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    Sat 13 Dec 2014
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    Sat 13 Dec 2014
BORIS JOHNSON speaks about being Prime Minister, feeling sorry for Ed Miliband and says he won’t be making Boris Bike helmets mandatory
TULISA opens up for the first time about her difficult year, her surgery and why she believes God was testing her over the past year
JAMES CORDEN speaks about flying with Kate and Wills, baby number two and his US chat show
JON HAMM talks about the Mad Men finale and says he won’t be letting Keith Lemon into his house.
KEITH LEMON talks about his new show and Kim Kardashian
And a music performance from Paloma Faith
On tonight’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show - which will air at 10.35pm on ITV - Jonathan is joined by Mayor of London Boris Johnson, N Dubz star Tulisa, actor and comedian James Corden, US actor Jon Hamm and presenter Keith Lemon.
Boris Johnson joined Jonathan to talk about his political rivals, the possibility of him becoming Prime Minister and Boris Bikes.
Speaking about wearing helmets being made mandatory when riding Boris Bikes, Boris explained: “They tried making the helmets mandatory in Australia and people just stopped taking the bikes. I think the health benefits of encouraging cycling outweigh, in my view, the risk and actually the medical evidence is mixed on this… Tragically when you look at the people who have accidents in London we obviously have a small number of fatalities and quite a large number of minor accidents and most of them have nothing to do with the helmet and the fatalities almost never so I hesitate to say this… but the reality is we are not going to make wearing helmets on the hard bikes mandatory because it would discourage cycling and I want to encourage cycling!”
Boris - who Jonathan said had a way of coming across as a “popular politician” - said that politics is changing because politicians are fearful of backlash on social media and in the press: “That is having a very sterilising and pasteurising effect on politics” he said, “because everybody is terrified of the ‘Twit storm’ that will happen if you say something out of line.”
Continuing his point, Boris talked about Anne Jenkin’s recent comments about the poor choosing porridge over cereal: “Anne Jenkin made a point the other day about porridge. She said it was cheaper to have porridge than to have cereal or something like that... Everybody immediately came in on her and as far as I can make out, it’s true. Is porridge not cheaper than cereal? I haven’t done any original research on this matter… [to James Corden who was sat alongside Boris] You Google it. Unless you’re prepared to say things which may be different you won’t get your message across.” After James Corden searched and found porridge to cost less than cereal, Jonathan added: “I suspect the controversy wasn’t based merely on the price point it was that it seemed dismissive and elitist that someone would say ‘if the poor did this instead of that’ when it’s a situation in which they have next to no actual experience.”
Boris finished, “OK - that I can see, on the other hand beneath that, there was a truth [in what Anne said].”
Speaking about being Prime Minister one day, James Corden said “it would be an utter disaster, I don’t know why anyone would get into politics.” “It’s got to be done, somebody’s got to do it” Boris persuaded.
On his position in Parliament and whether he would ever be Prime Minister, Boris said: “I’ve got another 18 months to be Mayor of London and I’m going to do my damndest to discharge all the things I said I was going to do, there’s an awful lot still to be done… People have spotted this problem with Ed Miliband which is basically that he is tanking, he doesn’t have a real programme for the economy.” He later added, “The reality is I look at the situation now, I’m well struck in years, I’m 50. I’ve been very, very lucky  to be Mayor of London, I always said I thought that would probably be the biggest job I ever held in public life.” And on where to look for the next country leader, Boris said, “Don’t worry about the polls, look at Betfair [online betting site]... Have a look at Betfair now, the single most likely outcome is a Conservative victory at the next election according to the pundits.”
Speaking about whether he feels sorry for Labour Party leader, Boris said: “Sometimes I do, sometimes I write an article in the Telegraph and afterwards I think ‘I’ve really kicked him in the slats.’ I think ‘that was too mean.’ But then on the other hand he is proposing to lead our country.”
On whether he thinks the Liberal Democrats will survive after this period, Boris joked: “I think in so far as all subatomic particles survive there will be some residue yes, there will be something left.” And on UKIP, Boris said, “UKIP doesn’t seem to me to have a positive agenda. I see what they don’t like, I’m not quite sure what they do like.”
Speaking about his time as a local MP, Boris told a story about someone he met in his advice surgery: “I once had a woman come into my surgery… She said that she had terrible trouble pursuing the father of her child for maintenance because he was an identical twin and she had actually managed to have relations with both twins and so the DNA was inconclusive… Solomon himself could not have sorted that one out. I was flummoxed, I was stumped, I did my best I think.”
Speaking about the leader of the opposition, James Corden shared a story about his son playing Hide and Seek with some children in the park. The father of the boys turned out to be Ed Miliband. “I’m thinking ‘this is a weird game of Hide and Seek’” James laughed before Boris joked, “In a way, that’s what he’s still doing with his economic policy, he’s searching for it everywhere and it’s just proving a bit elusive at the moment.”
Singer Tulisa joined the sofa and opened up for the first time about her difficult past year which saw her involved in a drugs trial case.
Speaking about the recent negative period in her life, Tulisa revealed:  “Where I’m at now, I would describe it as the kind of life experience that you can’t buy. It felt like I fit 10 years into one… I feel like I’ve taken a lot of positives from it and I’ve had a real journey, learnt a lot of life lessons in the year that I’ve had and I feel like I’ve grown and changed in ways that I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t have happened.”
Speaking about being arrested and sent to trial following a story that appeared in the newspaper, Tulisa said: “It’s hard because I don’t want to sit here and dwell on things… I genuinely had my ups and downs throughout the year, I had moments when I woke up in the morning and I was like ‘I can do this, I’m gonna get through this. I’m gonna come back bigger and better than ever’ and then there were days when I was literally crying my eyes out on the bathroom floor with a bottle of vodka. It really did vary on the day and the moment but I would say my overall approach to the situation was to stay strong and I knew in my mind I had to stay strong, I didn’t really have a choice.”
Speaking about the reaction she felt her fans had to her, Tulisa said: “I feel like my relationship with the public was in the process of changing a little bit beforehand and that was just the cherry on the cake... I don’t want to bring it up again [but] for me a change with the public all started off when the tape [sex tape featuring Tulisa] came out. That really destroyed me on a personal level, on a mental level and I think I struggled with being a public figure because I felt it was being in the industry and this lifestyle that had made me feel like this. [I thought] ‘If I wasn’t famous the tape wouldn’t be everywhere, I wouldn’t be this way’ and I got a little bit bitter a bit defensive and because I felt like everyone was judging me from it, I then had a chip on my shoulder… Playing the tough girl but deep down I was devastated but unfortunately I wasn’t just being honest saying ‘look I’m going through a hard time’... I feel like the public looked at me and saw that defensive side of me as being a bit bitter… I was getting a little bit lost along the way and then this happened and then it was like, I just woke up and I was like ‘I’m finished.’”
Speaking of the time when she stepped out of the limelight during the recent case, Tulisa said she stayed with family and friends up north and started working on music again: “I had to. I felt like honestly there was nothing else for me to do other than get in the studio. I had to see light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I was mentally preparing myself for the worst, I was like ‘if I accept the worst then there’s just no hope for me’ so I had to prepare myself like I was going to come back from this and that meant going to the studio. I started gymming it, training, exercising, things that I’d never [do]… and I was just having lifestyle changes… And it was like a bit turn around for me.”
Speaking about putting the past year behind her, Tulisa said: “I am a religious person and I am spiritual and for me it did feel like it was just one big test that God was throwing at me to give me a bit of a wake up call, a year of enlightenment and put my life into perspective.”
Tulisa - who revealed that she is currently single - said her new song, Living Without You isn’t about a man: “When I first heard the song, I loved everything about it, musically the beat the production and the lyrics was the one thing that bugged me because I thought ‘if I had a break up I would never deal with it like that’. There’s quite a big level of desperation in the song so it wasn’t about a guy for me but then I thought about it and I thought it actually relates to the year I’ve had and my relationship with the fans and the music.”
Speaking about her return to the stage, Tulisa opened up about an emotional performance at GAY recently: “That was the moment when I was like ‘it’s really over.’ Even once the hoo-haa was over and done with, I still didn’t feel like I’d overcome it until I got back on stage… I was quite nervous because it was the first show in so long so I’ve created the little alter ego the female boss before I strut on stage… and then I came off stage two hours later crying my eyes out [saying] ‘it was wonderful’ so I saved the emotions for later.”
On surgery rumours, Tulisa admitted she has had enhancement but no surgery: “To clarify, I haven’t had surgery. Surgery is ‘going under the knife,’ breaking bones, adding stuff in. I simply just had cosmetic enhancement, it’s just a little bit of filler which I put a little bit in my cheeks and in my lips. Unfortunately I had water retention so my face reacted so I had to try and get rid of the filler I had in my cheeks and now I just have it in my lips. I like having my lips done, it’s my personal thing, it makes me happy. I’m honest about it, I could lie, at least I’m telling the truth!”
Funny man, James Corden, spoke to Jonathan about being a father, flying with the Royals and his American chat show.
On a recent flight home from New York, James revealed he shared a cabin with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: “I was flown in first class which I never have done before, it’s amazing, it was bigger than my first flat, it’s great and I was in the cabin with William and Kate… My first thought was ‘if this plane goes down, I’m not getting a mention, zero, if anything I’ll be to blame for the overload’... When I was led off the plane they tried to get us off quite quickly and I’m in this queue with these other people and I’ve got my headphones in listening to Uptown Funk and I’m walking out and as I’m walking out this side door just opens and these people start walking out and going down these steps and I’m like ‘Disney have really looked after me on this trip, this is amazing. I don’t have to get on the train thing,’ and I’m walking down and this hand [stops me]” After being sent back onto the plane by Royal Security, James joked that he tried to hitch a ride home: “I’m looking at this Jaguar and these Range Rovers and I’m thinking ‘ah just give me a lift, you know I’m alright’” He laughed, “As I got my bag I thought ‘technically I can say, I’ve slept with the future King of England, we all slept together, we were all asleep…’ I gave it my best to make eye contact.”
Speaking about taking on his presenting role for The Late Late Show in America, James joked that he doesn’t know how long it will go on for “until it gets cancelled!” he laughed.
“It’s ridiculous, however much it makes no sense to you, it makes less to me, believe me…” he said of taking on the presenting role,  “I’m really looking forward to it, I’m going to really try my best… It’s gobsmacking to be offered such a show, your own show on American TV. It just felt like something that I would regret so much if turned it down and I thought ‘I’d rather regret doing something than not doing something.’”
Talking about the show enabling him to be around for his family, James said that was key: “I realised when I was [performing in a] play I really like a day that has a focus to it. I like working towards a point where everybody involved is working towards that moment… You work towards that 7.30 and then you really try your best to do the best show and then when it’s gone if it’s been a disaster there’s another one tomorrow and if it’s been great you’ve got to forget about it because there’s another one tomorrow. The challenge of that excites me and also just being able to be around for my family and not be sort of be disappearing [for work].
When someone offers you an opportunity to be a present and constant husband and father then that’s all you can really do… Who am I to pass up such a gift to talk to America every night, try my best to make them smile while they fall asleep…”
Joking with Jonathan about the time of night the show will be on, James admitted: “It’s on ridiculously late. It’s on at 12.30 it’s a strange one… When I told my dad that it was on at 12.30 [half past midnight] he just couldn’t even compute that people would even make television at such an hour and he just went ‘Well when does it end?’ and I said ‘it ends at half past one’ and he just went ‘Well why don’t you call it ‘The Early Early Show’ rather than The Late Late Show’. I’m nervous about it, I really am... I’ll be calling you for advice!” he said to Jonathan.
On the birth of his second child, James said: “It’s great, she’s lovely. It’s hard work thought isn’t it, it’s graft. One is like you’ve got a nice pet and two is like you’ve bought a zoo.”
Mad Men star, Jon Hamm, joined the guests and joked about people expecting him to be like his character, Don Draper, in reality: “It rarely lives up to expectations,” he started, “I’m never as cool as Don Draper… I don’t think you’d really want to base your life choices on Don Draper’s life choices, I think that’s probably a pretty poor decision making process.”
On the Mad Men finale which is due to air in Spring next year, Jon said he is happy with the ending: “It’s been difficult to sit on the knowledge… I was very pleased with how it ends, I think it ends in the style and the spirit of the show. It’s surprising I think, it will be surprising for people. I look forward to people having seen it and then we can all talk about it” he teased.
On social media, Jon said he isn’t involved with Twitter or Facebook: “I am blissfully unaware of how Social Media works and I can’t fathom the desire to be on it and it makes me feel old but it is what it is . I just can’t do it.”
Comedian Keith Lemon joined the sofa and joked with Jonathan and Jon about whether Jon would allow his house to be used on Keith’s show Through The Keyhole: “No absolutely not, you could come to my house in LA… I don’t live there anymore!” the US star joked.
Speaking about his new show which sees Keith dress up as the Kardashians, giving them a comedy persona, he asked Jon about his time meeting Kim: “I think they’ll like any kind of publicity that they get,” Jon started, “I got in a Twitter argument and I don’t have a Twitter account so I lost it…” he laughed, adding, “Kim and I were on a television programme together… She couldn’t have been more pleasant,” “What does she smell like?” Keith asked and Jon simply replied, “ambition.”