Changing Ends

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Week 22 2023 : Sat 27 May - Fri 02 Jun

Wed 17 May 2023

Changing Ends

[Full series drop on ITVX on Thursday 1 June]

Changing Ends is co-written by the BAFTA award winning Alan Carr and the Scottish BAFTA & RTS award winning Simon Carlyle (Two Doors Down), based on Alan’s own life in Northampton in the 1980’s growing up as the son of a fourth division football manager.  

Alan will star in the series as himself in present day, whilst taking on the role of young Alan is rising star Oliver Savell (Belfast). Confirmed today also joining the cast are Shaun Dooley and Nancy Sullivan playing Alan’s parents Graham and Christine along with Taylor Fay as his younger brother Gary.

Playing Alan’s neighbours are Rourke Mooney and Gabby Best as Charlie and Angela along with Harry Peacock as Nigel. Guest stars include David Mumeni as Mr Chapman and Michael Socha as Adam.

The comedy series will be more than just a trip down memory lane, it’s a love letter to a time and a town where things weren’t always so inclusive. Told with warmth and wit, it follows Alan’s journey through puberty, adolescence, and finally self-discovery, all against the backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain. As showcased in many of Alan’s stand-up shows, his experience as a gay teenager in the East Midlands is a veritable treasure trove with a rich comedic seam, whether it’s his sexual awakenings, his daily battle with bullies or navigating the highs and lows of Fourth division football. It’s about school and family, Kevin Keegan and George Michael, and figuring out who you are when your family are Match of the Day and you’re a bit Miss Marple.

The series is produced by Baby Cow Productions and written by Alan Carr and Simon Carlyle. The director is Dave Lambert. The Exec producers are Baby Cow’s Sarah Monteith and Rupert Majendie, alongside Alan Carr, Danny Julian and Simon Carlyle. Mollie Freedman Berthoud will serve as series producer.

The series will premiere first on ITVX,  the new free streaming site from ITV. 


Episode 1: Kick Off

Between a Dad managing a 4th Division football club and friends ditching him for being camp, Alan wants to change. Should he go against his instincts and become a footballer?

Episode 2: Big League Player

Christine is desperate for a night out. At school, Alan struggles with bullies and wants to hide his Dad's identity.

Episode 3: Man On

Alan gets the acting bug at the school Drama club but Christine becomes concerned when he comes home from school with a black eye. How did he get it and who gave it to him?

Episode 4: Stud

A brilliant but troubled striker gives the Cobblers a lifeline. While keen birdwatcher Alan becomes eagle eyed at news of a pelican on the loose.

Episode 5: Sick as a Parrot

It’s BCG day at Alan’s school and he decides to pull a sickie. With Christine otherwise disposed it’s up to a begrudging Graham to play nursemaid.

Episode 6: Fowl Play

Things are looking up for The Carrs - the Cobblers are in the quarter finals, Alan’s got a part in the play and Angela’s marriage has taken a nosedive. Can the good times last?  




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