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Series overview
The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series this autumn on ITV.
Jonathan will present the new series which will feature even more entertaining, open and exclusive interviews with stars from stage, screen, comedy and sport. There will also be performances from popular, current talent from the UK and across the pond.
The last series uncovered a host of exclusives from the world of showbiz and sport including interviews with Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Grace Jones, Sheridan Smith, Tina Turner, Peter Kay and Jeremy Clarkson.
Previous series have also seen rare and exclusive interviews with the likes of pop icon, Britney Spears. Plus Hollywood stars such as Michael Douglas, Amy Schumer, Renee Zellweger, and John Malkovich who all appeared on the show and were joined by some of the greatest music stars around; Little Mix and Robbie Williams to name a few.
Episode 9
BOYZONE on 25 years in pop, singing with Pavarotti and remembering Stephen Gately
EMMA WILLIS on giving birth, the end of Big Brother and working amidst the CBB Roxanne Pallett controversy
BRENDAN O’CARROLL gives Jonathan the ‘Mrs Brown’ makeover and talks about how the show came about
CHABUDDY G on rebranding Boyzone
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by Irish boyband, Boyzone; TV host, Emma Willis; Writer, producer and comedian, Brendan O’Carroll and comedy character, Chabuddy G.
Reuniting on the sofa to celebrate 25 years of their success, Boyzone members, Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch, Keith Duffy and Mikey Graham, spoke to Jonathan about their experiences of 25 years in pop, singing with Pavarotti and the late Stephen Gately.
Ronan said of the band’s success: “We got lucky, there were loads of other bands like us, loads of pop bands trying to be the next big thing and we got lucky in the right place, right time with the right song.”
On some of their fondest memories over the 25 years of the band, Ronan said: “It was a bit of a blur. The nineties were magic, it was a brilliant time for us. The hit singles and the experiences that we had, it was crazy. The rooms we played in, arenas, stadiums, and singing with people like Pavarotti, it was mad, you never would have imagined it at 16 years of age. We got really lucky. We worked hard. Those first six years were gruelling for the five of us,we were probably home in Ireland three or four weeks of the year, but we weren’t complaining, it was an amazing experience.”
Recounting the story of singing with the legendary Pavarotti, the band admits it almost didn’t happen.
Ronan said: “We got off stage in Dublin and we all went home, got up the next morning and Pavarotti had sent a plane for us to fly us to Modena for the ‘Pavarotti and Friends’ gig. We arrived at the airport and it was a banger, this thing was an absolute wreck, it didn’t look safe, it was a rust bucket.”
Keith explains he was the only one who got on the plane: “It was fine, I went on it! I had to, we had a magazine doing a photo shoot with us and if we didn’t go, we were going to look like Prima Donnas. Listen, the plane was fine, they had hangovers and didn’t want to travel.”
Mikey laughs: “We were at the airport, we saw the plane and we decided no way were we getting on that plane.”
Keith said: “We found out the flight was only for a sound check, the gig wasn’t until the day later than that so the boys thought, ‘Let’s call this plane a banger and not go until the next day,’ so I went thinking I’ll get over there, I’ll get a good sleep because we’d had a good party after our last night on tour… We were going over to sing ‘No Matter What’ and Ronan and Stephen sang the lead versus of ‘No Matter What’. I get picked up at the airport, get into my hotel, get into bed and I think ‘I’m going to sleep until the boys’ get here tomorrow.”
He explains there was then a knock on the door and he was asked to go to the sound check with Pavarotti: “I did get down to this huge, big place, and there’s Luciano Pavarotti standing on stage greeting me… ‘No Matter What’ starts and I don’t even know the words!”
They also spoke about Louis Walsh, who put the band together and managed them for most of their career.
Shane said: “When we met Louis for the first time he promised us the sun, moon and stars and he set out to do that for sure. Realistically, in terms of deliverance we were a global band but he had an amazing way, we called it ‘the dart board tour’ where when we set out in the early days of laying the foundations of Boyzone and going out and seeing the people, old school travel, there was no logistics to the tour, it was literally [like throwing at a] dart board and wherever it landed we seemed to go from the top of Ireland to the bottom of Ireland, across Ireland, there was no pattern that would make any sense or regulation and I think that was part of what broke us in the beginning because we were just all over the place from the beginning. Louis is a great man, he’s had great bands [after us] so we’ve got a lot of thanks to Louis.”
On their fifth member, Stephen Gately, who passed away in 2009, Jonathan said: “He died way too young and it was just terribly sad of course and it must be, I would have thought, quite strange for you now to be saying goodbye to the band and he’s not part of it anymore, that must be a difficult thing for you…”
Keith said: “We always look at it that he is part of it. When the four of us are together, he is very much in the room. We always make sure that we respect his memory by keeping it alive in everything that we try to do. Even with the new album that is coming out now, there is a song on the album that Stephen sings on which is quite amazing for us.”
Mikey explained: “He is involved in the farewell process. A producer that Stephen had worked with roughly 17 years ago, had found this old tape with a song on it that he recorded and he sent it into the record company, we did a bit of work with it to make it usable because obviously the production had dated on it and it made the album so we are delighted that that surfaced at this time.”
Ronan says: “It’s a great way to end it. It’s the last track on the album, which is a nice thing to do and then when we go on tour we have so much great footage of Stephen so we get to show that footage and his vocals will be part of the tour. Like he says, when the four of us are together we feel like he is in the room so it’s a celebration of his life as well.”
On fond memories of Stephen, Keith said: “He had names for us all, he didn’t call us what you might call us. For Ronan, he called him Rosaline. And he called Shane, Shanice. And he called Mikey, Michaela and I was Kitty.” 
On the struggles of fame, Keith said: “I think over time we all struggled, at different stages throughout our career we all struggled… From time to time you do make mistakes and you’re picked up on it.”
On their forthcoming retirement tour, Ronan said that it genuinely is the last time they’ll work together as a band: “We’ve had 25 brilliant years, Jonathan, it’s been amazing, we’re blessed. Ups and downs, losing Stephen, ever since then the band has never really felt the same obviously and we thought let’s just go out on a high, do it right, do it our way. So we made an album we’re very proud of, we want to go out on this big tour. It feels right, it feels good and that’s genuine from us all.”
Keith adds: “A lot of bands don’t want to remember how they broke up because it’s usually nasty. We were just giving ourselves the opportunity to write our own finish and to go out, instead of trying to milk it to the very end and squeeze the life out of it, we’ve got a very successful tour coming up and we all feel the work we’ve done on this album is the best work we’ve done ever, we’re very proud of this album and I just think to write our own ending is a nice way to go out.”
Ronan added: “We’ve all got so much going on it just felt this is the time to do it, do it our way.”
TV host, Emma Willis, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about the end of Big Brother, working amidst the recent Roxanne Pallett controversy and giving birth.
On the recent controversy on Celebrity Big Brother involving Roxanne Pallett, Emma explained: “They were a very tactile house and there was lots of training together and boxing and playflighting and everybody seemingly getting on. Ryan walked past her one day and did a little shuffle around her which most people, kind of everybody I think, was like ‘it’s nothing’ and all of a sudden she walked into the bedroom and started talking to Big Brother on her microphone saying ‘he really hurt me’ then she goes into the Diary Room, breaks down and said she feels like she’d been attacked. It was like watching a soap opera, the way it unravelled was just baffling really.”
Emma continued: “One thing I spoke to her about was that she obviously felt something and watching it as a viewer we were all baffled as to why she had been hurt. He has got a big ring on and she did say afterwards, maybe that was what felt so bad but I think there are also, maybe she has experienced things in the past, you just don’t know how somebody is going to react to something and that’s the thing you have to manage as well.”
Jonathan says if the scene hadn’t been filmed, it could have been career crumbling for Ryan Thomas and Emma replies: “100 per cent. That was what was so hard watching it. You could see him crumbling and his tears in the Diary Room and he was just baffled as to what was going on. I think it was hard for production as well because they’d tried to make it such a genuine series with not giving housemates too much information and stripping it back to how it used to be and that was where, do you tip the balance, do you change anything or do you just let things happen naturally which is what they were trying to do.”
Boyzone’s Shane talks about when he went on Celebrity Big Brother: “I think it was one of the hardest shows I ever did. I love the show, am an avid watcher and was really excited to do it and then when I got there, I slipped into a bit more of work ethic. I treated it like a one month live interview. I was broken after it, I was real tired, mentally, after.”
Joking about what she’ll do after Big Brother finishes for good, Emma said: “Well I need a new job! I need something to fill that void. I spend four months of my year working on it so that’s four months to fill. I hope they do [bring it back] it would be lovely if, even if it just made it’s twentieth birthday and they had a big celebratory year somewhere would be really nice. But everything needs a rest or a break or a new home or something.”
On training to be a Maternity Care Assistant for her latest TV show, Emma admitted it made her broody: “It was amazing and terrifying in equal measure. This could have been my life so you get to have a little snippet of what your life could have been like but you still get to have this lovely telly side of it as well, the way you’re seeing it… Initially I got very broody because babies smell amazing and they’re cute and you just want to cuddle them… And then you come in a couple of days later and you see that knackered mum with sore nipples and bits hurting and the sleepless nights and you go, ‘Do you know what, I’ve got three crackers.’”
On her own experience of having a difficult birth, she said: “My first [birth] was very difficult. When we weren’t filming I was still working so I would shadow the Maternity Care Assistants that were having to train me and they were going into theatre to do a repair on a woman… I went in and I was not prepared for that.  I wanted to see everything. I went in for the repair and I was very overwhelmed. I remembered basically what had happened to me when I’d spent years not thinking about it then you see it visually then I hit the deck, fainted out cold.”
Star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, Brendan O’Carroll, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about how the show began and gives Jonathan the Mrs Brown makeover!
On how Mrs Brown’s Boys came about, Brendan explained it started when he was drafted in to read stories on the radio that he didn’t find funny so he offered his own work as an alternative: “I started Mrs Brown on the radio. A radio DJ invited me in and used to get fellas in who were currently gigging to read some whacky stuff out of newspapers… He brought me in to do this and he must have seen me roll my eyes and I said, ‘It’s just not funny’... And he said, ‘Do you think you can do better?’ and I said, ‘Let it roll.’”
He continued: “Afterwards we had a cup coffee… and off the top of my head I said ‘I’m writing a comedy soap opera, five minutes, five days a week, it’d be great on radio.’ He asked me what it was called and on the way in to the studio I was listening to the news and it was Louise Brown’s 18th birthday, who was the first test tube baby and she’d changed so many lives that one event and I was thinking about the Browns so I said, ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys.’ I went home and wrote the first five episodes and got anybody I knew who could come in and record a voice [for example] Bugsy who plays Grandad, he was my window cleaner. I had an actress booked to play Mrs Brown but she had a kidney infection and couldn’t come in and I’d already paid for the studio so I thought I’d record everything, I’ll do her lines and when she’s well I’ll dub her voice in.” Obviously the show ended up keeping Brendan’s voice because it worked so well.
Jonathan admits he thought Mrs Brown was genuinely a woman, rather than Brendan dressed up. Brendan says: “Sadly a couple of elderly gentleman come up to the door with flowers and want to ask her [out]... What the security staff do is [say] ‘We’ll make sure she gets the flowers.’”
Comedy character, Chabuddy G, joined the sofa and gave some advice to Boyzone.
Speaking to fellow guests, Boyzone, Chabuddy says: “Lads, I’m a big fan, and Boyzone are obviously legends. You are getting on a bit… Don’t go, rebrand yourself! Think about it, Manzone. You can sing about back problems.”