The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor

Inside The Crown

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Week 16 2023 : Sat 15 Apr - Fri 21 Apr

Thu 06 Apr 2023

The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor

Series overview

The real behind-the-scenes story of the lives, loves, scandals, trials and tribulations of the world’s most famous family is coming to ITVX in this brand new five-part series.

Across five hour-long episodes, this epic box set features interviews from key figures with first-hand accounts, plus rarely seen footage, as the story is told through the perspective of the major personal challenges that faced The Queen and the monarchy throughout her reign.

Produced by 72 Films, makers of the acclaimed Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty and 9/11: One Day In America, the series sees the rare archive footage set against the revealing new interviews with those present at the time - some of whom have never previously spoken on camera. Viewers will see the images played out to the world during historic moments, while hearing the inside story and gaining a rare insight into The Queen’s personal experience of navigating the events that shaped her family’s fortunes and the history of the United Kingdom.

The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor is a 72 Films production, produced in association with All3Media International, for ITVX.  Ella Wright and Kate Quine are Series Producer/Directors and David Glover is Executive Producer.

Episode 1: Love and Duty

Prince Charles is about to be crowned Prince of Wales – the first step in his journey to becoming King. But it’s a path marked by danger as Welsh Nationalists have planted bombs.  In 1970s Britain is in the grip of a fuel crisis, strikes and inflation. Against this backdrop The Queen must train her son to be future King. But Prince Charles is wrestling with the dilemma facing all royals; love or duty. Prince Charles visits his Great Uncle Edward VIII, who gave up the Crown for love, at his home in Paris Charles sees a man who has never recovered from his decision; his servants are dressed as Buckingham Palace footmen and he still has his red dispatch box labeled ‘The King.’  When Prince Charles falls for Camilla Shand – who is deemed an inappropriate fit as a royal bride – he chooses to pursue a life in the navy rather than following his heart.  Princess Anne must also trade her wild boyfriend Andrew Parker-Bowles for a more suitable match – instead Andrew marries Camilla. The conflict between love and duty also casts a long shadow between The Queen and her sister Princess Margaret. When Margaret’s marriage flounders, her pursuit of love with gardener Roddy Llewellyn brings danger to The Crown.

Episode 2: Threats

The Royal Family are under threat from enemies both without and within. Heir to the throne Prince Charles has yet to find a bride, placing the future of the monarchy in peril. The Queen must steer Prince Charles into making the right choice but her efforts are thwarted by the shadowy influence of Charles’s Great Uncle Lord Mountbatten – who is fixed on becoming the power behind the throne and marrying Prince Charles off to his granddaughter Amanda. Meanwhile the outside world closes in on the monarchy, Princess Anne survives an attempted kidnapping and the IRA threaten the Royal Family. When the Queen visits Ulster as part of her Jubilee tour, riots break out, and the IRA plant a bomb at the very location where she is due to make a speech. The Queen narrowly escapes, but her visit lights a fuse that ends with the murder of Mountbatten in an IRA bombing. Prince Charles is left grieving and bereft after the death of his Great Uncle – but a strange twist of fate intervenes when he is consoled by Lady Diana Spencer who has all the attributes of the perfect Royal bride. 

Episode 3: Intruders

The Royal Family is under siege from intruders. As 1980s begin the Queen wakes to find tradesman Michael Fagan in her bedroom.  Fascination with The Royal Family is at an all- time high and maintaining their mystique won’t be easy. When the Falklands war breaks out The Queen sends her middle son Prince Andrew into battle and he returns a war hero, claiming the spotlight from his older brother Prince Charles. And it’s not just Prince Andrew who’s outshining Prince Charles, his wife Princess Diana is the Royal Family’s new star, her easy charisma is a hit with the public. And Diana has brought an ally with her – a Sloane ranger friend called Sarah Ferguson who turns out to be the bride that Prince Andrew is looking for. But intruders soon bring problems for The Queen, Princess Diana falls for her bodyguard Barry Mannakee and Prince Charles goes back to Camilla. Soon it becomes impossible to contain the soap opera of affairs, rows and jealousies. The Queen, who is busy with state duty, has to manage several crises at once. A catalogue of scandals threatens the monarchy - from toe sucking to Squidgeygate. The Queen watches as Windsor Castle goes up in flames. 

Episode 4: Tomorrow’s People

The Queen is facing the biggest crisis of her reign following the death of Princess Diana. With public opinion at an all - time low, The Queen must learn to adapt if she’s to find her way in modern Britain. She sees in the Millennium with Prime Minister Tony Blair but her secret weapon turns out to be her two grandsons William and Harry who are now teen pin ups. Her son Prince Andrew is also struggling to find a place in the modern world and is given a job as Trade Envoy in the Middle East. Prince Charles is facing a challenge of his own. In the wake of Diana’s death Camilla is deeply unpopular and being hounded by the press. Charles wants to end the controversy and ultimately marry Camilla, but The Queen disapproves of their relationship. After Camilla isn’t invited to his 50th birthday Prince Charles takes matters into his own hands and goes public with her - staging a photoshoot outside The Ritz. Afterwards the Archbishop of Canterbury goes on a secret mission to meet Camilla and The Queen is persuaded that in the modern world love conquers duty. Prince Charles and Camilla are allowed to marry, followed by William and Kate. By the end of the decade the crowds outside The Palace are cheering again.

Episode 5: Heirs and Spares

When Prince Harry joins the military, alongside Prince William, The Queen faces a difficult decision, should she send her grandsons into battle? It’s decided that as Heir, life on the frontlines is too dangerous for William, but Harry is sent to war. The military is the making of Harry who becomes a war hero whilst his brother William stays home to perform royal duty. Just as Britain becomes divided over the Brexit referendum a rift appears between the two brothers which deepens after Harry weds Meghan Markle. The Royal Family starts unravelling after Harry and Meghan decide to step back as working royals and former Spare, Prince Andrew, faces serious allegations as his association with Epstein becomes undeniable. The Queen struggles to contain the drama with her family but resolutely continues with royal duty, hosting President Trump and comforting the nation during the pandemic.  Her last ever appearance on the Palace balcony is notable for who is not there. Prince Harry has left the country and Prince Andrew has been stripped of his HRH title. When Queen Elizabeth II dies people everywhere pay tribute to her – a life of service and duty, regardless of the personal cost.


Produced by 72 Films for ITVX.


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