York so as Richard Gere I’m anxious, as the producer of the movie, I’m anxious because if we can’t get more than 10 seconds, 15 seconds of good footage the movie won’t work… So with all this anxiety, I walk out there and we start shooting and I start panhandling [begging] with a coffee cup and pretty soon I realise nobody is paying any attention to me. The physicality of being in character there and being still in a city where everyone is moving… 45 minutes, panhandling on one of the busiest corners of New York and no one paid any attention to me. It was one of the freakiest and profound experiences of my life.”
Richard spoke about a moment when a lady offered him, as his character, help and food: “I was at one point outside of Grand Central station, I was going through garbage cans… and in the middle of a shot I get a tap on the shoulder. No one has paid attention to me for 21 days, I turn around and there’s a woman with a bag. I was in shock. No one had broken through to me and she had a bag and said, ‘It’s alright, it’s good, it’s for you.’ And I took the bag and she went away. And I tried to stay in character but it was so strange so I walked out of the shot and went to the director and said ‘did you get that?’ and he said, ‘no we had panned off at that point.’”
He continued to explain that the New York Post searched for this lady: “In 10 days they found the woman, turns out it was a French tourist it wasn’t even a New Yorker, it was a foreigner who was giving me the food. She had no idea it was me, when she was told it was me of course she freaked out.”
Celebrating Gere, who has provided some of the most iconic scenes in cinema, Jonathan showed a clip of Jack Black and himself recreating the memorable scene in An Officer and a Gentleman [Pictures available from Rex].
Comedy genius, Jack Black, joined the sofa and spoke about Donald Trump, Tenacious D and showed off his own Kung Fu moves.
Speaking to Jonathan about the current American political situation, Jack joked of Donald Trump: “Haven’t you guys ever almost elected a horrible choice? It happens. Listen, he’s not elected yet, I have faith in the voting public of the United States… Come on, Hillary, Hillary [Clinton]. Or Bernie [Sanders]. Anyone but that dude” he said referring to Trump.
He continued: “I think this is the problem, I’m a little excited about Hillary versus Trump and that’s the problem, I want that to happen and that’s why this is happening. Everybody wants to see that fight. But the entertainment level is so high, you’re playing with fire… Tell me you’re not going to tune into that debate, it’ll be fireworks baby. She’s going to take him down, she’s tough.”
Joking about if Hillary didn’t win against Trump in Florida, he said: “I’m going to move somewhere, or I’ll have to stay there and mount the resistance. That’s what you really do, you don’t leave.”
Speaking about his new movie, Kung Fu Panda, Jack showed off some of his own martial arts techniques [Pictures available from Rex]. Later in the show, he and Jonathan replicated a part in the film where Jack’s character stuffs as many dumplings as he can in his mouth. Using marshmallows the pair embarked in a challenge of their own! [Pictures available from Rex]
Jack also spoke about his co-star in the film, Jackie Chan: “The incredible Jackie Chan who weirdly, I’ve been doing this franchise for ten years, I had never met Jackie Chan until just a few weeks ago in China… I’ve been watching his movies for decades now, he’s a personal hero of mine.”
Speaking of roles outside of comedy, which he is best known for, Jack said: “Before I hit it big, I was doing all kinds of roles in theatre and school and I dabbled in the drama and I still am drawn to the dark side occasionally… I’ve done some different things.”
When Jonathan suggested that he’d love to see Jack as a Bond villain, the star said: “Ooh, I’d love to… I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.”
Jack revealed that his rock duo, Tenacious D, are working on new material: “We’re working on a new album and we do little one offs here and there, we’ve got a couple of festivals coming up in Germany actually, they love us in Germany, we’re huge in Germany… We’ve got plans, big plans.” 
On hanging out with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jack revealed: “It’s true, she invites us over to party on Easter Sunday. I’m a jew but when Angelina and Brad invite you over for an Easter Egg hunt, you go ‘yes, Lord Jesus Christ let’s do this!’” he laughed.
Motown legend, Berry Gordy, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about working with the greats; Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye. As Richard Gere walked him into the studio, Berry took his seat and started, “What a hilarious show it was phenomenal. I wanted to stay back there and see the rest of the show because it was so great,” he told Jonathan.
Speaking to Jonathan about discovering Stevie Wonder, Berry said he was encouraged by Stevie’s mother: “[Stevie Wonder’s mum] Lula was tough, she wanted everything and I didn’t even like his singing, I mean, what I liked was his harmonica playing because he was so great as a harmonica player and his singing voice, I didn't like. And she was demanding everything… She said, ‘he’s my son, he’s going to be a star but don’t take his money’... She did know best. She was a wonderful, wonderful woman.”
On working with the Jackson 5, he said: “Michael of course he was phenomenal because he could dance like James Brown, he could sing like Jackie Wilson and he was even though he was maybe 10 years old, he looked like he was 2 years old and he was singing like he’d been around for 30 years.”
Berry spoke about Marvin Gaye and his classic protest album: “Marvin was at times, very crazy. I mean he was a genius and the truest artist I’ve ever known but he had all these wild ideas about life and he was an activist but I didn’t know that because before that he was a heartthrob. He had great melodic melodies but eventually he got more and more into society, into the activism of our times and so Marvin was a person that would come to me and he would talk about police brutality and this and that on his music, on this particular record, and I said ‘You cannot really, really release this record because it’s not something that we do at Motown, we’re a pop company’ and we were not activist at that time but he sort of ended up making me an activist because he was worried about the world, pollution, brutality and all those kind of things while Motown sung about beauty and life and love.”
Berry also spoke about What’s Going On, which turned out to be a huge hit for Gaye: “He turned out to be right and when he did What’s Going On it became the biggest album that we had had, even though I said you can’t release it. But he convinced me by saying it to me and making me listen to it, Marvin was that kind of a determined person.”
Berry spoke about recording Martin Luther King’s albums: “He said he wanted me to work with him and be a part of him so I released all three of his albums and he actually signed a contract with Motown and we had a wonderful time and he was a great friend of mine.”
Rising comedy star, Roisin Conaty, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about her comedy accolades and being mistaken for Adele.
Voted Best Newcomer at The Edinburgh Festival in 2010, Roisin said: “It was a big moment - Edinburgh Festival for comics is a huge thing, it is just one of those weird surprises, anomalies that benefits you.”
On being recognised for Adele, Roisin said: “I went to the Bond premiere recently and I was walking up [the red carpet] and then this lady said to her husband very angrily, ‘Get a picture!” and he just looked me straight in the face and went ‘Who is she?’ and then the women went ‘Well done, it was Adele.’ I win in that comparison” she laughed.