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    Series 9 2015
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    Sat 12 Dec 2015
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    Week 51 2015 : Sat 12 Dec - Fri 18 Dec
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    Fri 11 Dec 2015
LEWIS HAMILTON speaks in his first major interview since becoming world champion. He discusses single life and living life to the full
JOHN BISHOP talks about teaching his sons his best chat up lines
KARA TOINTON & MEL GIEDROYC talk about their upcoming performances in The Sound of Music Live. They also share their Strictly predictions
And a musical performance from Hozier
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by racing champion, Lewis Hamilton; Funny man, John Bishop; actress, Kara Tointon and Bake Off’s Mel Giedroyc. Singer songwriter, Hozier, also performs.
Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, joined the sofa for his first big interview since he won the World Grand Prix championship for the third time.
Speaking about winning the accolade and whether it feels different the third time, Lewis said: “It feels better the third time I think. Also, Ayrton Senna was always my favourite driver. I started watching when I was five and I always wanted to be him so to think I’ve now equalled him in the championships, that’s an amazing feeling. The first [time I won], I think I was only 23. For some reason I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I have the last two. I don’t know, I think when you first get to Formula One… you’re prepared to be able to drive from all your training from before but in terms of being in front of the media and everything like that, I had no preparation for that and also in that last race, I don’t know if you remember in 2008, I had it and I lost it, I had it and I lost it. I came across the line and I thought I’d lost it. I was an emotional wreck.”
Speaking about Michael Schumacher - who has won the championships seven times - he said: “I think he’s a legend, I grew up watching Michael and saw his success but I don’t know why, I think my whole life was just about Ayrton, it wasn’t about any of the other drivers… Right now I’m in a weird place because I’ve now reached that level that Ayrton had in terms of the championship and I’m kind of like, ‘what’s next?’ but I’ve just signed for three more years so I guess I’m going to be fighting for the championship again.”
Speaking about still enjoying the sport, Lewis said: “I’ve been racing 22 years but I love driving, when you get in the car it is ridiculous. There’s only 20 of us that do it and when you get in the car it’s so fast, you just cannot imagine how cool the car is so of course I enjoy it.” 
Describing the moment when he knows he has won a race, Lewis said: “Your whole racing career, your whole life goes flashing before your eyes. You start thinking about everything that you’ve gone through, the trials and tribulations, what my dad did to get me here, the sacrifice that went in… It’s just crazy to think where we came from.”
And on the busy racing season, Lewis joked he might be ready to give up: “This year I’ve done 115 flights and I’m feeling it. I’m ready just to retire!” he laughed.
On whether he is careful away from the track, Lewis said he wasn’t: “I’m a lot different to most sports men and women. Every sports men and women that I’ve ever met, they don’t do anything but their job. I do everything that I’m not supposed to do and I don’t know, I think I try to be very careful in how I do things but I do lots of dangerous sports.”
“I do everything, I literally do everything… My auntie passed a few years ago and she was one of my best friends and before she passed away, she said ‘I worked all my life, I worked so hard and there’s so many things I wanted to do, I didn’t even get to do the things that I dreamed of doing’ and she was like, ‘make sure you live every moment as if it’s your last’ so that’s what I do. My dad used to say, ‘wait until you’re 40, until you retire, to ski,’ for example and I understand in one respect but I want to make sure I enjoy so I try and do a little bit of everything - I love exploring and learning new things.”
Lewis admitted he is a single man at the moment and said he was enjoying single life: “Yes it’s different, I’ve been in two relationships in my life, I was 18 to 22 and 23 to 30 and so I missed the single life that all my friends had and now I’ve just been throwing myself at work, I’ve worked harder than ever this year, as I said I’ve travelled like crazy, I’ve experienced everything I wanted to experience.”
Jonathan said, “I imagine seeing as we know that your ethos is to live life to the fullest, then indeed you do occasionally enjoy companionship?”
“Occasionally yes,” Lewis smiled, “I’m enjoying it, it’s really good fun, it’s a fun period of time in my life.”
Lewis talked about enjoying nights out now: “Up until this year, I sacrificed everything so I never ever really went out. Last year I think I might have gone out three times, it’s probably a bit too extreme. I think this year I don’t have any regrets about anything that happened this year and things I didn’t do, I just tried to make sure I juggled everything… No surprisingly I drove better than ever so I’m going to keep going out!”
Speaking about whether he has any fears about the dangers of his job, Lewis said: “I’m kind of crazy, I don't have any of those fear factors, I never have since I was a kid so that was really why I was always so good at what I did. I’ve had crashes obviously in Formula One and honestly the bit between going off and hitting the wall is actually kind of fun but in a crazy way. I know it sounds really silly but it’s actually exhilarating. Obviously it’s not exciting when you then hit the wall but I never go into a race without fear of that thought of course. I’m aware of the dangers around but that’s the same in all the things I do whether it be wakeboarding or all of the dangerous sports that I try and do. I’m aware of the danger and I feel very much in control at that point.”
Lewis’ bulldog, Coco came out and joined the sofa. When Jonathan was stroking the dog, Lewis said, “Either you’ve just dropped one or she has, it smells so bad!” with Jonathan laughing, “How dare you accuse Coco of farting! You didn't fart [he said to the dog] I did!” [Pictures available from REX]
Jonathan and Lewis also played around on electrical segways. [Pictures available from REX]
Comedian, John Bishop, joined the show and spoke about teaching his sons chat up lines and how he met his wife.
Speaking about empty nest syndrome as his sons are starting to leave home, John said: “What we’ve been doing, we’ve been trying to realise that they’re going to go and instead Melanie has just been replacing them with animals. I thought, they’re going to go and we’re going to travel the world and we’ll have bohemian holidays but we can’t now because we’ve got a menagerie instead.”
John also spoke about his sons, and their dating lives.
“I had this thing where I was trying to explain chatting up to my kids who just don’t get it because they don’t have to do it… I had a conversation with my 17 year old about mistletoe… He said, ‘Dad I’m on Tinder’ but for a generation of us, mistletoe was like happy time for ugly people!”
John shared the story of how he met his wife Melanie: “The first time I saw Melanie, I was in a library at university and I just walked over to her and I said, ‘I’ll be back in a minute and we’ll go for a coffee’ and she said, ‘how do you know I want to go for a coffee with you?’ and I said, ‘Because you do.’”
He continued: “And then I just walked away and left her for 45 minutes… I was a young man full of confidence and then when I came back, I said, ‘Let’s go’ and then it went from there… I went home to my student house that I was in and I said [to my mate that I was living with]… ‘I’ve met the girl I’m going to marry’ and he said, ‘I bet you haven’t’ and because I hate losing a bet…” he laughed.
Kara Tointon and Mel Giedroyc joined the sofa to speak about their upcoming Christmas telly treat, The Sound of Music Live, which will air on ITV on 20th December.
Kara explained: “It starts with ‘The Hills are Alive’ and if I can get past that hill, I’m alright actually because that song is the difficult one, it’s nerve wracking because people love the movie so much, it’s one of those nostalgic special things for a lot of people but this is ITV doing something a little bit different and brave and rather than trying to compare - because you can’t, because the movie is so perfect - it’s a celebration of a piece of writing that people have taken into their hearts.”
Mel spoke about getting ready for her role as Frau Schmidt who has typically been played by older actresses in the past. “They sort of draw on or rather fill in the wrinkles that are already there so they do lots of crow’s feet, they enhance the wrinkles that are already there and I’m going to have my hair dyed grey, I’m going grey lads!”
Mel’s character doesn’t have a song in the stage musical and she explained that her children were keen to make one up for her: “I can hold a tune but my kids very sweetly were a bit cross that I don’t have a song on the show, they’ve written one… with a special dance!” 
Of the show, Mel said, “It’s going to be awesome” and Kara added, “We are rehearsing as if we are doing a play but we only get the one shot I guess. It’s lovely because it’s that live element and we’re rehearsing as a play but over sets so it feels really intimate and small and real.”
Former Strictly Come Dancing winner, Kara, spoke about who she is backing to win this year. “We like Anita [Rani]” she said with Mel agreeing, “I’d like Anita to win.”
Kara added, “Georgia is gorgeous, there’s such a good level all over the table [this series]” and Mel added that she would like Jay McGuinness to win.
Jonathan, Kara, John and Mel performed some dance moves, showing off their ‘Rhumba Walk’. [Pictures available from REX]
Later in the show, Mel talked about the live element of ITV’s version of The Sound of Music Live and joked about the differences she would like to see. “I’d like somebody that’s not meant to be in the Abbey to appear in the Abbey window, that would be quite good wouldn’t it?”
Kara said to Jonathan, “We could get you in there” with Jonathan agreeing to have a cameo, “I’ll walk around the back if you want, I’ll come dressed as a monk!” They all laughed.
Kara talked about having to yodel in the performance and got Mel, Jonathan and John yodelling alongside her: “That’s the one bit I’m really confident with, I don’t know if it’s the official yodel but it’s The Sound of Music yodel” she said.