Bali 2002

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Week 11 2023 : Sat 11 Mar - Fri 17 Mar

Mon 06 Mar 2023

Bali 2002

[Streams on ITVX from Thursday 16 March]

Bali 2002 is an inspiring and emotional four-part drama that explores how everyday heroes from Bali, Australia and beyond defied the odds to bring order from chaos and hope from despair during the 2002 Bali bombings. The series is the first time the full story has been told and was developed in consultation with those directly impacted by the tragedy.

On October 12, 2002, the island paradise of Bali was shattered by a terrorist attack on two of Kuta Beach’s busiest nightclubs. Boththe local Balinese, and international tourists scrambled to escape, to rescue the injured and to comfort the dying. Australian and Indonesian authorities not only mobilised to evacuate survivors and identify victims, but to hunt down those responsible.

Amidst this chaos, heroes arose to defy the odds from the most unlikely places and cultures united in the search for healing, justice and- meaning.

Featuring a stellar cast led by AACTA Award-winner Rachel Griffiths, Richard Roxburgh, Claudia Jessie, Sean Keenan,, Ewen Leslie and Arka Das.


Episode 1: Island of the Gods

Inspiring drama based on the Bali terrorist attacks in 2002. Explore how everyday heroes defied the odds to bring order from chaos and hope from despair.

Episode 2: From the Ashes

Australian and Indonesian police mobilise to evacuate survivors, identify victims and investigate. Amidst this chaos, heroes arise from the most unlikely places and cultures unite.

Episode 3: Operation Alliance

Australian and Indonesian investigators try to track down the perpetrators of the Bali bombings. Injured survivors and their loved ones try to piece their shattered lives together.

Episode 4: Restoring the Balance

In this concluding episode, some of the perpetrators stand trial, while investigators hunt for whoever is behind a new bomb spree in Indonesia.






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