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Ibiza Weekender

  • Episode: 

    9 of

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    Series 4
  • Transmission (TX): 

    Sun 11 Mar 2018
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  • Time: 

    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 11 2018 : Sat 10 Mar - Fri 16 Mar
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Episode 9
Head rep David finally has a full team of reps again and is determined to keep them on track, especially the newly reunited Jordan and Chyna. Following another bad set of scores David has kicked Chyna out of her room and put her in the communal area – hoping she will focus more on the job. 
But with the arrival of the girl guests and yet another ex of Jordan’s the rekindles romance is once again put to the test.
Meanwhile Callum’s basking in his new role as assistant head and is quick to stir the pot with Chyna and Jordan – not that it’s hard to do when Jordan openly admits his ex, Natasha, was possibly the best sex he has ever had – and it’s not long before Hayley and Callum have let Chyna know just what Jordan is saying. 
Luckily for Jordan he can count on his wingman Austin to help him out – and as Natasha takes a liking to the new rep the pressure is relieved on the couple for the time being. 
Poor David is just hoping for a drama fee weekend and with Hayley and Molly keeping the boy guests entertained while Austin and Callum look after the girls it’s yet again Jordan that makes his life hard as he breaks the rules to make a point to Chyna.
With the guests up and off the next day it’s time for David to get a hold of his team once again – and this time specifically Jordan. Following a season where Jordan’s past has repeatedly haunted him and caused most of the drama, along with his behaviour and professionalism slipping, David decides enough is enough and in a shock move fires him. 
Series overview
Twofour and Motion Content Group’s successful Weekender brand is set to return for a seventh scorching season on ITV2.
Ibiza Weekender yet again proved to be essential viewing as it grew its loyal fan base among the younger viewers throughout this year’s run. With the destination hotspot of Ibiza ever popular, an extended 10 x 60’ run on the White Isle will follow some familiar rep faces along with a few new ones eager to learn the ropes on Europe’s biggest party island.
With fixed rig cameras at the hotel, the series will capture all of the drama and reality as it unfolds. Expect high jinks, outrageous nights out and dramas around the clock.