Platform 7

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Week 49 2023 : Sat 02 Dec - Fri 08 Dec

Thu 23 Nov 2023

Platform 7

Series overview

After witnessing a cataclysmic event on Platform 7, Lisa is forced to confront the mystery of her death.

Marooned in the train station where she died, Lisa has no memory of who she was. After witnessing a cataclysmic event on Platform 7, her fragmented memories return to reveal the mystery of her death.

Episode 1

Lisa’s memories begin to return and Transport Police officer Akash takes an interest in her case.

Episode 2

Free at last from the station, Lisa continues to hunt for clues about her death before a dark realisation dawns. Akash’s investigation leads him in an unexpected direction.

Episode 3

When Lisa’s past is revealed, we get a glimpse into the events that led up to her death before witnessing the shocking revelation of what really happened on Platform 7 that night.

Episode 4

Akash races against time to gather evidence for Lisa’s case. Armed with the truth, it’s time for Lisa to turn the tables and finally get the justice she deserves. But how far will she go? 


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