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Show 9
TINA TURNER joins the show for a special interview where she opens up about her career, working with Bowie and Jagger and now enjoying retirement
ANDREW GARFIELD on being Spiderman and how he struggled with fame
CLARE BALDING on meeting the Queen, being mistaken for Sue Barker & Gloria Hunniford,  and why she can't write sex scenes
KATHERINE RYAN on dating and her daughter
Plan B performs
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show - which airs on Saturday night on ITV - Jonathan is joined by music legend, Tina Turner; Hollywood actor, Andrew Garfield; TV broadcaster, Clare Balding and comedian and presenter, Katherine Ryan.
Iconic music star, Tina Turner, joined the sofa for a special interview and spoke to Jonathan about her career, retirement and working with David Bowie and Mick Jagger.
Tina spoke openly about her hugely successful career and reasons why she went solo following her split from former husband, Ike Turner: “I walked out without anything and had to make it on my own for my family and everyone so I just went back to work for myself.”
On getting out of her difficult relationship with Ike, she explained: “It was very difficult and dangerous because Ike was a violent person and at that point he was on drugs and very insecure. I had no money. I had no place to go. But I just took a chance, I said the way out is through the door and while he was on one of his sleeping times, I just left the hotel, went out the kitchen way and down to the freeway. I remember something, during that time, I didn’t measure the speed of a car and I was running across the freeway and this big truck was coming and it [beeped it’s horn] and it felt like it was over me and I thought, ‘Well I won’t try that again.’ But I had to cross that freeway to actually get to the hotel across from where we were working.”
“So you took your life in your hands just to get away from there?” Jonathan asked.
“Yes, yes,” Tina replied.
She continued: “He kept everything. He always said ‘When you leave, you leave like you came.’”
On what made her leave him, Tina admitted: “It was just time to not take any more. It was constantly abusive, other things going on, there was no control, there was no freedom, it was just the same this, same this and the violence. You just get fed up and you say, ‘Life is not worth living if I’m going to stay in this situation.’ I stayed there as long as I did because I was trying to help, I was trying to help him from the beginning when he told me about his life and how hard it was for him to get a career going and I promised him that I would never leave him and I actually stayed because of that promise. But then it got to the point where it became really bad, really bad so it was time to go.”
Remembering the high points in her career, Tina said: “I forgot a lot of the stuff from the very beginning days of Ike & Tina because I had children too but one of the things that I remembered was the first time I got a standing ovation or an encore and it was a television show and I had finished and gone off stage and they started [clapping]. I remember I came back out and I was so excited and I said, ‘Do you mean it?’ I had never had an encore before. It was great. After that I got used to it and I found out how to handle it and to thank the people and all of that stuff.”
Tina spoke about David Bowie and Mick Jagger who were instrumental in her return to music as a soloist.
She said: “First of all, Mick wanted to do the dance. David was just a gentleman, being there in some kind of way, trying to find out what he wanted to do with Tina. They were like brothers, kind of like brothers or close, close, close friends and then I ended up doing an album with David and a live show.”
On her and Bowie’s live performance in 1985 of the song, ‘Tonight,’ Jonathan teased her about the clear chemistry between the two: “My thought watching that is you are going to go and you are going to get a room straight after this because that was chemistry, Tina!”
“That was chemistry,” she agreed.
And on the speculation about what Bowie whispered into her ear on stage to cause her to pull a shocked face, she laughed, “I’m not telling… No report on that!”
On the last time she spoke to the late David Bowie, Tina said: “I think I saw him he was performing some place in Brussels and I went to see him and I really loved the stage set where he had the musicians all in one corner and it was like he was standing on a grill, an open grill. He just had on a shirt and black trousers and guitar and [was] almost acapella, very little music. That was the actual last time that I went to his dressing room and we said ‘Hello’ and talked about the show and where he was going. And I remember the last thing he said was ‘Love you Tina’ and I said, ‘Love you David’ and that was all. Next thing I heard he was sick. And then after that, I saw Iman [David’s wife] and I asked her how he was and she said ‘He’s okay’ because they kept it under cover and then the news came that he was dying.”
On her music preferences, Tina said she always thought she had a rocky edge: “I didn’t like singing church songs for rock music, I didn’t like that. I liked rock music and I think my voice was more masculine because it’s a very deep voice, rather than a pretty voice like Diana Ross or some of the singers today, so it’s more fitting for certain songs. It was more comfortable and it sounded better.”
When Jonathan asked if she enjoys singing in the shower or keeping up her singing, she said: “I tell you what song I sing, ‘I want something just like this!’” she belts out. “I love that. That one I sing,” she said of The Chainsmokers & Coldplay hit.
Jonathan played ‘Proud Mary’ into the studio and Tina got up and started swaying and interacting with the audience. “I haven’t done that for 10 years!” she said.
Tina - who is also famed for her dance moves as well as incredible voice - said of her moves: “I don’t know what that shimmy is, I thought I did mostly footwork… It goes with the dancing, the whole body becomes one when you start the dancing so the shimmy probably came out of the movement of what the foot was doing. It was all connected.”
She also admitted she doesn’t sing and dance around the kitchen, simply saying: “A designer never wears his clothes, a singer and a dancer never dances or sings.”
Tina spoke to Jonathan about retiring from performing around 10 years ago and why she enjoys her life now.
She said: “I was always away from home, always away from home. A woman misses doing house things, decorating and shopping and just living at home, seeing the seasons of home. I never saw that, always aeroplanes, buses, cars, trains. And I just really got tired of partying every year, every night, every year, the same.”
When Jonathan asked if her life in the limelight ever wore thin, she said: “It did. Mine was two stages of that, the early stage was Ike & Tina and then I went out on my own and I actually had to do the work so it wasn’t like I could stop when I wanted to. So it was part one and part two of having to really work.”
And on being happy in her retirement, Tina said: “Yes, I tell you my last working day was here in London. Two nights before the tour was ended, I got a really bad cold and so I had to stay two days later. So I went and did the shows and they were terrific and then I got on the plane and I felt like it was the end. I was with my husband now and I said, ‘That’s it, I’m not going back, I’m going home now.’”
Award-winning actor, Andrew Garfield, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about being Spiderman and struggling with fame.
The actor spoke about being likened to Andy Murray in looks: “My friends are always trying to convince me that I look like [him]. I don’t mind. I also get Federer and Nadal so I get a Federer-Nadal-Murray love child which would be amazing!”
And on being thrust into the limelight following his portrayal of Spiderman, Andrew said he found fame strange: “It was. I kind of resisted it a lot. I was young, I was 25, 26, even though that’s arguably an adult but when I was 26, I was not an adult. It was a lot to hold. I struggled to hold it all, I kind of rejected it a lot… The work was fine, it was the attention which I struggled with to be honest, the visibility, the being known, the not being able to walk [down] the street and have a relationship or have a meal with people. I found that quite intrusive and quite difficult.”
And on when he realised things had changed, he said: “Straight after the film came out, everything just flipped. People would steal pictures of you during dinner while you’re covered in mashed potatoes and sausages, I’m a very messy eater. It was that. Interesting.”
On not returning to do a third Spiderman movie, Andrew said: “I didn’t do another Spiderman movie, you’re right. It was the right time… In all seriousness, I loved that character since I was three years old. We worked really really hard on it. I’m very, very proud of the work in it and a lot of the films I’m proud of. Some of it I struggled with. There were some creative differences, that wonderful phrase where you don’t want to talk about a subject, you say ‘creative differences.’ But also, they moved on and they found this amazing guy, Tom Holland… I really am genuinely happy they chose another Brit and I am not bitter, I am not bitter guys! I really am [pleased] though, it’s been really good to let that go.”
The actor also admitted that he still had one Spiderman suit, from the film.
On his new movie, Breathe, in which he plays a character called Robin Cavendish, he said: “I love talking about him and I love the fact that we have made this film. Our producer is a man called Jonathan Cavendish who made amazing films like Bridget Jones’ Diary amongst a lot of other things… This is the story of his parents so I am playing the producers father. And the remarkable Claire Foy is playing the producer’s mother Diana who is very much with us.”
On the remarkable story of his character, who contracted polio aged 28 and became paralysed from the neck down, Andrew said: “He was the first person living on a ventilator who decided to risk it and to leave the hospital walls and leave the constant care of doctors and nurses… He thought if I am going to live, if I choose to live, I want to live… His wife agreed and they did it and from then on they kept going further and further and further… He risked and risked and risked. He lived two minutes from death.”
On how he keeps upbeat when playing emotive and sometimes dark roles, Andrew said: “I did a play recently called Angels in America in London. We’re going to do it in New York next year. That was hard. That was seven and a half hours of an AIDS epidemic on stage basically so me and the cast had to figure out a way to keep things light… In between shows, the cast, we would have to keep each other up so we would play a game I made up called The Game of Giddiness and Freedom. It’s my trademark.” 
BAFTA award winning, Clare Balding, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about meeting the Queen and why she won’t be writing fiction for adults any time soon.
Clare spoke about meeting the Queen when her father used to train horses for her: “My dad trained for the Queen so growing up, she would come and see the horses, and my brother still does train for the Queen. So she’d come and see the horses about once a year and sometimes he’d forget to tell us that the Queen was coming so you’d have that situation where you came back to the house, the Queen was there for breakfast, that was really odd and he’d forgotten to tell us… I thought it was a bit odd because we weren’t having breakfast the way we usually had it, it was all a bit smarter. I was meant to curtsey but I forgot because I ran in and thought ‘cooked breakfast, fantastic, sausages!’”
Speaking about meeting the Royals more recently, she told a story about when she hosted a parade for Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday Celebrations: “At the end of it all, the Royal party did a walk about and they came down to the stage and it was the only time during all of the celebrations where the Queen gave a speech and she was coming up on to the stage, followed by Prince Philip, Prince William, Prince Harry were there and I was the only one on stage… The steps as they came up had one rail and I was terrified because I suddenly thought, the Queen is leading this party, Prince Philip is right behind her. If she falls, frankly I think two of them are going down, what do I do? What is protocol here? Do I run forward and try and save the situation or do I not? Luckily she didn’t fall up the stairs!”
Clare - who also writes children’s books - said she will not be writing fiction for adults as she doesn’t want to write sex scenes: “I was a bit scared about writing adult fiction because I didn’t want to write sex scenes. I don’t want to write them. I don’t want to write about sex because it’s embarrassing. I don’t want to write about it.”
She continued: “Jilly Cooper I know quite well and I was interviewing her at the Literary Festival and she said to me, ‘Why haven’t you written adult books? Don’t be ridiculous, don’t be ridiculous!’ And I said I just don’t think I can write about sex. And she just said, ‘Close your eyes and think of England, get on with it!’ I can write romance. Maybe I just need to write a gentle romance. I don’t want to end up being nominated for bad sex awards.”
She also joked that the horse riding world can be very saucy: “It’s racing world, Jonathan, oh they never stop. Riding, riding, riding, riding. Riding some more. Ride a finish!” Then she made a whipping gesture.
Clare also shared a story admitting she has been mistaken for other famous TV broadcasters before: “Frequently. As far as some people are concerned, the same blonde woman who does sport on the television is the same person and that is Sue Barker. Sue is a very good friend of mine and I will text her and say ‘You’re a really big hit in’ wherever… I’m also really tempted to swear because I think they won’t think that Sue swears and then they’ll go, ‘That Sue Barker has a filthy mouth.’ I once had a really extraordinary situation in Ireland, this guy had a really long conversation with me in the bar and [kept saying] ‘You look so much younger in the flesh... Come on Gloria, what are you drinking?’ And I told Gloria Hunniford this story because that’s who he thought it was. I felt really bad that I’d taken Gloria’s drink from her!”
Comedian, writer and presenter, Katherine Ryan, joined the show.
Speaking about her daughter - who was born in the UK - the Canadian comedian said: “I’m from a garbage town, true trash… My daughter though will just throw out terms… She was swimming and she said, ‘Mummy prepare my towel’... And then I was crying about another failed relationship - you know me - and she said ‘Don’t cry mummy, that boy was a nuisance.’ So then I had to google ‘nuisance.’ You’re very fancy... I recommend having a British child, it’s like having a tiny ineffective butler at home!”
Joking that she finds people are on her case to have another child, Katherine said she is single and joked: “I am out of the game. I am going to remain single until the age that Celine Dion is now… She is like a Kylie Jenner older than I am. I think women have this pressure… I have this lady on the school run… this woman is on my [case].”
On dating, she said: “I was dating a boy for a while and then he moved to Japan, which I feel is overkill. Go to Bristol, I won’t follow you!”
She also said she won’t be using dating apps like Tinder or Bumble: “No, I wouldn’t… My daughter is eight years old and I’m acutely aware that she is only mine for a little while longer then she’ll be off doing her own thing. I won’t be pressured by people who tell me ‘You’ve got to settle down and have another baby’ I don’t. ‘You’re running out of time!’ We’re all running out of time… I think that I’m acutely aware that my grandmother wouldn’t have been allowed to [buy a flat] or have a bank account or carry a passport without the signature of a man so I just thought that it was really amazing to me to have a property and to put my daughter in a property as an immigrant, single mum… So now I’m decorating it… One day when I’m an older lady, maybe then I’ll have a boyfriend.”
She also spoke about her TV show, Your Face or Mine, which she presents alongside Jimmy Carr. The show puts couples and relationships in tricky situations to see how they fair and Katherine said she would go on as a contributor: “I think I probably would. We get 20 year olds in there and I just think, ‘Look, you’ve not got kids or a mortgage or anything to actually fight about and if you cannot survive this show then you should not be together anyway.”
On Jimmy, she said: “I love Jimmy… He’s a grafter like me.”