Ainsley's Taste of Malta

Ainsley's Taste of Malta

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Week 06 2024 : Sat 03 Feb - Fri 09 Feb

Wed 24 Jan 2024

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Ainsley's Taste of Malta

Series overview

Ainsley Harriott is hitting the road again, this time his travels take him to beautiful Malta. A cultural mash up of Sicilian, British, Spanish and even French culture, the cuisine and tradition in Malta offers a rich territory for Ainsley to explore! Rich culinary traditions see rabbit stews served beside mellow goat’s cheese, irresistible soft bread and honeyed desserts, in a fusion of Mediterranean and Arabic influence.  

Located between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta enjoys more than 3,000 hours of annual sunshine and offers blissful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich history. Ainsley will discover Malta’s irresistible cuisine and culture over a magical five episodes in a journey offering spellbinding sights, enchanting scenery and delicious food!

So join Ainsley as he explores the holiday hotspot of Malta and its surrounding islands, and the cultural melting pot that has thousands of visitors in foodie bliss every year.

Episode 1: Valetta [Monday 5 February]

Ainsley starts his Maltese adventure in its stunning capital city, Valetta. He joins historian Liam for a tour of the harbour where he discovers why Malta is such a melting pot of cultures and the impact this has on the cuisine.

After his history lesson, Ainsley hits the streets to explore what the city has to offer from its long history of café culture to sweet treats from street stalls with Arabic influence.

Whilst exploring the sights he visits a church where he tries his hand at bell ringing. Before dropping into a Valetta hot spot to find out chef Jonathan’s modern take on a Maltese classic. And he meets a local butcher to find out about Maltese sausage… Along the way he whips up some dishes inspired by his adventures.

Episode 2: South [Tuesday 6 February]

Ainsley explores the south of Malta, starting in the picturesque fishing harbour of Marsaxlokk where he ventures around the weekly fish market, with local fisherman Joe, to check out the catch of the day. 

Next, he heads to a nearby vineyard to hear about the varieties grown and of course try a tipple or two! 

Some locals teach Ainsley the game of Bocchi, before he heads to meet a baker making a traditional Maltese bake to find out its history and maybe sample a bite or two!  After a sweet treat, he takes a visit to a potato farm to see what makes them such a popular export. 

Once again Ainsley’s cooks are inspired by the people he meets and foods he tries. 

Episode 3: Central [Wednesday 7 February]

Ainsley’s journey continues and today he is in central Malta where he starts his day exploring the beautiful ancient city of Mdina. After a tour he stops at a restaurant with an impressive history and view.

He then pays a visit to the home of Maltese cookery legend Pippa, which sees him learning to make a staple of all Maltese homes. 

Ainsley tries to learn a new skill, glass blowing before getting a masterclass in Ftira from chef Carl. 

His adventure in Central Malta finishes with a trip to Crystal Place where they’ve been serving up delicious flaky parcels of pastry known as pastizzi to loyal customers from over 100 years.

Ainsley cooks delicious dishes taking inspiration from his travels. 

Episode 4: North [Thursday 8 February]

Heading to the north of Malta Ainsley’s adventure takes him to the Xemxija Heritage Trail where he meets Keith to do some foraging. Then he visits an olive grove owned by the “God Father” of Maltese Olive Oil, Sam Cremona to find out how he revived the stock of indigenous olive trees and what makes the oil so special. 

Always keen to learn something new, Ainsley hops on a Segway to test his balance and explore the beautiful coastline. He then pays a visit to the Diacono house where he is served the Maltese national dish. 

A visit to Sean’s farm gives Ainsley a taste for Maltese strawberries and he learns why they are so popular. Ainsley’s own dishes reflect his adventures. 

Episode 5: Gozo [Friday 9 February]

Ainsley heads to the idyllic island of Gozo to finish his journey. 

Beginning with a picturesque clifftop picnic filled with the tastes of Malta courtesy of Ana. 

He then heads to a farm to find out how Maltese cheese is made and even lends a hand with milking. 

Whilst on Gozo, Ainsley tries his hand at lace making, a craft Gozo is famous for, known to produce intricate and beautiful designs. 

Chef, Trevor shows Ainsley the secrets behind Beef Bragioli and the meaning behind it’s name. 




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