Laura Whitmore Investigates

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Week 30 2023 : Sat 22 Jul - Fri 28 Jul

Wed 12 Jul 2023

Laura Whitmore Investigates

Series overview

Laura Whitmore takes on a series of highly-charged, controversial issues in immersive, investigative films for ITVX, which will see her using her journalism skills to reveal new insights on each.

In this brand new three-part series, Laura travels within the UK, Europe and the US aiming to illuminate often dark and troubling subjects: the culture of “incels”, rough sex and cyber stalkers.

Laura meets people whose lives are consumed by these issues and the cultures that have evolved around them, thier victims and those who are attempting to understand and address how they impact on our lives.


1. Rough Sex - Laura Whitmore steps out of her comfort zone by delving into the world of rough sex in a society where BDSM is increasingly a part of mainstream culture.

2. Women Haters? - The Truth About Incels - Laura Whitmore is finding out everything that she can about the incel community, what it means to be an incel, and why people are gravitating towards this community.

3. Cyber Stalking - Laura Whitmore is uncovering another dark world that hides online but has a huge impact in the real word: cyber stalking.



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