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    Sat 21 Mar 2015
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    Week 13 2015 : Sat 21 Mar - Fri 27 Mar
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- ELIZABETH HURLEY talks about her love life, relationship with Russell Crowe and even gets a kiss from the Australian actor as part of a game of Would I Lie To You? in a rare TV interview
- RUSSELL CROWE talks about being single, meeting a 21 year old Elizabeth Hurley and shared his thoughts on the Jeremy Clarkson controversy
- DAVID MITCHELL also talks about the BBC investigation into the Jeremy Clarkson situation
- LILY JAMES admits she practised kissing Prince Charming a few times for her latest role and asks Russell Crowe to join her in Downton Abbey
For this week’s The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan was joined for a rare TV interview by actress and model, Elizabeth Hurley; acting A-lister, Russell Crowe; Comedian, David Mitchell and up-and-coming star of the big screen, Lily James.
In a rare sit down chat, British star, Elizabeth Hurley, spoke to Jonathan about the royal family, her love life and that Versace dress. She even gets a kiss from Russell Crowe as the pair sat alongside each other on the sofa.
As Russell Crowe joined the sofa, he shared a story about meeting Elizabeth Hurley back in the early 90s when he became her dog walker. He said: “Jonathan I met Elizabeth Hurley in Los Angeles in like 1992 or 93. I knew this actress called Deborah Unger, Deborah Kara Unger as she’s known professionally, and she said ‘I’ve got this friend of mine, she is in LA, she’s got this huge alsatian dog and she needs somebody to just help her walk the dog’... I have no idea who I’m going to meet so I go round to this house, knock on the door and a 21 year old Elizabeth Hurley opens the door in a men’s business shirt and nothing else and I just thought ‘thank you Jesus!’ It was just the most incredible moment and the dog was [messed] up though… His name was Nico I think… But over a period of time I would go back to walk the dog because now I knew what I was [in for]. I was one hell of an enthusiastic dog walker but luckily for me, everytime I knocked on that door Elizabeth opened the door in a men’s business shirt, I loved those days.”
When she joined Jonathan on the sofa, Elizabeth shared her side of the story: “I don’t remember the shirt but I do remember Russell, he was the sexy Australian that used to come round with our friend Deborah and he was very nice to me and Nico the dog… It was early days we were both in our 20s, we were both probably unemployed or struggling or auditioning and I remember [to Russell] you once drove me - you had a little car at the time - and you drove me under the Hollywood sign and we both sat there and had a cigarette probably at the time and we just looked at that Hollywood sign and thought ‘you know, one day’... He was very well behaved.”
Later in the interview, Liz - who admitted she’s never seen dating app Tinder - opened up about being single. “I am single. On sabbatical. I’m busy at the moment, family, work, I’m working more now than I ever have been, no time for love,” she said smiling. 
When asked by Jonathan if he too was single, Russell laughed, “I am Jonathan, I’m single, I’m separated from my wife and I’m going through an extremely slutty period of my life at the moment!” he joked.
Teasing that the two should pair up, Jonathan joked that Russell was perhaps a little “too rough around the edges for Elizabeth” with Russell laughing, “You know these country girls, they like a bit of rough!” The A-list acting pair laughed together as they sat next to each other on the sofa.
Later in the show, the pair took part in a game of Would I Lie To You? which fellow guest, David Mitchell, presents. When Russell stated to David, “Back in 1993, Elizabeth Hurley said to me that I was the greatest kisser that she’d ever experienced that week” David had to guess if he thought it was the truth or a lie. When he guessed incorrectly by saying he thought it may be true, Russell said, “I have never kissed Elizabeth Hurley in my life.” There was a sympathy groan from the audience to which Russell joked, “I’m not dead yet!”
Playing along, Jonathan said, “Well I think this would be a nice thing…” and Russell leaned over to kiss a giggling Elizabeth. [Pictures available] 
Speaking about her former flame, Shane Warne, Elizabeth said that she had nothing to do with his groomed image: “That was nothing to do with me! Nothing to do with me, not guilty.”
Speaking about that famous Versace safety pin dress, Elizabeth laughed at how famous it has become: “It’s bizarre, I don’t get it!” With Russell interjecting, “I got it!”
Liz continued: “The funny thing is I hadn’t really seen that dress full length because at the time I was living with my ex-boyfriend Hugh [Grant] in a very small humble flat and we actually didn’t have a full length mirror… So I hadn’t seen it at all until I saw it in the newspapers.”
Continuing on her ex, Hugh, she said: “We are best friends, he lives next door to me and he’s god father to my son and I’m godmother to one of his children. We’ve been apart for longer than we were together now because we were together for 13 years and we’ve been best friends for 15 so it’s quite nice.” When Jonathan joked that perhaps they were both single again now, Elizabeth said she didn’t think there would be a reunion, “I don’t think that’s going to happen but he is the best friend anyone could have.”
Elizabeth - who plays the Queen of England in her new fictional drama - spoke about the real royal family: “I’ve met Prince Charles at charity things… I love him, I think he’s fabulous, I think they’re all fabulous. As actors we have to do what we call PAs, personal appearances, and they’re quite tough work aren’t they when you have to do them, you might be doing a charity event, a hospital visit, something like that, they do it all day long and I think it’s exhausting and every single one of the real royal family that I’ve ever met, they’ve been brilliant at what they do so I’m a big supporter of them.”
Russell admitted that his eldest child was named after the Prince of Wales. “He’s actually the reason my eldest is called Charlie - I came here with my wife at the time, Danielle, heavily pregnant and we did a royal screening of Master and Commander and I sat next to him the whole thing… he was so kind and I was really impressed with him as a fellow.”
On working with acting royalty, Elizabeth spoke about Joan Collins playing her mother in her new show: “I adored her, we tried to be mother and daughter a few times in the past and it always got thwarted… they got her she came she did it and she was fantastic… My son wants us to fight because I pulled up all of the fights that she had with Krystle Carrington, they’re brilliant, and he’s like ‘mummy can’t you fight Joan?’ and I’m like, ‘She’s 80, I don’t think I can!’ But I wouldn’t mind.”
Earlier in the show, Oscar winner, Russell Crowe, spoke to Jonathan about getting older, being in a good place and shared his thoughts on broadcaster, Jeremy Clarkson.
Speaking to Jonathan, the 50 year old said: “I’ve got a situation where I’ve got no cartilage in my toes anymore, I’ve got grade four tears in both achilles, constant shin splints, I’ve got bone marrow edemas under both knees, I’ve got a degenerative hip, I’ve got a bad lower back, I’ve got ribs that pop off… Now these are all because not every take works out well… But as you get older you’ve got to be a little bit careful about the situations you put yourself into because you slow down and the negative about slowing down is, you can’t save yourself if something goes really wrong so definitely as time goes by, the level of athleticism to do a role like Gladiator, I probably quite seriously could not achieve that anymore.”
Speaking about the recent controversy surrounding Jeremy Clarkson, Russell said: “I love watching Jeremy on TV, I think he has a wonderful sensibility. Having been in this business for such a long time… I’ve done some pretty heavy days, I did a 24 hour work day with Michael Mann one time… so I can understand on the bones of what I know - because I don’t really know the situation - if he’s been head down, a*se up working and he’s requested one little thing which is to be able to eat at the end of the day then I can understand why he’d get upset.”
He continued: “The way that he showed how he was upset, I can’t go along with so maybe I have mellowed - and I feel for the other guy too because I don’t know what level of experience he’s got or whatever or how much experience he’s had with Jeremy or what else got in his way because he probably was very definitely trying to fulfill that. So bottom line is, I think it’s a storm in a teacup.”
On being happy in himself now, Russell finished: “There’s no person I know who I would think of as normal who wouldn’t get irritable at some of the stuff that you have to do. I’m just a very simple bloke, simple and complicated at the same time. I’m passionate about my work and everything but I don’t like the being put on a pedestal type of thing… [People] are actually realising that there’s an artistry to what I do and it’s really relaxing.”
Joining the sofa, comedian, David Mitchell, also shared his thoughts on the recent Jeremy Clarkson situation: “As a result the BBC are doing an investigation which will report next week. Now why does that investigation take more than eight minutes? This was an occasion when there were perhaps three to seven people present… You could do an investigation into a whole war in seven days!”
Downton Abbey star, Lily James, joined the sofa and spoke about her role in Cinderella and asked Russell Crowe to join Downton Abbey.
Joking with Russell about whether he would join the ITV drama, Russell asked if he should play the ‘Game Keeper’. Lily replied, “Yes that would be good, I could see that. The maids would definitely go crazy if you’re single!” And Russell laughed, “now you’re talking!”
On kissing Richard Madden - who plays Prince Charming in her new film - Lily said: “We had a few goes just to sort of go with it!” 
“Who could blame you?” Jonathan joked and she laughed, “I know right. It was a climactic moment of the movie!”
Liz also shared the story about kissing and mentioned the time when she was paid £50,000 to kiss someone: “I was sitting next to Elton at this big charity thing and a very nice man came up to Elton and said ‘Sir Elton, if Elizabeth would get up and kiss my son, I’ll give your charity £50,000’ and Elton looked at me and went ‘Get up!’ So I kissed him and they got £50,000 for the Aids foundation.”