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Paul O'Grady: For The Love Of Dogs

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    9 of 11

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    Thu 06 Nov 2014
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    8.30pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 45 2014 : Sat 01 Nov - Fri 07 Nov
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Paul O’Grady is back at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, meeting the latest residents that need treatment, training and ultimately new homes.
In this new eleven-part series, Paul visits Battersea homes at Brands Hatch in Kent and Old Windsor in Berkshire as well as the iconic Battersea London site, meeting the happy-go-lucky dogs, as well as those dogs that are lucky to be alive. 
As always, Paul helps to care for the canines, feeding them, walking them and accompanying them during treatment. He learns about how each dog ended up in the home, hearing stories that are heart-warming as well as heart-breaking. 
This week, Paul meets Duke the Dalmatian, who has been nicknamed Houdini by staff at the Brands Hatch centre due to a very special talent. Four-year-old Duke is a master of escapology and remarkably able to open locked doors. 
Staff believe that he has developed his skill when his previous owners left him at home during the day and he hates being locked up so much that he has learnt to open doors. Duke dazzles Paul with his amazing trick, but can the staff at Battersea find a new owner who can oversee Duke’s escaping antics?
Paul says: “I can see him going and getting a key cut, he’s so smart…God, he’s clever, isn’t he?” 
Paul meets another mischievous pooch this week, adorable Snoopy, who has an unexplained hatred of postmen. 
Paul can sympathise: “I’m not too keen on them, especially when they knock on the door at half seven. I don’t mind if they come after twelve, I love them then. But if you come at the crack of dawn you get your head bit off. In fact I’m probably more dangerous than Snoopy!” 
Dog handler Brian devises a training plan for Snoopy to try and overcome the problem. Eager to help, Paul dons a postman’s outfit, while Brian attempts to distract Snoopy with some food. Can they get Snoopy back on the straight and narrow? 
Meanwhile, five six-month-old puppies arrive at Battersea’s London centre. All are swiftly and successfully re-homed with the exception of Coffee, who cannot be re-homed due to a problem with her left leg. 
Vet Phil x-rays Coffee’s leg and confirms she has a small fracture but hopes the injury may heel itself.
Phil says: “Goodness knows how she’s managed to do it. She’s probably just jumped and caught the leg in a bad way. I’m really hoping we don’t have to do any sort of surgical intervention. With a bit of luck, a bit of rest, a nice warm bed, a bit of pain relief, it might heal itself.” 
Energetic pup Coffee refuses to take it easy and some special care is required from vet nurse Suze. But when a problem becomes apparent with Coffee’s other leg, the staff at Battersea are concerned. 
Fearing she may never walk again, there is no option but for head vet Shaun to perform major surgery and an emotional Suze looks on as the incredibly delicate operation gets underway.