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Mr Selfridge

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    9 of 10

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    Sun 03 Mar 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 10 2013 : Sat 02 Mar - Fri 08 Mar
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Award-winning actor Jeremy Piven (Entourage) leads the cast as American entrepreneur, Harry Gordon Selfridge, in new drama Mr Selfridge, about the life of the flamboyant and visionary American entrepreneur.
Episode nine:
Agnes is late getting to work having stayed at Henri’s house for the night. She meets Victor on the way into work – does he suspect that she’s got a secret?
Earnest Shackleton meets Harry at the store – he’s here to do a lecture about his expedition – and it’s causing huge excitement.
At the family home, Rosalie receives flowers from Roddy – furious with Roddy, Rose sends them back to him, but this upsets Rosalie. Rose has no choice but to explain the situation to Harry. He’s angry that Roddy has been to their house – and is suspicious of Rose. 
At the store, Mr Grove is waiting for the staff to arrive – it’s past nine o’clock and there’s a severe lack of employees ready to start work. Where is everyone? Harry’s getting frustrated when Kitty runs in and explains that they all got stuck on the tube just outside of Bond Street. 
Mr Grove hears word from the London Underground – there was a body on the line. It appears Miss Bunting has killed herself and there was a letter addressed to Harry in her purse….
As Harry reads the letter, Gordon asks why he had to sack her. Harry’s forced to re-evaluate his response. Miss Bunting stole from him but he never let her explain why. Harry feels he made a mistake and left one of his own out in the cold. He wants to cover all the costs of Miss Bunting’s funeral.
Later, Frank ‘pops’ by to see Harry. He’s lost his job and he’s hoping that Harry will see to give him a role – Head of Press maybe? But Harry’s distracted, and he’s dismissive to Frank. Frank takes the hint but he’s not happy, and Harry barely notices his friend’s disappointment. 
Having found Doris crying over Miss Buntings death, Mr Grove invites her out for a cup of tea. He’s also upset as he feels he should have been able to do more to help her.
Agnes and Henri also talk about the death. There is an intimate moment between them and Henri reaches for Agnes – just at the moment that Miss Ravillious comes into the studio. Later, Miss Ravillious talks to Agnes about her relationship with Henri, asking her outright if she’s in love with him. She urges her to be careful and to think of her career.
Valerie, Henri’s ex, comes to the store and interrupts Agnes and Henri as they work. Agnes gives her subtle blessing to Henri to spend time with Valerie – and she concentrates on getting the window finished for Shackleton.
Meanwhile, Frank goes to see Ellen rehearsing for her new play that Tony has written. Frank tells her that he’s had a run in with Harry too – Ellen takes the opportunity to get his opinion on the new play. She thinks that he’ll find it interesting….
Victor uses his time to surprise Lady Mae at home. She makes it as clear as she can that she won’t be helping Victor out with the restaurant after all. Victor feels foolish – but manages to walk away with dignity – despite Mae’s attempts to seduce him.
Back at the store, Rose and Harry are at the exhibition for Shackleton – but see that Roddy is there talking to Rosalie. Harry threatens Roddy, telling him to never come into contact with his family again – but not before Roddy informs Harry that Rose was in love with him – and that Harry should be more careful about the people that he holds dear…That evening Harry confronts Rose, but she walks away and Harry heads out for a night at the club...
Cast list:
Harry Selfridge     JEREMY PIVEN
Rose Selfridge     FRANCES O’CONNOR
Agnes Towler     AISLING LOFTUS
Lois Selfridge     KIKA MARKHAM
Mr Crabb     RON COOK
Henri Leclair     GRÉGORY FITOUSSI
Frank Edwards     SAMUEL WEST
Miss Blenkinsop     DEBORAH CORNELIUS
George Towler     CALUM CALLAGHAN
Rosalie Selfridge     POPPY LEE FRIAR
Miss Ravillious     ANNA MADELEY
Roderick Temple     OLIVER JACKSON-COHEN
Ellen Love     ZOË TAPPER
Tony Travers     WILL PAYNE
Shackleton     MARK DEXTER